March 17, 2021

The fencing around the Capitol will finally be scaled back and the razor wire topping removed after the US Capitol Police determined that “there does not exist a known, credible threat” (what was their first clue?) Also, after even some embarrassed Democrats began feeling heat from constituents that they look like banana republic tyrants in a war zone, hiding behind troops and fences while forcing their unpopular radical agenda onto the public. It suggests that their real worry isn’t an army of invisible, white supremacist, Trump-voting insurrectionists but the vast majority of their own fed-up constituents.

And while thousands of National Guard troops remain there, dealing with lousy conditions and sickening food, the Capitol Police spokesman said it’s anticipated that the National Guard will “begin to reduce its posture at the Capitol in the coming weeks.”

Of course, some questions remain. Like, if there is “no known credible threat,” why are fencing and troops remaining there at all?

If Congressional Democrats believe that troops and fences work to protect them from threats, then why do they fight like rabid weasels to keep troops and fences from being placed on our border, to halt the very real threat of massive illegal immigration, COVID-19 spreaders, drugs, criminal gangs and terrorists?

And why do they have meltdowns at the idea of sending federal troops to stop actual violent, insurrectionist leftist thugs like Antifa from attacking police, businesses and government buildings?

Maybe they're trying to make us believe that troops and fences only work when they’re living and working behind them. If so, then they deserve to feel embarrassed.

PS - Leave it to the meme-makers to perfectly illustrate what all those troops and razor wire fences look like to the public:

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  • Ken Evans

    03/23/2021 11:56 AM

    Well said, Governor.