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January 24, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Tonight's stories include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - John 16:33
  • Two Reminders
  • Is the Iran nuclear deal coming back?
  • “How to deal with sadness and frustration under Biden,” by Jen Psaki
  • Things are this bad
  • Ainsworth on "wokeness": Why I no longer eat Peanut M&M's


Mike Huckabee

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This verse is dedicated to Dena and Steve in Texas, both are in the ICU.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

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2. Two Reminders:

Democrats, media propagandists and politicized DOJ agents may hope that their attempts to demonize or even jail people for daring to oppose leftist policies have scared Americans into silence. But there are still plenty who don’t get scared when someone tries to take away their rights. Instead, they get angry and they get loud. And Washington, DC, just got two reminders of that great American character trait.

It was a good weekend for freedom of speech and assembly in DC, first with the March For Life…

and then with Sunday’s “Defeat The Mandates” rally to oppose draconian government vaccination mandates that violate Constitutional rights. Liberal media outlets tried to paint it as a “super-spreader event,” but they already told us that it’s okay to hold mass protest rallies during a pandemic, so their hypocrisy was also on the march.

Bonus: watch a liberal “triggered” by the anti-mandate rally have an epic meltdown, screaming about white supremacy and demanding, “Stop invading our territory!” News flash: The nation’s capital is every American’s “territory.”

Both events drew huge crowds, despite the bitter cold. And separate Marches For Life were held in other cities all over America, drawing many more supporters nationwide. That jibes with a recent poll showing that 71% of Americans want more restrictions on abortion, not fewer.

As you can see in this article from the Catholic News Agency, a growing number of younger women are starting to turn against all the pro-abortion propaganda they’re deluged with.

The more we learn about the science of what happens during a baby’s development in the womb, and the more easily available contraceptives are, the more obvious the barbarism of killing babies (or “clumps of cells”) in the womb has become. That’s why the horrific reality of abortion has to be papered over with fuzzy euphemisms like “reproductive choice” or “women’s health care.” Never mind that the child gets no choice; and pro-abortion advocates fight laws to ensure that abortion clinics are medically safe and sanitary, claiming they limit access to “choice.” What choice, the choice to die of an infection or botched operation?

Our “Catholic” President and his Vice President marked the anniversary of Roe v. Wade with a statement reading, "We must ensure that our daughters and granddaughters have the same fundamental rights that their mothers and grandmothers fought for and won on this day, 49 years ago.” And the president of Planned Parenthood said she’s seeing “a level of rage that we could be living in a world six months from now — where our children have fewer rights than we have right now."

Don’t you love the utterly cluelessness of people who lobby for abortion by saying, “But think of the children!” We are thinking of the children, that’s why we oppose killing them.

If it were up to them, their daughters and granddaughters might not even exist because they wouldn’t have the fundamental right to live.

PS – Speaking of pro-abortion propaganda that insults people’s intelligence, check out the new cartoon that tries to accuse pro-life people of pushing a “big government” agenda. As a bonus, this includes a reminder of what would actually happen if Roe v. Wade were overturned, which is that it would go back to local governments, not the federal government. This is almost always wildly misrepresented (yet oddly, nobody seems to get banned from social media for pushing that misinformation.)

3. Is the Iran nuclear deal coming back?

The Biden White House is reportedly following Obama’s tradition of trying to do an end-run around the Constitution and Congress in order to revive the Iran nuclear deal.

Two top House Republicans claim that Russia proposed a secret agreement with Iran to lift some sanctions in exchange for a limited set of restrictions (or actually, promises of restrictions) on its nuclear program. Iran reportedly rejected it in hopes of getting a bigger, more lucrative deal. The Republicans say that the Biden Administration knew about the Russian deal, and that Russia was trying to take the lead in negotiating with Iran, and kept it a secret from Congress. They’re also obstructing more than a dozen congressional investigations into the issue.

