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March 8, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • "How the Left Stole Reading"
  • Biden's New Executive Order
  • AG Letter Blasts Congress
  • Cease And Desist
  • Rejected
  • Once Again, Texas Leads The Way - Attention, all Southern border states
  • A Reader Writes...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



"How the Left Stole Reading"

By Mike Huckabee

Brad Steiger at has an excellent piece about how liberal media outlets are cheering on censorship and mocking those who protest it, apparently not realizing that they are feeding a beast that will eventually turn on them.

It touches on the removal of the six Dr. Seuss books with allegedly offensive art that I tried to warn them about at a level they could understand on my TV show, by reading Laura Ainsworth’s “How the Left Stole Reading” as a bedtime story.

(By the way, for all those asking in the comments, here’s the printed version of the original):

I see that the defenders of cancel culture are trying to make the specious argument that the Dr. Seuss estate and the publishers are simply reacting to public opinion by pulling these six titles, and that’s not censorship, it’s just capitalism. No, capitalism would be if the books had gone out of print because nobody was buying them. In fact, they were yanked off the market because the copyright owners were terrified by an accusation of racism, something that’s being used to censor, deplatform and silence things and people all around us, both past and present. That’s more akin to how the Salem witch trials worked than how capitalism works.

If you doubt that this is only the start of the left’s efforts to destroy yet another staple of Western civilization, consider that Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando announced that it’s reevaluating its Dr. Seuss-based attraction, Seuss Landing.

It has a Mulberry Street sign and a section based on “If I Ran the Zoo” that apparently may be scrubbed, even though they don’t contain any of the allegedly offensive images from the books. And how long will more famous titles survive, once the racism cleansers have tasted their target’s fear? Did you know there have already been claims that “The Cat in the Hat” is racist because the character was allegedly inspired by a black lady the author knew? Who even knew that? Is it true? If it were, is that in any way racist? And does it even matter, as long as it gives someone a chance to scream, “I’m offended, make it disappear!”?

Again, if you think we’re just overreacting, no sooner were the Seuss books pulled than a New York Times writer started declaring that Pepe Le Pew cartoons perpetuate rape culture. What can I say except, “This stinks”? Also, I might pick up some Looney Tunes DVDs while I can, and maybe a few extras to resell later on at highly-inflated collectors’ prices.

Biden's New Executive Order

By Mike Huckabee

While President Biden is pushing the Senate to pass House Bill 1, the “For The People Act” (aka, the “Legalize Vote Fraud to Cement a Permanent Democrat Majority Act”), he grew impatient and signed an executive order to “increase voter access.”

According to the White House, the order “modernizes, orders federal agencies to expand access to voter registration, provides voting access and education to prisoners in federal custody, examines barriers to citizens with disabilities voting and improves ballot tracking for overseas voters, including active duty military.”

Some of those things may be good, but the real crux of it is the line, “orders federal agencies to expand access to voter registration,” which is both a federal encroachment on a state function and just vague enough to mean anything.

Biden signed this on the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” when civil rights protesters in Alabama were beaten by state troopers, which helped spur passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. He misused that shocking moment in history to declare, "During this current legislative session, elected officials in 43 states have already introduced over 250 bills to make it harder to vote. We cannot let them succeed."

For the record: the current efforts are not designed to make it harder for citizens to vote, but to reinstate election integrity and make it harder for illegal ballots to be cast. Real disenfranchisement occurs every time an illegal ballot is counted and negates the right of a US citizen to have a say in his or her own government.

AG Letter Blasts Congress

By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of HR1, the “Legalize Vote Fraud Act,” the Attorneys General of 20 states have sent a letter to Congressional leaders blasting the bill. They say, “It is difficult to imagine a legislative proposal more threatening to election integrity and voter confidence” and describing it as a “monstrosity of a bill (that) betrays the Constitution, dangerously federalizes state elections, and undermines the integrity of the ballot box.”

They go into some detail about its “egregious” contents that you really should read at the link, and warn that if it passes, they will immediately “seek legal remedies to protect the Constitution, the sovereignty of all states, our elections, and the rights of our citizens.”

Cease And Desist

By Mike Huckabee

If you heard that former President Trump’s attorneys sent a letter to three top Republican groups, warning them to stop using his name and image in fundraising, it’s true, and details are here:

Apparently, Trump isn’t too happy about the thought of the groups using his name to raise money to reelect Congress members who voted to impeach him. But I have a feeling we will be seeing his name and image on fundraising appeals for their primary opponents.


