April 6, 2021

I often reference George Orwell’s “1984” because it’s so relevant now (Orwell was right; he was just off by 37 years.) I recently wrote again about how the totalitarian government in that book removed words from the language so that people wouldn’t even be able to express anger at the government or demand freedom. Sound familiar?

Well, in the “1984” of 2021, people don’t exclusively use words to communicate anymore. So the Newspeak censors of Big Tech have to find ways to censor emojis, too. For instance, videos of President Biden’s statements on YouTube are getting so many more thumbs-downs than thumbs-ups that YouTube is considering disabling the counter that shows how many “dislikes” he has (because if you can't see the opposition, it doesn't exist, right?) Until that time, they recently deleted 2.5 million “dislikes” from Biden’s videos.

YouTube claims this is to thwart bots or organized “dislike” campaigns, but so far, they’ve shown no evidence that all those dislikes weren’t authentic. Have you noticed that Democrats, particularly of the far-left variety, are as incapable of believing that someone can legitimately disagree with their political opinions as they are of accepting that it’s possible for them to lose an election legitimately?

That’s why it was so stunning for me to hear them accuse anyone who questioned Biden’s win of treason and insurrection, since they almost always insist they really won any remotely close race that they lost. Some of the same House Democrats screaming treason over the challenging of Biden’s win actually challenged Trump’s 2016 win themselves. And remember all those Hollywood celebrities in that embarrassing video, pleading with electors to ignore the will of their voters and vote for Hillary instead? Those insurrectionists!

Allow me to explain a simple reality to them and to the censors at YouTube, paraphrasing the words of a Hollywood celebrity, Sally Field: “We don’t like you! We really don’t like you!” Well, not you personally, since I don’t condemn people for their misguided political views, but I do hate those political views. And news flash: there are nearly 75 million Trump voters who don’t need bots, organized campaigns or Q-Anon to tell them to click on “Dislike” when they hear anything that Joe Biden has said since becoming President. All they need is ears and a brain.

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  • Doug Bailey

    05/22/2021 08:47 PM

    I first saw the movie 1984, in 1956. I was 11 years old and have had nightmares about it ever since. It seems strange that a movie/ book could have such a powerful affect but here we are in 2021 living out the dreadful reality of the movie/Book. I will not even allow Alexis (that innocent little listening device) in My home.