For an Administration that claims to care so much about democracy, these people sure hate dealing with the people’s elected representatives.

4. “How to deal with sadness and frustration under Biden,” by Jen Psaki:

Things are going so badly under the Biden Administration that his own spokesperson, Jen Psaki, suggested that people just deal with their anger, sadness and frustration by going to a kickboxing class or having a margarita.

I’m a teetotaler, and I don’t think I’ll be taking up kickboxing at this stage of life. So I guess I’ll just deal with my frustration by continuing to report on this Administration and counting the minutes until November, when I hope and pray the elections go the way the latest polls suggest that they will.

But as you can see in that Fox News poll, the Democrats still have the advantage on several issues, in some cases, inexplicably (people actually think they’re better at “uniting the country”?) As I always remind people, the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day (or whenever election season starts in your state), so don’t get complacent. Work, donate, volunteer, and most importantly, vote!

Although I suspect poll-watching will also be pretty important this year.

PS – Speaking of polls, the latest NBC poll is so bad for the Democrats that even Chuck Todd had to admit that most Americans no longer see President Biden as competent and effective, a good commander-in-chief, or even “easygoing and likable.” That must've been painful for him to report.

5. Things are this bad:

The inimitable Kurt Schlichter examines the question, “How bad are things going under the Democrats?” To paraphrase Johnny Carson, “It’s SO bad that”…the Democrats are the only ones who don’t realize how bad it is.

6. Ainsworth on "wokeness": Why I no longer eat Peanut M&M's:

I wish to thank Mars --- the corporation, not the planet --- for instantly curing me of my addiction to Peanut M&M’s.

A little background: I try to avoid sugar as much as possible, just because I think it’s healthier to be on a low-carb diet. But one exception I’ve made was Peanut M&M’s. I rationalized that since the candy was just on the outside of each piece, surrounding a peanut, the protein sort of “canceled out” the sugar. And, to some extent, I was correct.

But lately at our house, we’ve been buying not just the little single-serving packages but the big bags, and my nightly ritual was to pour a pretty fair amount into a dish and polish them off after dinner, typically while watching Tucker Carlson. (Tucker can thank me for the plug later.) I even had a little ritual surrounding which colors would be eaten first, leaving one each of green, orange and blue before they were all gone. I am not kidding. And I thought I could stop any time, though I hadn’t yet tested that theory.

But a few days ago, a story came out about the little animated M&M’s mascots getting an “image makeover” for 2022. And my love affair with Peanut M&M’s was suddenly and absolutely over.

I don’t care if they want to change the look of their characters. But this is yet another example of tedious virtue signaling about “inclusiveness” brought about by the current climate of corporate fear, and I have had enough of it. Mars Inc. had already bowed to pressure and changed the name of its beloved Uncle Ben’s brand rice. The real Uncle Ben was not a slave or a servant –- from the best I can gather, he was a real rice farmer in the Houston area known for his superior product. The model for the picture is Frank Brown, head waiter at a high-end Chicago restaurant when he posed in 1947. But now, in Orwellian fashion, Mr. Brown’s image has been erased, a casualty of wokeness.

But back to M&M’s. From Mars Inc.’s own press release: “M&M’s, a proud part of Mars Incorporated, launches a global platform to increase a sense of belonging for ten million people by 2025, helping to connect and celebrate one another.” Good grief.

Their release announces “a global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong, and society is inclusive.” Skipping down a bit: “Studies show our desire to belong is as strong as our desire to be loved, and that desire is common for all people irrespective of culture, race, ethnicity, geography or location.” Skipping down a bit more, we see that there will even be more emphasis on the ampersand in M AND M’s, “to demonstrate how the brand aims to bring people together.”

Silly me, I thought we came together because of our mutual love of the candy that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. This is too...heavy-handed.

They say they’ve even updated their “tone of voice” to be “more inclusive, welcoming and unifying, while remaining rooted to our signature jester wit and humor.” I apologize for not having picked up on M&M’s “signature jester wit” in the past. But do you know what destroys wit and humor with a sledgehammer? Fear of not being woke enough.

