May 25, 2018

Early this morning in New York City, disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein surrendered to police and was handcuffed and charged on allegations of rape and sexual misconduct involving two women. More than 80 women, some quite famous, have accused him of using his immense wealth and power in show business to force sexual behavior on them that ranged from inappropriate to illegal. Most of the cases were never reported to police or have passed the statute of limitations, but these two are still prosecutable and have been under investigation for some time. I believe in due process, so I will state for the record that Weinstein denies forcing any woman to do anything against her will. He deserves his day in court, and I’m very glad to report that he’s finally going to get it.

Italian actress Asia Argento, who claims that Weinstein raped her at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994 when she was 21 (that’s not the rape charge he’s facing) said he treated Cannes as his “hunting ground,” adding, “I want to make a prediction: Harvey Weinstein will never be welcomed here ever again. He will live in disgrace, shunned by a film community that once embraced him and covered up for his crimes.”

But before we move on to the trial, let’s take just a moment to examine the bigger picture, in light of something Ms. Argento said: that he’ll finally be shunned by a film community that once “covered up for his crimes.” What price will they pay for doing that?

This has become a recurring theme in these stories of powerful men victimizing women in lower positions, and it’s not the only one. We’ve seen these horror stories erupt out of the worlds of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, politics, academia and the news media. All of these fields are not just dominated by liberals, but they are the leaders and bankrollers of the “progressive," "social justice" left. Yes, that same “film community” that is so “woke” it feels justified in lecturing the rest of us, knew what a criminal pig Weinstein (allegedly) was and not only tolerated him, they enabled him and covered up for him for years.

Weinstein was one of the biggest pals, supporters and fundraisers for Bill and Hillary Clinton, who also claimed to be championing women while covering up for her husband and helping discredit his female accusers. Weinstein was also one of the main names behind all those awards shows where celebrities lectured the rest of us about what terrible sexists we are. Eric Schneiderman, the former Democratic New York Attorney General who went after guys like Weinstein, postured as a male feminist and defender of abused women before resigning after he was accused of mentally, emotionally and physically abusing women in private. There seems to be no corner of the "social justice" world untainted by secret predatory behavior.

This hypocrisy has more layers than an onion. These men not only allegedly did unconscionable things to women, but they did them while posing as exemplars of the opposite behavior as their crimes were covered up by people around them who all knew what they were doing but were posing and preening as our moral betters themselves. They even throw awards shows where they congratulate themselves for their moral superiority for finally exposing the pigs they used to protect once covering up for them was no longer beneficial to their careers. Congratulations, here's your "Moral Hero" award!

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David French at has an excellent piece called “How #MeToo Has Undermined the #Resistance.” He notes that yes, there have been disturbing allegations against some on the right, too, but they tend to be exposed, assessed for their seriousness and dealt with quickly. The real revelation is that openly predatory men were running holier-than-thou liberal tech/showbiz/news/academic/political institutions for years without consequence. They’ve squandered any moral authority they might have had to lecture the rest of us about not living up to their standards because we now know what they were doing, and we know that “everybody knew.” Yet they pointed their fingers only at outsiders, calling us haters and bigots and sexists. This is why nobody listens to them anymore.

Of course, there’s always one way to get people to listen: write it up in a script and get Morgan Freeman to read it. He can make anything sound convincing. Oh wait, he was also just accused of inappropriate sexual conduct by eight women.

That’s too bad, he’s a great narrator. Just listen to the fantastic job he did on this 2016 presidential campaign video on the inspiring life of…Hillary Clinton. Gee, not only did they all know, but they all know each other!


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