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June 4, 2022

Good evening!

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“‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

Mark 9:23

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Political News Round-Up

After a very long count of a very close vote, David McCormick conceded to Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary race and pledged his support.

Oz will face Democrat candidate and current state Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who made news of his own. Questions have been swirling about whether Fetterman was hiding health problems after he suffered a small stroke and still isn’t back on the campaign trail. This week, he released a letter from a doctor claiming that he has heart problems and a pacemaker/defibrillator. But he’s stable and if he follows doctors’ advice (which he admits he ignored for five years, but claims he's learned his lesson), he should be okay. But since it’s not from his regular doctors but one who, until this week, hadn’t seen him since 2017, it’s raising even more concerns.

Meanwhile, noted that this will be a Senate race between a retired heart surgeon and a guy who’s off the campaign trail due to a heart problem. At least if any emergencies occur during the debates, there’ll be a heart doctor in the house.

In other political developments, New York Republican Rep. Chris Jacobs announced that he will not run for reelection because of all the angry blowback he’s getting from Republicans and conservatives for joining with Democrats to support a federal “assault weapons” ban.

And in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, Trump-backed GOP House candidate Robby Starbuck won his legal challenge against the state Republican Executive Committee, which voted to remove him, Morgan Ortegus and Baxter Lee from the ballot over alleged eligibility issues. Starbuck did provide alternative proof that he was eligible to run, and the court ruled that the committee violated the state’s open meetings law with its sudden, secretive vote to remove the candidates. There’s more at the link, but it’s not clear if Ortegus and Lee will try to get back in the race, since they were removed from the ballot at the same illegal meeting.

A new record

This week marked a new record that nobody wanted to see broken. According to Triple A, the average price of a gallon of gas topped double the price that it was when Joe Biden took office less than 17 months ago.

How much higher can it go? Apparently, the sky’s the limit. As of Saturday morning, the average price nationwide was $4.81 a gallon, up a nickel just since Friday. Predictions are that it could reach $5 by June 17th. In California, the average price is $6.297. And the highest prices in America are in Mono County, California, where drivers are paying an average of $7.05 a gallon. Or as we might be calling that a year from now, “the good old days.”

Things They’re Not Supposed To Say Out Loud

Jake Tapper pressed Biden economic adviser Brian Deese on why Biden seemed unaware of the catastrophic baby formula shortage until very recently, even though the Administration claimed they’d been taking a “whole of government approach” to solving it. Deese replied that “Relevant officials from across the government were focused on the effort.”

Even if you know the President is irrelevant to his own Administration, it’s not nice to say it out loud.

Things So Obvious Only A Leftist Could Fail To Grasp Them

Uber-blue Oregon was the first state in the nation to decriminalize hard street drugs such as heroin and meth. Possession now results in only a fine of up to $100 and direction to a drug treatment center, which could be waived if the offender called a “health assessment” hotline. I know what you're thinking: "What were these people ON?"

The first year’s results are now in, and Oregon officials are baffled to learn that hardly anyone called the hotline or sought treatment. Out of 1,885 people ticketed, only 11 were actually connected to drug treatment services. Meanwhile, overdoses are up by 700%. Officials complain that the program was more complex to implement than they expected, so of course, they now want to hire more staff to deal with it. That's the left's credo: If a government program doesn't work, make it bigger and more expensive.

I suspect that hard drug use in Oregon must be even more widespread than we think. How else could these people have gotten elected?

One Of Our Own Conquers Asia

Congratulations to “Huckabee” contributor Laura Ainsworth, who in addition to being a great writer/researcher is also an award-winning retro jazz singer. Her fourth album of new material, a collection of fan-requested standards called “You Asked For It,” is coming in July, and she recently signed a deal to bring her music to South Korea through the major distributor Music Island, who called her a “great artist.” We all agree!

Here’s more on how Japan and Asia are embracing her gorgeous classic sound, reminiscent of artists like Julie London and Peggy Lee.

If you’ve never heard Laura sing, you’re in for a treat. Check out

for all her previous recordings. And here she is performing a Mills Brothers classic on “Huckabee”:

Option 3 is garbage

One of the easiest (and laziest) political tactics is to assume your opponents have no valid points or reasons for disagreeing with you and are acting out of nothing but malice or stupidity. I try to avoid this by actually reading or watching what the leftists say in their own media outlets (we read that news so you don’t have to – you’re welcome!) That helps me to differentiate between when they have a reasonable point that can be intellectually refuted, when they’re simply misinformed, and when they’re just being outhouse rat crazy.

If you’ve ever seen, say, MSNBC or “The View,” you know that the left often takes Option 3 and goes on the assumption that we’re soulless monsters. For instance, if we don’t sign on to their radical gun control laws, it’s not because we believe they’re unconstitutional, they punish the wrong people, and they wouldn’t help and might even make matters worse. No, it’s because we WANT PEOPLE TO DIE! Especially children, for some reason.

We’re hearing a lot of that garbage in the media right now, and I have to assume that they think it will actually convince people to vote for them. While such deranged rhetoric might fire up a certain section of their base, I can’t see it working to expand their support. I have faith that most Americans are just too fair-minded and rational to fall for it.

Along those lines, here’s a good op-ed by Wayne Allen Root listing 12 lessons that conservatives took away from the horrific Uvalde school shooting. None of them involve loving guns or not caring about kids. But because of their completely different attitudes and experiences, what they saw gave them ideas on how to stop future assaults that are completely different from those of the left. Try to read with an open mind and see if these don’t sound more effective than disarming law-abiding Americans.

