April 5, 2019

Thursday, President Trump nominated Herman Cain to fill one of the seven seats on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. 

Since just about everything Trump does is given a negative spin by the media without including all the facts, you’ll probably hear that Cain is a former presidential candidate and news commentator who is lacking in qualifications for such a high level job related to finance. There’s about a 50-50 chance that the mainstream media will mention he’s the former president of the Godfather’s Pizza chain, the former president of the National Restaurant Association and one of the most successful African-American businessmen of the past 40 years. 

There’s a very good chance they’ll mention the accusations of sexual harassment that came out of nowhere when his 2012 campaign was rising in the polls and not mention how they mysteriously vanished once he left the race.  And there’s probably very little chance that they’ll mention his first appearance on the public scene, debating Bill Clinton and arguing that Hillary’s health care plan (a precursor of Obamacare) would force businesses to lay off workers (I’d say he was proven right on that one). Or that he also happens to be the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

But since this link is to a conservative-leaning publication, it actually has all that information and more.

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