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May 6, 2021

UPDATE: The Texas Democratic Party county chairman who used a racial slur against Sen. Tim Scott apologized and offered his resignation after facing intense blowback. But the Lamar County Democratic Party is refusing to accept his resignation. I wonder how many of them have demanded the resignations of conservatives for saying far less offensive things? Well, at least we now know just how sincere their claims of being offended by racist comments are.

This earlier story also points out that while Twitter eventually removed a racist hashtag that leftists were using against Sen. Scott, they’re still allowing the posts that include it to remain up.

Reminder: this is the same site that banned President Trump for life.

It’s hard to imagine any other explanation for this kind of reprehensible racist rhetoric other than the left was so terrified of Scott’s positive, unifying message about America not being a nation of racists that they decided to try to prove that it is. To paraphrase the comic strip Pogo, “They have met the racists, and they are them.”

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