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July 11, 2022

Ever felt “buyer’s remorse,” where you spend money for something and soon regret it? Well, that’s nothing compared to “Biden remorse,” which a lot of voters are feeling now.

Democrat moms, black voters, and even a transgender artist all complained to Fox News about how they had been misled by the media and social media into thinking they had to vote for Biden; that he was a “boring” centrist, that Republicans were racist, or they had to vote Democrat because they were part of a certain group. But now, they say given the chance, they wouldn’t vote for Biden again.

Even with all the terrible problems plaguing America because of just a short period of Democrat rule under Biden, at least my readers can take some cold comfort in saying, “We weren’t surprised. The Huckabee newsletter warned us what would happen for a year in advance.”

So if you know any of these people, please suggest that they subscribe so they won’t get fooled again.


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