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May 27, 2021

97-year-old Lily Ebert, originally from Hungary and now living in London. A survivor of the Holocaust who was liberated from Auschwitz, she also survived a battle with COVID-19 in January. That didn’t deter her from her mission: running a TikTok account that answers questions about the Holocaust and educates younger people who are ignorant of what that horrific chapter of history was all about.

And apparently, there are a lot of young ignoramuses out there because her TikTok account was recently flooded with hateful, threatening, anti-Semitic comments and idiotic comparisons of Israel’s defense of itself against Hamas terrorists with Hitler’s treatment of the Jews.

TikTok replied, “We have reviewed the comments received by this user, and removed any that violated our guidelines.” To which I reply, “That’s it? You removed the COMMENTS? How about removing the vile anti-Semites who made the comments?” Conservatives get banned from social media for saying things as innocuous as “Only women can give birth,” but people who praise Hitler and threaten a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor can keep attacking away, even as violent assaults are being launched on Jews all over America.

Even so, Mrs. Ebert has certainly faced bigger threats than these disgusting trolls, and she refuses to be intimidated. In thanking followers for their support, her great-grandson tweeted, “Hate breeds hate and we will not let this vile anti-Semitic abuse stop us in our mission of educating the younger generations about the horrors of the Holocaust.”

It sounds as if he’s part of the younger generation who paid attention in history class. Or better yet, who listened to his great-grandmother.

Related reading: Dennis Prager on why the attacks on Israel are not about land or self-determination or a Palestinian homeland. They’re about how a certain group of people just really want to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

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