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Today's Commentary --- Spending other people's money -- Magic votes -- "Huckabee" preview -- Examining The Bible -- Omarosa's new book -- Key detail omitted -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


Most people set as a goal in life trying to spend less money than they have.  Many don’t set aside nearly as much as they’d like, but rational people at least consider it a win if they get to the end of the month with more leftover paycheck than bills.  This is just one of many ways in which government is not like rational people. 

2018 is only two-thirds over, but federal government’s fiscal year ends on September 30.  That means government agencies that have yet to spend their budgets for the year are now going on steroid-injected spending sprees and handing out cash to contractors like there’s no tomorrow, just to try to get rid of all the money allocated to them.  The reason: if they spend less than they said they needed, Congress might give them less next year (fat chance, since in Washington, if you reduce an agency’s budget increase from 12% to only 10%, Democrats accuse you of making “draconian cuts.”)  They have to spend it all by the end of the fiscal year so they can tell Congress they ran out of money just in the nick of time and desperately need more next year. 

Unfortunately for these agencies, some have really been slacking off in the tax money squandering department this year.  As the linked article from reports, agencies were concerned about Congress’ failure to pass a budget agreement so they spent less than usual on contracts in the first half of the year.  While spending has ramped up recently, only two of the ten largest federal agencies have spent 70% of their discretionary budgets by the start of the fourth quarter. HHS has spent only 23% of its projected $65 billion budget, the DHS has spent 27% of its $44 billion budget, and the VA has spent only $15 billion of its projected $88 billion budget.  I would call that “winning,” except if the VA has money that needs to be spent on veterans, then spend it already.  And I have to quote this next part verbatim:

“That’s problematic because over the past five years, agencies have averaged about 32 percent of their spending in the fourth quarter, meaning the vast majority of agencies are way behind.”

Only in Washington would it be considered “problematic” to be spending less money than you expected.  But of course, only in Washington is all the money that’s spent other people’s money. 


Mike Huckabee

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Magic votes

By Mike Huckabee

In the ultra-close House special election in Ohio, someone “discovered” 588 votes that somehow failed to be counted, and that added a net increase of 190 votes to Democrat Danny O’Connor’s total, reducing Republican Troy Balderson’s lead to 1564. (There are still nearly 8500 provisional and absentee votes to count.) Have you noticed that whenever there’s a really close race, votes for Democrats start turning up in the most unexpected places, like finding Easter eggs someone hid last year?

This gets O’Connor a little closer to being able to demand a recount. Recounts also tend to defy the laws of statistics. I’ve often thought that a great trick for one of those “mathemagicians” who perform at kids’ parties would be to bring a box of ballots from a close swing district election. Then show the audience how, every time you recount the exact same box of ballots, somehow, the Democrat mysteriously gains votes and the Republican loses votes. It’s magic!


"Huckabee" preview

By Mike Huckabee

Tonight I’ll welcome Michael Reagan, to tell us about an exciting World War II memorial project by the Reagan Legacy Foundation (and how you can include your loved ones who were WWII veterans.)  The founder of the WalkAway movement, Brandon Straka, will talk about why principled liberals are rejecting the violent and intolerant drift of today’s left (and I can personally verify that he’s not a Russian robot.)  If you have kids, especially teenagers, make sure they see our inspiring Huck’s Hero segment.  And in honor of Elvis Week in Memphis, Lisa Marie Presley will tell us about her new project honoring her father.  Plus Wink and Sandy Martindale will share some inside stories about their friendship with the King.  We might even get Wink to do a song.  And will you be able to don your blue suede shoes and dance to some Elvis music by Tre Corley and our amazing band?  Tune in and find out tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST.  For a local channel locator and to see clips and complete previous shows, visit  



Examining The Bible

By Mike Huckabee

 It’s become popular in recent years to try to cast doubt on the Bible by claiming that since we don’t have the original sources, only copies handwritten by monks and fragments from around the world and spanning centuries before the invention of the printing press – and because there are some variations in the wording of those many versions – there is really no way to tell what is the true and original meaning.

At the link is a fascinating article for anyone interested in Biblical history (or in refuting that argument).  Author and Pastor John Piper, the chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, discusses the many sources of Biblical text that exist; how for the first time in history, they have all been gathered, digitized and collated; and how the results show that none of the variations in the copies that span the globe and the centuries make any significant difference to what we know as the revealed word of God. In fact, having all those copies, even with variations, actually makes the original meaning and wording of the Bible easier to authenticate.


