November 18, 2019

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin conceded defeat to his Democratic rival after nine days of examining alleged ballot irregularities in his narrow loss.  I assume this means Bevin won’t be going around for the next few years, claiming he’s the real Governor of Kentucky.  But if he does, he shouldn’t expect any sympathy from the same liberal media outlets that have elevated losing Georgia  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to national heroine status for refusing to accept her election results.

At the link, Newsbusters examines the strikingly different tone of NPR’s coverage of Abrams and Bevin for very similar stories:

I never seem to run out of examples of the media treating Democrats and Republicans in polar opposite ways.  Last week, I noted how GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik was savaged for asserting her right to speak in Congress over Adam Schiff’s capricious and arbitrary silencing of her.  She was being rude and breaking the rules, while liberals like Elizabeth Warren who keep talking after being ruled out of order are heroically “persisting” in the face of sexist men trying to shut them up.

You’d think that would be bad enough, but over the weekend, it got even worse. Some leftists online circulated a Photoshopped picture of Stefanik appearing to extend her middle finger in Congress and used to denounce her as “trashy” and solicit donations for her Democratic opponent.  Even after they were forced to retract the fake photo, one CNN contributor defended it, claiming it was “believable” because Stefanik had been “somewhat obnoxious” during the hearing – what with demanding to speak and not knowing her place, I assume?

If a national “news” network like CNN is going to let people promote the old “fake but accurate” model, then I don’t want to hear any more whining about President Trump calling them “fake news.”  Their slogan should be “Fake news and proud of it!” 

Until then, the satirical site The Babylon Bee, where the blatantly fake news stories really are more believable than many stories on CNN, has a brilliant idea that would both boost airport revenues and make flying a much more pleasant experience.

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