The Global Marketing Vice President refers to these as their new “evolved” characters, introduced as part of their effort “to create a world where society is inclusive.” Other aspects of their “global [there’s that word again] commitment” are “gender balanced leadership teams, running an independent annual diversity audit of its advertising by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media [I am not making this up], and its role as Vice Chair of the Unstereotype Alliance, part of UN Women, amongst others.”

“The world we want tomorrow starts with the way we do business today,” they say, and I agree with that statement. But this way of doing business is just pandering. It’s yet another case of a corporation drinking the Kool-Aid of wokeness, using the required buzzwords and professing the required intentions. It’s already become a cliché. But as fun as it would be to write a parody of this type of press release, why should I when it already reads like a parody of itself?

When you get down to the actual changes being made to these colorful candy characters, they mostly involve superficial characteristics such as footwear. (Come to think of it, that’s just about all they have to work with, style-wise, as M&M’s are otherwise sans clothing. But the brown one does wear glasses, I assume to make nearsighted people like me feel included!) The green M&M used to wear high-heeled boots, which have been exchanged for sneakers. The brown M&M also wore high heels, but they are lower heels now. Well, it’s about time those poor M&M’s got to be more comfortable! Perhaps their focus groups included an oversampling of podiatrists.

The red, yellow and orange M&M’s all sport shoelaces, with the laces left untied on the orange M&M, to make him/it more casual and “street.” I would have loved to be in on the creative session when they decided which color of candy would get which footwear: “Hey, we can’t put the untied shoelaces on the brown one!”)

Sorry to be flip, but you KNOW they talked about it.

Oh, and they’re doing away with prefixes that might identify gender. They want to “focus on their personalities, rather than their gender.” Maybe that’s why high heels were done away with. But what if a male M&M identified as female, and wanted high heels? Somebody has to think about these things!

As reported in the New York Post, “The characters are changing up their looks for ‘a fresh, modern take’ on their style and ‘more nuanced personalities to underscore the importance of self-expression and power of community through storytelling’...adding that today’s ‘more dynamic, progressive world’ would be reflected in the changes.”

They now have “personalities and backstories...representative of today’s society.” Backstories, really? They’re M&M’s.

As the Gov. said when we brought you this story last week, M&M’s were already teaching the lesson that whatever colors we are on the outside, we’re the same on the inside. I’ve always thought that was a great message, but right now, it’s not the precise message that everyone in business must –- repeat, MUST –- convey. So apparently Mars is the latest corporation to be assimilated, like pods in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” They’ve all been frightened by the “progressive” (radical) left into parroting the same mandatory messages in the mandatory vocabulary. They think they have to do this to bring their product up to date, but to me it already seems old, lame, dated –- so 2021.

And, you know what? I’ve completely lost my taste for M&M’s. So, thank you, Mars Incorporated, for that.

Laura Ainsworth is a staff-writer at You can read more of her work here.

7. I Just Wanted To Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

For more news of my news coverage, visit my website here.

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  • Gladys J Edakattil

    01/28/2022 04:49 AM

    I hundred percent agree with Ms. Sharon F on the matter of 2020 Elections, how everyone treated abominably President Trump (who is a great example of a sincere Patriot & an extraordinary, hardworking, straightforward, President who accomplished 3 times more than any president in one term!) & his family who deserve much much better! She told the truth, as it is which many Republicans don’t want to admit – especially those in Congress. They, and other leading Republicans (who are not in Congress, both State & in Washington) didn’t do anything on January 6, 2021 and still are not doing anything to put it right - they really can - when Trump should be in the WH!! It’s not just shame on them but in stronger words they’re just as despicable as the Democrats!

  • Jim Sells

    01/25/2022 03:59 PM

    I've stopped eating them until they remove the brown ones from the package. Same with Jelly beans; until both brown and black are removed.