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Omarosa's new book

By Mike Huckabee

I haven’t commented on Omarosa Manigault Newman’s upcoming book about the Trump White House because, frankly, I don’t think it’s worthy of comment.  The anti-Trump media, who ridiculed her when she defended him (saying she knew him personally and he was not a racist) are giving her tons of fawning publicity now that she’s turned on him (she claims she knows him personally, and he’s a big racist.)

I always assumed she was someone who got a White House position primarily because Trump either liked her personally or he needed staffers, didn’t want the usual DC insiders and had a limited pool of people he knew and trusted who would take the jobs.  She came in with a reputation mostly for creating drama and drawing attention to herself, and she seems to be continuing those habits. The book is getting a lot of attention in some quarters for its incendiary claims, but it’s not even out yet, and the handful of reporters who still put journalistic integrity ahead of getting Trump are already poking it full of more holes than a carload of Swiss cheese.

A few examples: she claims there is a tape of Trump saying racist things on the set of “The Apprentice,” but her story keeps changing (in one version, she admits she hasn’t even heard the alleged tape.) The book claims Trump fought with the chief usher over installing a tanning bed in the White House (a senior official says there is no tanning bed and one has never been requested.) The book says that Omarosa heard from someone that pollster Frank Luntz heard Trump use the “N-word.” Luntz calls that “flat-out false;” he says he never heard such a thing nor said it, and nobody even contacted him to vet the claim before publishing it. And Kellyanne Conway’s husband George, an outspoken Trump critic, refuted a claim that Trump made a racist comment about him, noting that it allegedly happened six months after Omarosa left the White House. He called the story “absurd all around.”  The White House dismissed the book as “a disgruntled former…employee trying to profit off these false attacks.”   

This seems to be the latest example of how anything that badmouths Trump enough will sell to people who are desperate to hear anybody badmouth Trump (look at all the Emmy nominations that trend scored for late night “comedy” show hosts.)  Liberal media outlets told us that we shouldn’t take Omarosa seriously when she praised candidate Trump and swore he was not racist.  They told us not to take her seriously when she worked in the White House.  Now that she’s saying bad things about him that don’t hold up to the slightest factual scrutiny, we’re supposed to take her seriously?  Sorry, guys: your bias is showing. 

Incidentally, this is not in any way meant to downplay the seriousness of racism.  I grew up in the South during the Civil Rights era.  I saw the evils of racism first hand, and felt intense admiration for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s peaceful civil rights crusade.  As a Christian and a former pastor whose congregation included people of all races, I believe that racism is far more than a character flaw. It is an evil and one of the worst possible sins to believe that any fellow human being is inherently inferior to yourself, when we are all made in the image of God. If you are pro-life and believe that every life is sacred, then you cannot be a racist and believe that some lives are less sacred than others. 

It’s become all too easy and common for people to throw that accusation around for cheap political gain, without regard for the seriousness of the charge or the divisive effect on society.  But it is precisely because racism is such a pernicious evil that making a false accusation of it is among the worst forms of slander.  By all means, if there is real racism, point it out so that it may be rooted out.  But make sure you know the facts before you make the charge.  Otherwise, you are playing with fire, and a lot of innocent people can get burned.


Key detail omitted

By Mike Huckabee

You might have heard the shocking story about 11 children being rescued from a filthy compound in Taos County, New Mexico, where they were being starved and abused, and police say some were being trained to be mass school shooters. Here’s what you might not have heard: the two men running it were Islamic radicals, or as the local sheriff put it, “extremists of the Muslim belief,” a statement corroborated by the FBI.

Why wouldn’t you have heard that rather important nugget of information? Because NBC, CBS and Time all failed to mention it in their reports, and CNN mentioned it at first, then removed it, and when pressed, downplayed it as unverified.


Evening Edition - August 10

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?"

-John 11:40

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  • Jeannie MacAdams

    08/12/2018 11:22 PM

    THANK YOU for the "Examining The Bible" article! I've heard ad nauseum over the years about all of the "contradictions" of the Bible without any proof or even plausible example on the part of any individual complainer.

