April 20, 2020

Last week I made the case for why the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) from January 2017, which concluded that Russia was trying to damage Hillary and help Trump win, was 180 degrees WRONG. It’s no longer just a wild right-wing conspiracy theory, but, I believe, the only logical conclusion, to say that Russia was actually trying to hurt Trump and stay on what they assumed was the winning side, Hillary’s.

Let’s start making sense: if certain “dossier” stories were Russian disinformation designed to help Trump, as recently-declassified footnotes in the IG report suggest the FBI suspected, then they wouldn’t have been anti-Trump falsehoods like Michael Cohen’s imaginary trip to Prague or Trump’s fictional romp in a Moscow hotel with a couple of full-grown Betsy-Wetsy dolls. Heck, the Russians would have been working on a “dossier” of their own, full of terrible Hillary stories (as if we didn’t have enough of those).

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It certainly makes sense to think they’d assume Hillary was going to win. (And surely they would not want the scenario of Hillary winning and then finding out they’d been working for her opponent!) Hillary was a known quantity, she headed an unfathomably-huge international political power machine, they’d supported the Clinton Global Initiative and they’d paid her husband a fortune just to give a couple of speeches. Surely they were expecting some big things in return. One of these things they’d already received, when she signed off on an agreement that led to Russia owning 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves. Do they think President Donald Trump in their wildest dreams would have gone for THAT?

But as John Solomon wrote over the weekend, “As the Obama administration was headed out the door in January 2017, its intelligence leaders concluded with moderate to high confidence that Russia’s meddling in 2016, including the hack of emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and the Democratic Party, was designed to help Trump defeat Clinton.” And that was their narrative (with cooperation from the media) going into Trump’s administration –- not just Russian "meddling," but that Trump's campaign had actively conspired with the Russians. They claimed this with no evidence at all, as the special counsel would determine much later.

You know, we still don’t even have hard evidence that the Russians were the ones who got those emails in the first place. The DNC never did turn over the information on their servers to the FBI, only the report from CrowdStrike. Yet for some baffling reason the FBI were okay with that and went along with the DNC’s self-serving conclusion. Others have come up with some very different possible scenarios for the hacking or leaking of that information, but these are dismissed as wild conspiracy theories.

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Daniel Hoffman, the CIA’s former Moscow station chief and one of our top experts in Russian spycraft, said he believed all along that the Obama administration’s assessment was wrong and sees the newly-declassified footnotes as confirmation. In other words, the Russians were NOT trying to help Trump get elected. On the other hand, he thinks the whole issue of whether the Russians were helping Trump or Clinton is “superfluous.” If I understand correctly what he’s quoted as saying, I disagree strongly with that because of the anything-but-superfluous political consequences of the "helping Trump" narrative chosen by Obama’s outgoing administration.

So, considering there was no evidence that Trump was “colluding” with Russians, where did the FBI get that idea? According to Solomon, Republican investigators such as Rep. Devin Nunes of California, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, are focusing on what John Brennan’s CIA was telling the FBI in 2016.

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Hoffman said he’s always maintained that the Kremlin was tracking Christopher Steele’s information-gathering efforts. “Putin would have recognized the opportunity to infiltrate Steele’s work and plant misinformation, which would not immediately be spotted because Steele was supposed to be a reliable, retired MI-6 officer with a strong background on Russia,” he said. (I would add that if Putin thought that about Steele, he was wrong, as the FBI had been doubting him as a reliable source since 2015.)

I still say Putin was doing this to help Hillary, to gain additional favor with her, as he must have assumed she would find out after she was President about his efforts to help her win. No telling what he might get in return --- plus it occurs to me that it might be an interesting blackmail opportunity for him as well. Nobody thought Trump was going to be President (well, except for me and a few other independent thinkers.) “The Steele dossier was used as fodder in our partisan, political meat grinder,” according to Hoffman. “Putin’s goal is to exacerbate the already high level of animosity between Democrats and Republicans, with an eye towards degrading our democracy.”