  • Daniel Willard

    01/25/2022 02:17 PM

    Am I the only person that has seen the "LIZ CHENEY 2024" being flashed on the screen on CBS during commercial breaks?

  • Jp

    01/25/2022 12:03 PM

    In the case of biden and his mental issues one will resort to its instincts of its past biden may have been a person with only one view of the world that is why most of his decisions have been fraudulent or just wrong he may have viewed people that did not agree with him as SOBs his instinct was to attack reporters that ask questions as to why his decisions have turned into manure as been recorded thru out his history. Biden knows he is a mental mess and now with all being exposed on a daily bases he has no reset the world knows he is nothing more than a corrupt old Heathen .

  • Jean Robinson

    01/25/2022 11:57 AM

    I loved getting your newsletter with updates of daily news from a man with a brain and old enough to remember reading newspapers from real journalists!

  • Stephen Russell

    01/25/2022 11:45 AM

    WW3 Coming, Ez 38-39 War OT Bible
    Setting Euphrates River area

  • Steven J Fuller

    01/25/2022 11:10 AM

    Laura, I'm with you, in my meals I focus on managing my "net carbs" intake. I do have "failures" one of my major "problems" is chocolate covered peanuts and I do prefer "they melt in my mouth not in my hand". Like you I don't mess with the little bags - I go for the biggest bag I can find on the store shelf. I did buy this bag before MARS announced their big "woke" (joke) campaign. Alas, I guess in the future I will have my "chocolate peanuts" melt in my hand as they get to my mouth.

  • Lu Jean Bedard

    01/25/2022 09:54 AM

    I am sorry but I could not finish reading the story on inclusiveness and M&Ms. As my Mother would say, "They've gone from the sublime to the ridiculous!" Really? Is candy political and in need of being inclusive? If everyone spent as much time trying to lower the debt as they do trying to be PC the US would be greatly improved.

  • Jerry

    01/25/2022 09:39 AM

    Biden is under attack on so many different fronts first and most of all biden is wrong on almost every front that would make life easier. If biden was in the gambling halls he would lose his assets in less than 24 hours, assets that took 70 years to gain. Biden has that trait a loser he has played with other peoples money all his life including other people way of life locking people up in a racist fit biden has used the power of Government to extort money from countries have people fired this low life tried to sexually abused a young woman in a public office. The congress has a fund for sex predators caught being a predator while in Congress. What has biden done for you the taxpaying CITIZEN of the United States ;he offered tax money to not work what has that got us ;a year of free money that our grandchildren will spend the rest of their lives paying for it We now have people driving on our roads that can not read the road signs we are getting to a point where gasoline will not be affordable to the lower income class maybe a little light here less cars on our sub standard roads biden can be a racist, sex abuser, treat women like he owns them sniffing them fondling them like they are just air filled dolls biden is a menace unfit for office this is a malfunctioning human being he is not the only one the difference is no way this person should be in a leadership role he has never been on the side of common sense never on the side of intellect what he has done with great success is make 80% of the country LOSERS>

  • Ann Atwell

    01/25/2022 09:33 AM

    Just saw on Fox News where that pompous windbag Joe Biden called Peter Doocy "a stupid son of a bitch." Then an hour later he called Peter's cell phone and did not apologize but instead said "nothing personal, pal". What a total incompetent, jerk , not to mention total disregard for the people he is supposed to serve, and less not forget common courtesy. He insulted Peter and also slandered Peter's Mother. If I were Peter I would sue that devil. How much longer are the American people going to put up with him. I am personally fed up with him. I am also fed up with no one in DC even trying to get those carriers off the coast of California and in the New York harbour unloaded and those goods shipped out. The grocery store shelves in my area are getting bare. Another reason the elected employees (politicians) are showing no concern for the people they are supposed to serve. After all, these politicians work for every tax paying citizen in this country and they need to remember that.