President Trump overturns Obama Transgender policy

July 27, 2017 | - July 28, 2017

While Hollywood, the media and the Twittersphere reacted with the expected hair-on-fire outrage to President Trump’s announcement overturning the Obama-era policy of allowing openly transgender military members, one news website asked the people actually affected – military members – their opinion. It might shock Trump’s critics to find that the soldiers mostly agree with the decision and for the same reasons cited by Trump: the US military isn’t a lab for social experimentation, it’s the world’s most lethal fighting force that goes into the most dangerous situations on Earth, and anything that distracts from their training, mission and team cohesiveness is likely to get people killed.

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to hear some honest, genuinely informed views on this issue (so, not the mainstream news media). The soldiers also bring up a few issues that have largely been overlooked: one is that transgender soldiers would have received expensive taxpayer-paid surgery and hormone treatments at a time when budgets are already strained and wounded veterans are not getting the top quality care they deserve. Another issue is that the military spends a lot of money training soldiers for up to a year for a specific battle regimen, but what good are soldiers to their team if they have to take off for months to recuperate from gender-reassignment surgery or can’t function at peak efficiency without their hormone treatments? As one solider noted, this is not discrimination targeted at transgender people; applicants are rejected for all sorts of physical reasons that make them unsuited to combat roles.

Read the whole thing and note something important: these soldiers make it very clear that they’re not “haters” who are prejudiced against trans people. They praise them for their contributions to the service. They just disagree with the Obama approach of turning the military into an open transgender support system. As one said, “The military is not a social experiment. Its objective is to fight wars. That’s where its sole focus should be.” The soldiers know that when the DC military bureaucrats’ entire focus is not on fighting wars as efficiently as possible, the bureaucrats aren’t the ones who will be coming home in body bags.


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