Well, his effort to help Hillary with anti-Trump "disinformation" failed, but he certainly degraded our democracy, with plenty of help from Democrats.

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  • marshall. peterson

    04/22/2020 12:15 AM

    Grt article-thks much!
    As I ve told friends you have the best newsletter I ve read and read now.

  • Sharon Anderson

    04/21/2020 10:27 PM

    Please Please draw attention to the amount of US soil that is owned by Foreign countries. Agricultural and forest land. We are not the US anymore. I don’t understand how this can even be allowed. Please help save our farm land.

  • Jerry Korba

    04/20/2020 08:07 PM

    Our President is doing the the best that can be done by filling every reservoir we have with oil if we have a some tankers empty fill them up also when the globe opens up we will be ahead of the game. Get these economic cities and regions that are doing poorly and load them up with new supply chain manufacturing centers lets fill America up and lets sell to the globe what we can. If Americans buy American made products thats good and we can sell to the International customers what they need. Fair trade is the answer everyone wins when its fair keep the greed out of fair trade.

  • Pat J Green

    04/20/2020 03:32 PM

    Just more reason why I will never ever trust the FBI, IRS, CIA and any number of alphabet soup of Fed. government angencys. They lie to us and try to overthrow the will of the American people. I think that might be treasonous.

  • Kyle Wilson

    04/20/2020 03:32 PM

    We need a Republican sweep and two and perhaps three years to undo the damage inflected on our Republic by the leftist and their "Lame Press dogs". I would like to see the actors in the attempted overthrow of a duly elected President at least go to trial for their acts of sedition. That term limits for both houses. complete the wall and voter ID federally mandated.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/20/2020 03:17 PM

    I’m sorry. From the start of all this it seemed to me that the last thing that the Russians wanted was for Trump to win. They wanted incompetent and elitist Hillary to win. Someone that they could and would control.

  • Kenneth Ellis

    04/20/2020 03:16 PM

    Two Tier justice system continues. I think no matter what is found or proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the Clintons will never be prosecuted. Not on earth anyway.

  • Nancy Emmons

    04/20/2020 02:59 PM

    From day one I thought Russia wanted Hillary to win. They had her wrapped around their little finger.
    On another subject: Nancy Pelosi has absolutely no idea of what real life is for middle class or underprivileged people. She’s the spoiled daughter of a corrupt political father who was the constant companion of mobster Benjamin Magliana. She had a privileged life from the day she was born.

  • Barbra Cunningham

    04/20/2020 02:47 PM

    I just want to thank you for keeping us up on what’s true and what’s not true. God bless you

  • joseph orsini PhD

    04/20/2020 02:28 PM

    Agree......BUT refrain from now beating up on Biden, as result may be his replacement [e.g. Michelle].

  • William Rohman

    04/20/2020 02:26 PM

    I don't know who came up with the idea that Russia wanted Donald Trump to win when Hillary was already bought and paid for. Examples; Uranium One and $145,000,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation and ZERO to the Trump Campaign and all this anti Trump undercover dirt. Just more cover up and lie by a party with no scruples.

  • Edward Ernest Engle

    04/20/2020 02:05 PM

    Anybody with their head on straight knew this from the beginning. I asked the same question you did, (i.e., Why would Putin help Trump with all the supposedly smart money on Hillary winning). There was no upside for him if Hillary won. However, try as I did, to convince any of the Trump haters here in California of that, simply fell on deaf ears, and still does. But, nevertheless, the major question is that after how many investigations, (three major ones, if I have my count right), and the millions spent on those investigations, is anyone going to be held accountable, and if so, how.

