August 19, 2016

Food for thought: a law professor and former prosecutor explains how FBI Director James Comey’s tortured interpretation of federal law to let Hillary Clinton off the hook has set a precedent that defense attorneys can exploit to help their clients wiggle out of every charge from weapons violations to lying on bank forms.


As expected, Donald Trump's call for "extreme vetting" of some Muslim immigrants to make sure they want to assimilate and not attack America was met with some wildly theatrical howls of "OUTRAGE!" Liberals in the media ranted that it was "crazier than crazy" and "the single most un-American thing I've ever heard." Except that it's a concept that's been around in US immigration law since even before America won its independence. In fact, it's only been very recently that the idea has taken hold that everyone on Earth has a right to move to America, no questions asked. Click the link to read a Harvard professor's refresher course on US history that reminds us of how carefully vetting immigrants to make sure they want to become patriotic, productive citizens is a long-standing practice and "as American as apple pie."

For example, imagine the OUTRAGE if Trump said something like this, comparing refugees to the Trojan horse:

"To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they put foot in our country … would be nothing less, than to admit the Grecian Horse into the Citadel of our Liberty and Sovereignty."

Good thing Trump didn't say that. It was said by every liberal's favorite trendy, hip-hop Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. Read the full article and see what immigration used to be like when we actually had laws governing it.


If Hillary Clinton is really ahead in the polls, it’s not because Americans see her as a good or even acceptable choice for President. It’s largely because the media have launched an all-out assault on the only viable alternative, Donald Trump, ignoring substantive, hour-long policy speeches and instead pulling one line out of context to depict Trump as crazy and extreme. But this is too important an election to let the media get away with being agents of misinformation.

This week, Trump has given three lengthy, detailed policy speeches: one on foreign policy, one on law and order, and yesterday in North Carolina, one reaching out to Americans who have been let down, steamrolled or forgotten under Obama/Clinton’s policies. Before someone twists one line to mean something it never meant, try reading the entire speech. See if you can find anything that a thinking person who’s lived through the past eight years could possibly disagree with:


In this age of uncertainly, there are only three things you can rely on: death, taxes, and that liberals will try to raise the death tax. President Obama has pulled more end runs than Emmitt Smith, so it’s no surprise that he’s also found a sneaky way to go around Congress and hike the death tax without actually changing the law. If your eyes don’t glaze over when talk turns to tax law, this is definitely worth a read, particularly if you have a family-owned business.

The government doesn’t care that the deceased already paid taxes on their business income, or that the many family businesses they leave behind may have no cash reserves, just valuable but necessary equipment. Obama’s IRS is trying to change the regulations to make it harder for family businesses to claim a particular tax break. The feds want their cut, even if it destroys a legacy someone worked a lifetime to build and pass on to his or her family, and even if the family business has to fire its employees and liquidate its assets to pay the tax bill. There’s a link in this article to a site where the public has 90 days to respond to this proposed change. Please let the IRS know that this is just one more reason why the so-called “estate tax” is more appropriately called the “death tax”: it not only taxes death, it kills jobs and the economy.


The DNC isn’t the only organization in Washington to get hacked. Far more worrisome, it appears that someone has obtained some hacking tools used by the NSA and made them public. These include tools used to take control of firewalls and infiltrate secure computer networks, if such a thing still exists anymore. Read the whole article; it will make you want to go back to communicating solely by carrier pigeon.

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