By Mike Huckabee

Monday, the Supreme Court once again rejected without comment President Trump’s last remaining challenge to the 2020 election. He sued Wisconsin for allowing executive branch officials to arbitrarily rewrite election laws without the consent of the state legislature.

It’s yet another reminder of the necessity to stop the HR1 “Legalize Vote Fraud” Act before it gets out of Congress, because no matter how unconstitutional that bill is, the SCOTUS clearly can’t be trusted to do its duty and strike it down.

Once Again, Texas Leads The Way - Attention, all Southern border states

By Mike Huckabee

Texas is stepping up to do the job of securing the border that President Biden is deliberately undermining, leading to a crisis surge of illegal immigrants, some positive for COVID-19. Gov. Greg Abbott announced the launch of “Operation Lone Star,” which will deploy to the border Texas National Guard troops (if they aren’t too busy protecting Congress from imaginary insurrectionists), DPS officers and “air, ground, marine, & tactical border security assets to deny Mexican Cartels & smugglers the ability to move drugs & people into Texas.”

Meanwhile, a Texas legislator has introduced a bill to finish the border wall President Trump started and Biden stopped, even though it was working. According to this article, it is likely legal for Texas to use eminent domain to take the land and to secure the border (it is the state’s border as well as the nation’s; and if Biden doesn’t care about securing it, Texas does.) There’s also a good chance the contractors who were left high and dry by Biden’s capricious act will be willing to cut a deal with Texas to finish it, thus saving some jobs that Biden destroyed.

I hope other states will be inspired by this to remind Washington that we are not the plaything of DC, we are 50 individual states, and those states don’t have to just sit back and let themselves be destroyed because Joe Biden has a fountain pen.

Incidentally, at least one private business is also standing up against Biden’s insane executive orders. At the same time he’s insulting Texas leaders as “Neanderthals” for lifting the government mask mandate (FYI: our writers in Texas assure me everyone is still wearing masks; Texans are just intelligent and civilized enough not to need a threat of incarceration to make them follow health rules they’ve been hearing ad nauseum for nearly a year), Biden is letting illegal border crossers be dropped off in the US, where they’re hopping on buses and going who knows where, spreading COVID all the way.

But Greyhound has no interest in letting Biden’s pro-illegal immigration policies infect their passengers and drivers and turn their buses into superspreaders. They’ve written to the DHS, requesting that any “undocumented asylum seekers” provide proof that they are COVID-negative before they’re allowed onto a Greyhound bus.

A Reader Writes Back...

Great articles, Governor Huckabee ! You are a wonderful PATRIOT !

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Redwood National and State Parks, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-25 of 34

  • Bonita E Clark

    03/10/2021 02:48 PM

    Related to nothing in particular: As I contemplate many of our polititions I am reminded of an old song --very un-politically correct. "Heap big smoke but no fire" " Him talk lot, but him not so hot" seems like many these days. Our President comes to mind. Unfortunately, while not so hot, he is destroying my beautiful country.

  • Jon Jester

    03/10/2021 10:32 AM

    Let me get this straight: If I currently enter this country legally I need to present a negative Covid test performed with 72 hours, if I enter illegally they let me in even if I am positive???

  • robertdavidhummel

    03/09/2021 03:18 PM

    Joe Biden and his entire administration are lying to us all right now and We the People simply can’t have it. "Lord' Please forgive Biden, for he is trying to destroy YOUR' Gift of the Land we call America." And Lord ' Help me to remember to abide by your LAW of forgiveness at 7 X 77. Amen.
    TIME for a Second Civil Action, to STOP the Destruction of Our REPUBLIC.
    The Stalinist BIDEN-REGIME Exec-Order,, defeats our Republics SOVEREIGNTY, and THREATENS the Well-being of every Lawful Citizen of America, Criminally, Financially, Medically, and Morally.
    I a 76 year old, Military Combat Veteran, am willing to again, "Place my life, my treasure, and sacred Honor," to join any viable force, necessary to CORRECT the failures of the Biden Regime, and the TOTAL IGNORAMUS, and FAILED STOP GAP CONTROL< of the Democrat led 117th Congress, that is permitting the absolute Violation of our existing Rule of Law, by allowing the assault of ILLEGAL-CRIMINAL-ALIENS, (From more than one foreign country.), upon the well-being of Our One Nation Under God.