I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

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  • Judy Radley

    06/05/2022 03:42 PM

    Unfortunately this shouldn't be the way but due to the recent tragic events, caused by deranged people, there should be active shooter drills for students of all grades to know what to do and how to be prepared in case another deranged monster goes on a shooting spree, which like the school drills from the 1930's (that my parents told me about), when the world wars where taking place, and the Pearl Harbor war that happened, students had in-school drills on what to do if an air raid alarm went off, the same should now be taught for an 'active shooter' alarm going off. My husband and I will be attending our local police training event called, 'Citizens' Response to an Active Shooter' training. And when we are there, I will seek out an application for my own pistol permit and to find out where there are gun training courses by local law enforcement, once my pistol permit is approved. Maybe there can now be taser permit applications where a taser can be used instead of a handgun, if one is too nervous to handle a gun, and easier to aim a taser without having to take time to load a taser, like you have to do to load a gun, but to just aim and shoot an attacker in the face or at the hand holding a gun, and to instantly disarm an active shooter without injuring anyone around the shooter. A taser that has prongs in it that will reach the active shooter like an electrified jellyfish's tentacles, to disarm the shooter or shooters, but not kill them but paralyze them so people can escape the area, until law enforcement gets there and takes the shooter away, to remove the threat from society. But then the far-left Democrats just lets them back out on the streets anyway. But at least it will stop the immediate threat at that time. Maybe there ought to be citizen training, like those who learn First Aid and CPR in every society, to be a undercover citizen first responder to active shooter incidents at each place of employment and school settings, like security guards, but don't have the look of a security guard or resource officer, just a person or responsible student that will blend in with the surrounding crowd, but is highly trained as a volunteer community security officer who works at each place as an employee, but also has specialized training on how to deal with an immediate threat and will take action, like the whole 'preparedness training' that was a big thing during the obama craziness and for American citizens to be a prepper, and which seems even more necessary now with the insane biden commie squad, who are doing far worse than obama did. My thought is, since it was so under-mindedly easy for the far-left Democrats to pull of their election coup to steal the election from a legitimate winner, President Trump, how do we absolutely know that it is not these same under-minded posers, gang-members, who did all the ballot harvesting because they were paid to do so, that they aren't also doing all these gun attacks because again, the deranged far-left Democrats are funding them with guns and equipment to carry out these horrific atrocities just to get their politically motivated agenda through to rid law-abiding American Citizens their U.S. Constitutional rights to keep and bear guns? Yes, I know it is harsh to say that, but nothing will surprise me about these deranged, mentally unstable monsters who took away our rights by stealing the election from a decent, and strong belief in the American values and traditions, President Trump. They are so deranged and mentally unstable that I would believe they all should be put in straight jackets and taken out of decent society. They are acting the same as the CCP, like that's where they are learning these mind-numbing hate crimes from, they hate America like the CCP does, and they tied our hands so we are all prisoners without walls, under their deranged mental illness tactics.

  • George A Reynolds

    06/05/2022 03:26 PM

    Gov., The sham J6 Pelosi committee is supposed to be on TV this week in prime time. I don't plan to watch it, but I know you will (poor you!), because "You read (watch) the news...SO I DON'T HAVE TO!" I anticipate your report.

  • Jerry

    06/05/2022 09:59 AM

    biden is no stranger to dishonesty and blackmail and extortion as leader of a family business to use the offices of American Government to conduct business biden also has a gang of thugs that rob stores innocent people have them beaten on the public streets murder is not exempt in bidens war on society biden allows the payment to Not be incarcerated or convicted of the crimes his gang commits. I find this very clever use American taxpayer resources to destroy American from within the American Government the CCP and the worlds favorite son Putin are applauding and encouraging him to keep on keeping on time might be closing in on biden however his replacement is going to be worse she has practiced and is a journey woman in the are of getting what she wants only in a different way an art known to mankind since the beginning of time. She will become the Madame of the Oval Office at least her heading will be the only honest trait about her.

  • Jerry

    06/05/2022 09:37 AM

    The label thrust and honesty does not include our government nor does it pertain to a lot of "American Companies" that say made in America however are only using what used to be a good American slogan companies use the slogan to cheat consumers on made in America deceit and make their products in China or some other country that is an enemy or former enemy of the United States as this government has become an enemy of the American citizen I can only hope this Nov. we can change most of this aggression against the American Family and its citizens this government is corrupt and dishonest not to mention punishing America for a complete takeover of this country that means big government will operate how one lives. Dislike what is in your life now it only will only get worse today's government does not care about its citizen today and will care even less tomorrow.
    Dislike dd

  • Carmine Fea

    06/05/2022 04:56 AM

    Gov. Huckabee: If I were president, I could bring down the price of gas and food. If you were president, you could bring down the price of gas and food. If any number of republicans were president, they could bring down the price of gas and food.


  • David T Gustine

    06/04/2022 10:24 PM

    Hi Governor Huckabee,
    I have not idea if anyone else did this after listening to your monologue in December. The monologue was about how much money the Biden administration bills would add to the national debit. After listening to what you said it help me to realize the stock market would lose it value and I sold out in December all my stocks and put it into cash. I am sure I would be down at least 25% of the value of my portfolio.
    Thank you for clear picture you painted of the problem with giving away money

    David Gustine

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/04/2022 07:35 PM

    Thanks Mike & Saff!

  • Joe Healy

    06/04/2022 07:05 PM

    Dear Gov. Mike:
    I heard someone on one of the Fox Business shows this week say we may see diesel fuel RATIONED on the East Coast this summer.

  • Dave Newbry

    06/04/2022 06:21 PM

    Doesn't it seem maximally hypocritical that the people who armed the Taliban want to lecyure us about gun control?