  • Dusty Hickey

    08/12/2018 02:36 PM

    Hello Gov. SAD now this whole attack of Omarosa and what she has done to turn against Pres Trump who for years backed her and stood with her enough to back her career and to now do this with her book and this was a religious woman. A friend. No she is now using the new Mantra racism . At times I know the President says things that come out wrong he is not that great with the English language . A racist never. The media will not go to all his businesses I keep asking to show all the different nationalities so this is racist? Use the football and this is wrong to take a knee per what you say is injustice go to the cities themselves and help and find out why per the politics of those cities? Blacks killing blacks. Spreading to all now house invasions, car jackings, shootings wherever even now Atlanta more and more WHY? JOBS all over now now they say not good enough like WHAT what does this mean. Called get an education like I did in my 30 with 3 kids and my husband paid for this to be a nurse. I gave up 5 yr. To get a better job? Gov. they say AFrican American is AFrica better to go and live ? Why not move away to where you think it is more equal and fair. Now taking white farmers and ranchers homes in S Africa so maybe better place to live. Not under the white man. One Nina Turner on CNN bringing up the white and black fountains, OMG. Pres said last year blame on both sides of the Charlottesville as to blame. People in that march just standing up for the Confederate statues only not as KKK and the Nazi supremist . Regular people marching and the other side the extreme black and the Antifa . Change how you live and what to do with your lives and get out of the mess. WE had thousands of immigrants working here in Georgia most not legal and yet blacks in Atlanta no jobs, why was this allowed ? LOW wages. See many blacks working all over Atlanta in many places now? Super and now on some of the media like CNN you hear oh this started per Pres Obama WHAT? Sorry for the slaves and what was allowed but also many of my family was Confederate and most were not fighting for slaves they would never have afforded them. Fighting to not be under the North control. I took Civil War in college. Mantra now out here that is creating a real problem and one that will no doubt explode. I am not a deplorable person as per HIllary, I know history and I voted the last time when Pres Obama ran. For affordable health care as an RN. Just was not there I talked on this before. Pres now has to step forward Gov and come up with some kind of a Single Pay if he wants to turn this whole liberal media on its toes he has to do this. He promised Affordable Health care for his voters . Medical lobbyist are out full board to fight this. I so feel for KellyAnne and your lovely daughter for their fight and trying to rise above this media and horrible. God Bless them both. See today the scuzz ball attorney Avenatti per the Porn HO on taking down Pres Trump and he can help the Democrats WHAT? Are we all nuts? As an older woman Gov I see the what is going on big business that has prospered per the trade and moving our good jobs, bringing in immigrants millions to take low pay jobs, and now we use the border and the parents and kids to say Pres Trump is this horrible man to families. Hollyweird in the making. Going to take the whole group of Republicans coming together now and saying we are standing with the President on what he is doing not for if he sleeps with a porn Ho I do not care he is not running as a pro family man. I know the history of Franklin and Kennedy and their women? Sad that in colleges the kids are being brain washed. How or why if Govt is backing these schools do we support that professors can use their positions to do this? Hear Juan on Fox say he the Pres called out Hispanics as dumb and rapist etc. Sorry most are not educated in Mexico. He said some of not all of. Drugs we get now how horrible most from over the border. I saw Narcos on Columbia and still terrible and much of Mexico like this. We cannot safely travel there now? Sorry for the families coming they know what is ahead and yes behind gates to keep from just coming inhere . Getting away supposedly from something worse they claim. Sad for all but we cannot change these countries and protect the whole world. Our police today how horrible and thankless job. I use to watch the police show years ago Whats ya going to do when they come for you. I would have been banging heads against walls for what they had to put up with? Way worse today? Say the justice system is so unfair. Told you that my husband grew up city of Phila and was on the streets thrown out of Catholic schools, gambled on the streets in the late 50. He said to himself one day either I go to prison or I go in the Army. He picked the Army. White Irish. His mother a maid separated his father an alcoholic. She could do the NY T puzzle edu in Ireland. Cleaned floors etc. My husband went on to be an engineer and raise our family that we paid for their edu. When do people take responsibility? Now it is the devil made me do it and it is your fault the white man and now Pres Trump ? Who is crazy. I know what Pres Trump has seen and knows the control of the SWAMP in our Congress and the decisions, like our trade so unfair, our deals with Iran ridiculous those people want to be free and so educated too? All of this with Russia is the only culprit ? REbuilding our military that was being taken down under Pres Obama. I have military family so know . They defend us even the football players who use the knee bring on our soldiers to the field who have no knees or arms to show what they give up to defend them to play a game with a ball and make multi millions when many of the enlisted get food stamps? REALLY? Gov. Horrible and it has been promoted by this liberal media and I use to watch Morning Joe who I voted for twice there in Fla. so sorry now that I did per his daily attacks on his show. Why? Gov get time I know you are in Santa Rosa Bch go to the bases there in the area and see what they say about their jobs now and if changes are better. I know my son in law and a grand son in law use the VA said so much better. Keep the good work coming and hope that Sarah can keep doing her job I understand if she says sometime soon bye bye. She has a family but she is one super strong person and say go take care of your family and later come back to Politics. God Bless!

  • Stephen Russell

    08/12/2018 10:51 AM

    OH Votes: If GOP has 1564 votes & Dems get 190 its peanuts, now add 8500 votes NOT counted yet.
    8500+1564=10064 for GOP?? He wins?? or Dems??
    Why so slow in vote counting.