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December 18, 2021

A study by scientists at the University of Hong Kong found that the Omicron variant of COVID infects and multiples 70 times faster than the Delta variant. But it replicated more than 10 times less efficiently in human lung tissue than the original COVID, which suggests lower severity of disease.

The researchers warned that because it spreads so efficiently, it may be able to elude vaccines and immunity from prior infection, so it could pose a significant threat even if it is milder. However, since it was detected, there has been no increase in severe cases or deaths, and most people who’ve caught it had mild or no symptoms.

Bonus quote in the story, from Ben Shapiro: Omicron could be the solution to COVID because it’s spreading natural immunity very quickly and so far, more people have been killed by Alec Baldwin than by Omicron.

(Note: This was before the one case in Great Britain where someone reportedly died with the Omicron variant. But it’s not clear if that was the actual cause of death. So again, as with Alec Baldwin, it’s too soon to say who or what will eventually be held responsible.)

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  • Rose M Edmonds

    12/18/2021 05:58 PM

    So glad you caught that they died with Omicron, not from it. And I think it was like the next sentence out of his mouth, so go get your booster. These people will shamelessly use anything, to push the vax.