  • George A Reynolds

    03/09/2021 11:40 AM

    The Supreme Court recently ruled 8 to 1 to support free speech on a college campus (Gwinnett College in Georgia). The lone dissenter was Chief Justice John Roberts. Here is an excerpt from the online GOPUSA Eagle newsletter:

    "The sole dissenter in today’s ruling was Chief Justice John Roberts, arguing the case is moot because the two are no longer students at the college, the challenged restrictions no longer exist, and the petitioners haven’t alleged actual damages."

    Well, if that case were to be ruled "moot" because the students were no longer in school, then why was the second impeachment trial not moot for the same reason, that the President was no longer in office? I'm glad the other 8 justices at least considered the issue important and pertinent.

  • Gayle Perera

    03/09/2021 11:07 AM

    Enjoy getting your updates. I’m so glad to hear that private corporations like Greyhound are fighting back. It’s breaking my heart that people are so accepting of what they are told. It has caused rifts in my family. They are right and I am wrong. God bless you and God bless the USA.

  • Doug Miller

    03/09/2021 10:46 AM

    Clearly Biden and the Dims are actively participating in human trafficking at our Southern boarder. Look at all the undocumented children entering our boarders without their parents.

    Could it be that the Dims are extorting the Supreme Court? If the Court does not fall in line with them, they will "pack" it to the point that they will be meaningless. The Dims have become very proficient at extortion intimidation of citizens, politicians, companies, and State and Local Governments with their cancel culture, and redefining the English vocabulary such as 'racism", and any other word that is inconvenient for them.

  • Carolyn J. Bowers

    03/09/2021 10:46 AM

    So proud to read today about Bluefield College in Virginia who suspended basketball players for kneeling during national anthem. This was done in spite of warnings!! Way to go! Put one down for the good guys.............

  • Stephen Russell

    03/09/2021 09:12 AM

    CDC rules: Those vaccinated can social without Masks.
    How long will CDC keep these rules with illegals pouring X border with virus?
    See TX response.
    Cant trust CDC anymore
    TOO flexible
    NOT adaptable when needed.

  • Manuela James

    03/09/2021 08:02 AM

    Thank you Mike for always standing up for all of us!!!

  • Jane Williams

    03/09/2021 06:44 AM

    Thank you for continuing to show us just how Joe Biden (aka his handlers, the democrat traitors) are destroying America and just how much they hate anyone who disagrees with them. Appreciate you Gov.

  • Judy Radley

    03/09/2021 06:01 AM

    I agree with Greyhound's policy to not allow anyone who doesn't have proof of covid neg. documentation,however, remember who we are dealing with, the same admin. who stole the election by providing false documentation about votes cast that were actually illegal. So I am sure that this admin. will provide again false documentation to prove bus riders are covid-neg. So that won't stop the problem either.

    I think Greyhound should just deny any undocumented asylum seekers from riding on their buses, period. Let's use the 'cancel culture' back against this admin. who are so determined to totally RUIN the United States of America. Or better yet, let the undocumented aliens get on the bus, and just drive the bus BACK to Mexico with them all on it, and take photos of each passenger that is here illegally so to not allow them back in by providing ICE with the photos so they will deny access for them to cross the border. If they resist, arrest them. Then that info. will spread like a disease to those who try to cross, but realize they will get caught and arrested. Texas has the State Authority RIGHTS to do that, without the Federal Govt. interference.

    The Red States MUST take back their rights from Biden's craziness to stop the over-reach of fed. govt. interference and THEIR ABUSE OF POWER lead by 'negative Nancy' and slick-Schumer, et al.

    (Is it also true that Hillary Clinton has been arrested, finally? Of course the media won't report it if she has been, as we haven't heard about her from any recent news, so I suspect that it is true that she has been arrested. ....May be that is the REAL reason for all the 'extra security' around the U.S. Capitol because they too, the Dims. there, are all afraid that the same will be happening to them sooner than later.)

  • Susan Nickel

    03/09/2021 04:21 AM

    Thanks Mike for everything you write and share. I wish every American could read the prayer and information you share each day. Those who have been brain washed and need information that isn't filtered and/or changed by most of the media. You are a blessing in my life! I live your show, too! Thank you!

  • Karen J Jones

    03/09/2021 02:41 AM

    Seems you are only printing the great comments in your newsletter.....
    Also, any Supreme Court justice who fails to follow the Constitution should have to immediately step down!

