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September 1, 2017 |


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Today's Commentary:  Russia escalation -- Hurricane Irma -- Trump breaks ethics rule -- North Korea sucker punch -- Welfare reform  -- News Bits -- Survey Results

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First, President Trump reluctantly approved a bill to slap new sanctions on Russia for its alleged interference in the 2016 election. Vladimir Putin retaliated by shutting down three US facilities in Russia and forcing half of our diplomats and staffers to leave. Now, Trump has retaliated by ordering Russia to close three facilities in the US by tomorrow, leaving each nation with just three consulates in the other’s country. It’s an escalation of hostilities that’s left US-Russian relations at their lowest point in years. It also makes the whole liberal media “Trump is Putin’s puppet” narrative look awfully shaky.

Now, before they pivot to the inevitable blaming of Trump for the deterioration in US-Russia relations, how about if Democrats let the Russian special counsel they demanded finally have a look at that DNC server they’ve been hiding like a squirrel guards a nut? Before they bring back the Cold War, they should have to prove once and for all that it really was hacked by Russia and that all this costly, dangerous international turmoil wasn’t caused by nothing but Democrats making excuses for Hillary Clinton losing.

Happy Friday America!


Mike Huckabee



Hurricane Irma

By Mike Huckabee

Even as the devastation from Hurricane Harvey is expected to linger on for months, already another potentially deadly storm is forming at sea. Hurricane Irma is expected to grow to a category 3 storm by tonight, with winds of up to 129 mph. It’s still hundreds of miles out to sea, and it’s impossible to predict its path. Let’s all pray that it doesn’t strengthen and that it avoids populated areas. We’ve enjoyed several years of a relative “hurricane drought,” but forecasters predicted this would be an “above-normal” storm season. Unfortunately, this appears to be one of those occasions when the weather forecasters actually got it right.


Trump breaks ethics rule?

By Mike Huckabee

While President Trump was wasting time in Texas meeting with local leaders on the massive disaster relief and rescue efforts, thank goodness liberal groups back in Washington were working hard to pinpoint the real issue that needs to be dealt with: the terrible ethics breach caused by him wearing a cap that says “USA” on it.

No, I’m serious.



North Korea sucker punch

By Mike Huckabee

North Korea is signaling that the missile they fired over Japanese air space wasn’t just a test, it was target practice for firing missiles at US bases in Guam. In retaliation yesterday, the US carried out its second consecutive successful test of the Aegis missile defense system, which intercepted a mid-range ballistic missile in flight.

North Korea is sending a clear warning that they intend to sucker punch America. We just sent a clear warning that we are prepared to block that punch. The next question after that is how powerful will be the punch back from the US against North Korea? If anyone with any influence over Kim Jong Un, from China to Kim’s own military, doesn’t want to find out, they’d better move now to stop their blustering, big-mouthed bantam-weight buddy from picking a fight with the biggest guy in the bar.



Welfare reform

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, the Trump Administration officially denied Ohio’s request for a waiver from requiring people on welfare to do some work. It also announced that the Obama policy of allowing states to request a waiver from welfare work requirements is no longer in effect. Anyone who’s been near a news media outlet or late night comedy show in the past year knows to expect a wave of outrage about Trump’s “war” on poor people. Here’s what they probably won’t tell you. This is just returning us to the same work-for-welfare policy Bill Clinton signed in 1996. Oh, and Ohio was the only state that ever even requested a welfare work requirement waiver.

This is what happens when the media take a waiver from objectivity.


News Bits

President Trump has no empathy for the Texas flood victims, and they obviously have no connection with him. That’s the media narrative. Let’s go to the video to see if the evidence supports that.



Hurricane Harvey has given us countless heartbreaking stories of loss and devastation. But it’s also reminded us that when things get tough, Americans pull together and help each other. We don’t expect the government to do it all; we get together ourselves, many times through our churches, and we get it done. Here's a look at what some faith-based groups are doing to save and support the storm victims.



If you want to get up to speed fast on the new military transgender rules, here are five things you need to know:



Survey Results

Thank you to the 8,392 people who voted in our most recent poll.  The results for our poll question:

Do you support shutting down the federal government in order to fund the border wall?

24% NO


67% YES

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  • Donna Caspari

    09/02/2017 02:35 PM

    Crazy times! Crazy people abound! Thanks to you, Mike, and to President Trump and VP Pence for being voices of reason and sanity! I'm grateful for your newsletters.