Afghanistan War veteran: Obama lowered standards of our military

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September 3, 2019 |

In addition to James Mattis’ book, there’s another new book that details the incalculable damage done to America’s military during the Obama years.  I wrote just last week about Obama’s tendency to appoint people to oversee the military who were academics with no military experience, and to promote into leadership roles political supporters with no combat experience.  

Afghanistan War veteran James Hasson joined the army at the start of Obama’s first term and left it at the end of his second.  He’s written a book detailing the changes instituted to turn the military into a progressive social laboratory and the dangerous erosion they caused in military morale and readiness. The book is called “Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors are Sabotaging America’s Military Readiness.”

The book describes how standards were lowered to promote inclusivity, efforts were made to end “hyper-masculinity” in combat arms units, and “safe spaces” and sensitivity training about micro-aggressions and transgender recruits took precedence over preparing to fight and win wars.  There are more details and an  interview with Tucker Carlson at the link. 

Thankfully, President Trump has been working to reverse many of these suicidal policies, even in the face of constant lawsuits from the left. I guess they think that if we are attacked by an opposition military force, we won’t need to fight and defeat them.  We can just sue them into submission.

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  • Flavia Sollecito

    09/04/2019 04:51 PM

    Obama is the cause of all that is disgusting happening in the Untied States today! He was and still is a Traitor to our Democracy! He, The Clinton’s and their minions belong in jail! Power and Greed is the only legacy of his Presidency!

  • George J Murrey

    09/04/2019 08:03 AM

    The damages under the last admin has gone beyond what was written above, from the fake news about Benghazi to the millions of dollars to release a deserter. Even the Event Horizon was a debacle by the under sec't of interior. But yet most of the media and his minions thought nothing of it. But they sure made a big deal of Pres Bush and Hurricane Katrina. Lastly, I'm more than elated we have a pres on what is important to the military and our nation.

  • Rick Augustine

    09/03/2019 04:30 PM

    Thanks Mike for this and your shows. I learn more from you than most news programs!

  • Jan Wilken

    09/03/2019 04:07 PM

    I fretted about all the harm Obama was doing. It seems he was just trying to destroy the ability to defend this nation. Scary times.