  • Linda Hughes

    03/09/2021 01:34 AM

    Thank you for your newsletter. It's a bright spot in a dreary world. Your common sense approach to the news of today is refreshing.

  • Nan Hilton

    03/09/2021 12:39 AM

    If it could be proven that Biden didn't know what he was signing when he signed all those Executive Orders could they be invalidated? He really doesn't know what he is doing. Find out for us Gov. Huckabee please.

  • James Evart

    03/09/2021 12:28 AM

    Its interesting to me that the Democratic party does not find the murder of many thousands of elderly in nursing homes a reason to impeach him while his being a messy, immoral, arrogant leacher is somehow more serious than murder and a reason to impeach him. But, of course, murdering the unborn doesn't seem to rate very high on their agenda either.

  • larry rippere

    03/09/2021 12:09 AM

    We've known all along that Dr. Seuss was terribly racist. Just look at all the characters in his books who are WHITE... LILLY-white.... as white as the printed page.
    This MUST be stopped. And think of the myriad other books, illustrations, cartoons with such ugly, racist depictions! Donald Duck and his family - all WHITE! Did Disney never hear of Mallard Ducks, or any other - ah - darker, even prettier breed???

  • Calvin&Janet Connally

    03/08/2021 10:53 PM


  • Anne Turner

    03/08/2021 10:51 PM

    Thank you, Governor, for bringing some sanity to a country gone amok. I also appreciate your humor. Some of this is so silly that mockery is the only answer. A friend wondered when they were going to go after piano keys. After all there are more white ones than black and the black ones are smaller.

    Our children no longer get the benefit of historical reality. There will be no more discussions of what kids think about historical events. They will just be told what interpretation to believe.

    How many people will have their health and functions harmed by helping them to trans when they are children. Children go through a lot of wishful thinking when they have a bad day or week, or childhood. Oh, if only .I were a ??, how much better would be my existence. What a great way to get attention and have people gush about your wonderfulness. What a great way to shut up that dad and get his attention, when he so wanted a boy but only got girls. There is a certain small percentage of people with gender dysphoria, but to the extent we now see?? I doubt it. Hormones are powerful things and surgery is forever.

    Just a few observations and a thank you.

  • Pene Horton

    03/08/2021 10:44 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, it seems that Republicans are outgunned and out manoeuvred at every turn by the Constitution-breaking law-breaking Democrats ... there is a lot of anger on the part of conservatives and Republicans but it is all talk and has been for years. The radical Dems have been and are committing treason ... they are demolishing America as a free country and nobody is stopping question is why not?

  • Michelle Ferrer

    03/08/2021 10:35 PM

    Goodness, it does my heart good to hear that the states are finally standing up to the Leftist Mob and saying NO to obliterating the Constitution and our country. Here in Texas, thank you to our governor and to Greyhound Bus Lines in refusing to play a pawn's role in this charade. thank you for letting me know about this!

  • Joe Healy

    03/08/2021 10:24 PM

    Dear Gov. Mike:
    Ah say we turn Yosemite Sam and that long-eared, varmint rabbit loose on them cancel kulture
    id-jits! An' how a-bout that coyote with the anvil?! Serve 'em right!
    An' uh, pardon me if that's rabbitist com-int.

  • Sheila Crow

    03/08/2021 10:05 PM

    Texas is great to lead us all to open up and and to finish the border wall.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    03/08/2021 09:36 PM

    This all proves the Truth of Ecclesiastes 10:2
    The heart of the wise inclines to the right
    that of the fool to the left. Amen :)

  • Carmine Fea

    03/08/2021 09:31 PM

    The RNC and people close to President Trump with responsibility for the 2020 campaign were obviously not professional campaign experts and had no campaign intelligence based on the extremely poor campaign run for Trump. Too late Trump replaced his campaign manager. Yes, Trump got 74-75 million votes because of his successful policies clearly good for the people and the country, his common sense, his likable personality he shared generously with the people, and his rallies, but not because of the 2020 campaign. Now, I'm angry with everyone having any responsibility for the 2020 campaign. I'm angry the campaign let Biden get away with (no rebuttal) three lies about Trump Biden told the American people every day in TV commercials, Trump is a liar, a racist and killed 200 million people. I am so angry I stopped supporting the RNC that failed to adequately support Trump in the 2020 campaign, an additional reason for Trump to stop the RNC from using his name and image for fundraising.