November 16, 2016

Several news outlets promised to be more balanced and not miss stories happening right under their leftward-tilting noses, but old habits die hard. All we’re hearing about is “chaos” as Donald Trump assembles his Cabinet, which, if you were in the room with him, would probably look about as “chaotic” as a job interview at IBM. (BTW, I’m not going to comment on every hysterical story about who might take this or that job. I prefer to wait for news to happen before commenting on it.)

Meanwhile, at least CNN noticed that it’s the Democrats who are actually descending into chaos. Following a devastating loss that they’d fooled themselves into thinking would be a triumph, House Democrats met Tuesday to elect their leaders for their upcoming term. After (I kid you not) first watching some “SNL” sketches mocking Trump to help extend their fantasy bubble just a little longer, they took up what Nancy Pelosi assumed would be rubber-stamping her continuing gig as Minority Leader. After all, she figured they’d want to get her reelection out of the way before Thanksgiving so they could go home and eat crow…I mean, turkey.

But then, something…dare I say, “chaotic?”…happened. House Democrats balked at being pressured into repeating the same move that had led them to disaster after disaster. They demanded more time to debate it. Pelosi’s stunned defenders pointed out that she’d helped flip five seats to the Dems, but that seemed pretty thin gruel when they’d only recently been dreaming of winning the House, Senate and Presidency and stacking the Supreme Court. Rep. Pelosi caved, and the leadership vote was postponed until after Thanksgiving. Let’s see whether carving a turkey puts them in the mood to do what has to be done.

With today’s Democrats being more interested in surface diversity than real diversity of thought, some argue that they have to stick with Pelosi because if they elect a white male leader to meet with white male leaders of the GOP, it would look just like a meeting of the Founding Fathers (frankly, I don’t think they have to worry about that!) On the other hand, have they considered how it looks for the party that claims to represent change, youth, diversity and new ideas to once again reelect as its leader a 76-year-old, extremely wealthy white lady who’s been in Congress 2-1/2 months longer than Tim Tebow’s been alive?

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  • Roberto Vazquez

    11/16/2016 11:05 PM

    Great information. We admire you and pray for blessings upon your life and family