August 15, 2018

It seemed at first that the Democrats’ embrace of the MeToo movement would do away with due process, and that henceforth, all it would take to derail a man’s career would be an accusation of sexual abuse.  That lasted only until it started bringing down powerful Democrats.  (For the record, I called on Republican Roy Moore to step aside if the accusations against him were true, but defended his right to due process if he denied them, the exact same stand I take for Democrats similarly accused.) 

I have to assume that Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Minnesota officially pounded the last nail into the coffin of the Democrats’ support for the idea that women never lie about men assaulting them.  Over the past few days, Democratic Representative and DNC co-chairman Keith Ellison was accused of violent abuse against an ex-girlfriend by the woman’s son.  Ellison denied the claims, but the woman tweeted that everything her son said was true and that Ellison knows he did that to her.  She wrote that if he didn’t stop saying her son was lying, she would leak more texts and info to prove it. 

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Despite this, on Tuesday, Ellison defeated four other qualified candidates to become the Democratic candidate for Minnesota Attorney General (note: the state’s top prosecutor). Adding extra irony: he ran on a promise to oppose President Trump’s policies because they’re “hurting people.”

Now, I don’t know if Ellison is guilty, and even though his politics are diametrically opposed to mine, I’ll also defend his right to due process.  But if Democrats are willing to overlook accusations this serious and vote to make him their state’s top legal official, then spare us any further sanctimonious chin music about how a woman who accuses a man should always be believed.  You didn’t handle that very well when Hillary Clinton was your candidate, and the stench of hypocrisy just got even stronger.


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