July 10, 2017

From the way the leftwing “Antifa” (Anti-fascist) protesters behave – fighting “fascism” by donning masks and using riots, threats and violence to silence differing political beliefs – you’d almost suspect they don’t even know what fascism is. And you would be right. In fact, we now have ironclad video proof.

At an “Impeach Trump” protest last weekend in Chicago, just seconds after a statement about the need to fight fascism, someone going by the name of Shad Daley walked up and made an impassioned speech composed almost entirely of direct quotes from Adolf Hitler. Naturally, the crowd (whom I assume skipped both their history and economics classes) didn’t recognize the source, but strongly applauded the sentiments. Afterward, an impressed organizer from the ironically-named group “RefuseFascism.org” asked if the speaker would be interested in getting more involved. I’m sure if they’d like someone to roll into Paris on their behalf, he’d be happy to take the job.

Here’s more on this chilling yet hilarious prank, the speech transcript, plus the video, which includes the original quotes from Der Fuhrer.


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  • Dolly Palacios

    07/10/2017 05:48 PM

    Their eyes are veiled, their ears don't hear, and their hearts are hard.
    One basic rule this undereducated audience obviously didn't know, author, and context. Always!