April 10, 2019

Actress Felicity Huffman and a dozen other wealthy parents have pleaded guilty in the college admissions bribery scandal.  Huffman is accused of paying $15,000 to a fake charity to have an SAT test administrator correct her daughter’s wrong answers, raising her grade by 400 points.  At the link is her statement, in which she admits guilt, claims she “betrayed” her daughter who didn’t know about the cheating, and apologizes to students and parents who worked hard to get into those colleges the honest way.


Prosecutors are reportedly pushing for prison time for all the parents; but if they admit guilt, express remorse and take a plea deal, the prosecutors will ask the judge for a sentence on the low end of the spectrum (in Huffman’s case, it’s a maximum of 20 years, low end of 4-to-10 months.) 


Naturally, the prospect of going from the Beverly Hills Four Seasons to the Gray Bar Hotel has these parents terrified, so (stop me if this sounds familiar) they’re using their considerable resources to try to make it easier.  They’re paying big bucks to a former white collar criminal who now consults with wealthy first-time offenders to help prepare them for what life in prison will be like (ironically, there are no Martha Stewart sheets.)


Conservative satirist Iowahawk had the best tweet on this story:  “Nobody wants the embarrassment of being rejected by the elite prisons.”

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  • Geraldine Kromann

    04/13/2019 05:01 PM

    What happens to coaches, admissions personnel, and college deans with regard to this.?

  • rodney burke

    04/12/2019 03:10 PM

    It'w almost funny if it wasn't so infuriating. Arrogant parents KNOWINGLY doing the wrong thing and not are suffering the shame of going to jail? Really? I guess they have the hilary mentality and think they won't go to jail because I am (fill in the blank) Surprise, surprise! Doesn't work that way. I guess libs have to learn EVERYthing the hard way. Another instance of the two tier justice system? Yes, Houston, we have a serious problem. That's okay, when we hear about all those going to jail for bribery and fraud, it will wake some up.

  • KIaren Kennedy

    04/12/2019 12:32 AM

    Why aren't the college officials who took the bribes being charged as well? and booted out of a job?