February 26, 2018


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Today's Commentary: America's Pastor Passes - My Show Monologue -- 45 times -- Dana Loesch takes aim and fires with words -- The Mayor of Oakland comes very close -- Apparently Feinstein isn't far-out enough -- "It's the economy stupid." -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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As America continued to debate the tragic school shooting in Parkland, FL, news broke that America’s Pastor, Dr. Billy Graham had died at his home in Charlotte at the age of 99, just a few months shy of his 100th birthday.

My first reaction was “Now there’s a real example of ‘Fake News.’” Billy Graham has passed from this earthly life, but he is anything but dead. He is more alive now than ever before, and living a life that will never end. And if he isn’t, then everything he stood for and preached to millions is a cruel hoax. Some might try to say that Billy Graham was a good man, but would argue there isn’t a God or an afterlife. Sorry, but that’s not a defensible position. If Billy Graham spent his entire adult life preaching a lie and urging people to follow a lie, then he’s hardly a “good man.” At best he would a man himself duped by spiritual fantasy and who sincerely pushed others to a belief in a fairy tale. That’s not the mark of a “good man.” Billy Graham didn’t preach a message of just going around and being polite and kind. He preached that all of us are sinners and in need of a Saviour, and that the Saviour is Jesus Christ.


Mike Huckabee

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45 times

By Mike Huckabee

In the wake of the horrendous school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the gun control lobby is adamant that it’s time to “listen to the children” and pass a lot of new anti-gun laws. They don’t explain why we should rely on more government to protect us when the government entities already charged with protecting us on the federal, state and local levels all failed tragically and spectacularly to do their jobs. With the same temerity as the deputy who thinks he did a good job by staying outside while the shooter murdered 17 people, the Broward County Sheriff insists that he’s shown “amazing leadership” and is refusing widespread calls to resign (by the way, he was right when he denied that his deputies had visited the shooter’s home 39 times and taken no action – a new review of dispatch records shows it was at least 45 times).


Dana Loesch takes aim and fires with words

By Mike Huckabee

Perhaps Dana Loesch finally got her fill of hateful, lewd, agenda-driven accusations at the CNN “town hall,” because she has shown in the hours since that she can wield words just as effectively as she can draw-aim-fire. And it’s about time somebody put it this way.

In just one of a series of tweets, she said, “This is just the latest example of government failure and it is why we fight for the rights of law-abiding people to protect our children the same way we protect our politicians and our celebrities.” She pounded law enforcement at all levels for doing NOTHING to head off an easily predictable act of horrific violence. And in doing so, she hit on the most important reason why the right to gun ownership must not be infringed: the defense of you and your loved ones ultimately falls to YOU. If you depend on the powers-that-be to protect yourself and your family, you may end up dead or with your life changed forever.



The Mayor of Oakland comes very close

By Mike Huckabee

Escalating the sanctuary city concept to the very edge of sedition, the mayor of Oakland, California, is no longer merely refusing to cooperate with federal authorities who are rounding up criminal illegal immigrants for deportation – she’s actually warning them when she hears word that an ICE raid might be coming. She claims that she’s being vague enough about how much she helps criminals avoid arrest to keep from being charged as an accessory. But where I come from, that would be considered a pretty low bar for a public servant.


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Apparently Feinstein isn't far-out enough

By Mike Huckabee

I wrote here very recently about how California was becoming so far left that its next generation of politicians will make the current group look downright sensible. Well, it’s already starting: over the weekend, the state Democratic Party declined to endorse their own longtime Senator, Dianne Feinstein, voting 54-37 for her further-left challenger, Kevin DeLeon. It takes 60 votes, so neither won the Party endorsement; still, it’s a big no-confidence blow for Feinstein. Even more, it’s a sign that the California Democratic Party has moved so far to the left, they may soon be nominating candidates for Senate in Hawaii.

Seriously, how far-out do you have to be to think that Dianne Feinstein is a rightwing conservative?


"It's the economy stupid."

By Mike Huckabee

I have long warned people against putting too much faith in polls in general, but especially not generic party preference polls taken months before an election, which are too stiff and scratchy even to be useful as toilet paper. That truth applies whether they are good or bad for my preferred side. But since the media insist on assigning party preference polls unwarranted importance, then let’s see how much attention they give to the latest Politico/Morning Consult poll. It shows that the much-ballyhooed “blue wave” has ebbed to a low tide, with Republicans now leading Democrats by 40-38%. Why? To quote a famous Democrat: “It’s the economy, stupid.”


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  • Martha Shuping

    02/26/2018 05:33 PM

    Hi. I was glad that you pointed out that there had been 40-some times that law enforcement had been called about the shooter, but there is a bit more that needs to be made clear - remember that in every state there is a legal process whereby if someone is mentally ill and dangerous to others, then they can be transported for medical evaluation and involuntary hospitalization. People online are saying, "Well, the officers went out but there was no crime, so they could not do anything, it was not the officer's fault." NO - communicating threats is a crime and he could have been arrested, and should have been. But in addition, some of his behavior sounded as if he were very mentally ill. When people are mentally ill, and dangerous to themselves or others, then there is a protocol for that. With all the threats, all the strange behavior, either he should have been arrested, or he should have been taken in for a medical examination by a psychiatrist. The problem here may have been a lack of training - officers didn't understand what to do when they see a person who appears to be mentally ill and making threats? But they could not have had the training they needed because it seems clear that Sheriff Israel didn't get it either - on the one hand, he says, "I've Baker-Acted people" (referring to Florida's process for people who are mentally ill an dangerous, but on CNN, he goes on to defend that his department did everything correctly, without acknowledging that there was actually a way to address the situation with the potential shooter before the event occurred. He communicated threats, and should have either been in jail or in hospital. We need law enforcement to actually enforce existing laws much more than we need a gazillion new laws. If the officers don't get it, they definitely need some training. Inexcusable.