  • Thomas Wenndt

    04/20/2020 02:04 PM

    I'm not thrilled when I disagree with you - and even less thrilled when I feel the need to write to you about it. But regarding the results of the 2016 election, there were far more of us who thought that Trump would be president when it was all said and done than you may realize. In fact, I got so upset at the late Charles Krauthammer on election night, who early in the evening, was asked about the election and had the chance to show that he had done some REAL homework on what was going on in the various key states. He simply repeated the standard mantra that accepted that Hillary would win by the end of the night. I know his health went south soon after that, but I was content to never listen to him again.

    The reason was that all the evidence was there that Trump was going to win if anybody - ANYBODY - would have bothered to actually go through it rather than just do what everyone was doing.

    Nothing has changed. Pollsters still go out of their way to NOT poll Trump supporters, simply because they don't like them. I've been polled only once in person, but you could tell by the pollsters face that she didn't like the answers I was giving her. That is not ever to matter.

    Yes, Governor Mike - we knew - we knew that night who was going to win.

  • Floyd Hale

    04/20/2020 02:01 PM

    Our great hope is that Pesident Trump is reelected in Nov !!!1

  • Roland Revis

    04/20/2020 01:10 PM

    Ask for the prosecution of these people. Too long has this 2 standard justice system has been going on, we paying Barr - he needs to do his job now. If these democrats get in power, they will destroy America from within.
    All congressmen need to give their salary to the needful every month, if they want the job let them work for nothing! Most congressmen are scumbags, corruptible POS.

  • James Hoppe

    04/20/2020 12:26 PM

    When is Mr Barr...going to start putting these KNOWN FELONS where they belong. THREE
    LONG YEARS..and they go Scott free...get paid....and probably won't lose their pensions.
    It is VERY DISHEARTENING that there is little or NO accountability in Washington!

  • Lloyd M Richardson

    04/20/2020 12:26 PM

    Forget about Russsi for just a minute, please. We need to understand all this talk about "contact tracing!" Considering the sources of some of these "reopen America" plans (and the fact that Big Data loves it!), the concept leaves me cold! Best, LR

  • Kevin Brooks

    04/20/2020 12:23 PM

    Aloha my friend in Christ it's Kevin and I pray that this will bless your week ahead. Based on Proverbs 11:3 & 2nd Corinthians 8:21. "A Person of Integrity" Many people who know me know how I love to use a certain word and break down each letter to mean something positive. I.N.T.E.G.R. I.T.Y. I=Intimate to assist others in a Christ driven manner. N=Nourish others along their path to success. T=Trust in God to give you wisdom on assisting others. E=Encourage others to continue to pray for God's will. G=Grateful being grateful for today and God's wisdom. R=Reality- Know the difference between reality and lies of the devil. I=Initiative- Keep praying for God to give you initiative to have faith in your spritual gifts. T=Truthful- Be truthful to others that you are not perfect. Y=Yearn to grow in Christ and to help others to do the same thing. Integrity is something that must be taken seriously, especially if you want to have a Christ driven impact on others around you. Why? Because the world today as we know it is not filled with too many people of integrity. Especially in the political world, the media, and in Hollywood! Keep praying for the Holy Spirit to speak to you on being a Christian person of integrity! Have a blessed success filled week ahead. 007 Kevin

  • Flora Lee Rauch

    04/20/2020 12:06 PM

    !!! Please HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP see the DR RASHID BUTLER video about how in 2014 sadly the US LET CHINA run with the virus experiments, Dr Fauci was involved. You have to see Dr. Rashid Butler, biology expert, expose what is going on right NOW!!!!

  • Todd leitte

    04/20/2020 11:48 AM

    Is the deep state really that powerful? It seems so. Everything I have seen on the subject of Trump and Russia, From You sean Hannity, john solomon and many many other's you would think heads would roll somewhere, The state department the FBI The DOJ. Yet as of yet no one has been held accountable and It Enrages me more than I can say! Does the deep state Hate us conservatives that much? I hate the fact that my hard earned tax dollars fund this utter dishonesty and hatred for the American people. Thanks for all you do! Todd r. Leitte