March 15, 2020

This Coronavirus is really having an impact on our lives. The stock market has been in free-fall because of the uncertainty of how many people will get sick and what it’s doing to all sectors of the economy, especially the travel industry. Cruise ships are empty, entire nations like Italy, are virtually shutting down, and flights are being canceled all over the world as well as major events being canceled like the South by Southwest Festival in Austin. At public events, I’m now noticing that most people prefer an elbow bump or a wave instead of the customary handshake. Here in our theater, I conduct a meet and greet with our audience after the show, and I’m finding that more of the audience prefers a simple hello rather than shaking hands as well, but I think it’s mostly because there are rumors about me—not that I have coronavirus, but that I have cooties.

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The medical advice hasn’t been consistent in this. Some say not to worry, go on with your business and others say don’t travel at all and stay home. The one thing agreed upon is to wash your hands—a lot.

The one sector of our economy that’s booming is the sale of hand-sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. They’re sold out everywhere. There are even instructions on how to make your own sanitizer by mixing aloe vera gel with rubbing alcohol or with vodka. So, if you see a bunch of your Baptist friends at the liquor store buying up the booze, I’m sure they are there to get the ingredients for hand sanitizer. But boy are they licking their fingers a lot!

I don’t mean to make light of this. It’s a serious issue and one death from it is one too many, but while I’ll take all the precautions I can, I’m not going to stop living my life out of fear of what might happen. I will stop eating directly off buffets with the serving spoon or drinking out of water bottles that people have left opened and half used in airplane seat-back pockets. But I already wash my hands a lot and usually scrub them like a surgeon, especially after shaking a lot of hands. I try to never touch the bottom of my shoes and I do wipe the surfaces around my tray table and seat on airplanes. I only sneeze on planes when the guy in front of me puts his seat right in my face and try to limit my coughing in the direction of people who talk loudly on their cell phones on planes or in restrooms.

We have to take the coronavirus seriously, but we need to use common sense and ultimately trust the Lord to protect us when all our efforts won’t. It’s not practical for me to stop flying, but now that so many in the public are afraid of being on planes because of the virus, I’m flying with fewer people these days so there is a silver lining in those clouds. So if I see you in the airport or on the streets, a nice wave, deep bow from the waist, or tip of the hat will do fine as a greeting to replace the handshake or the kiss on the cheek. And I’m speaking of the cheek on my face of course!

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  • Ray Johnson

    04/26/2020 06:53 PM

    As my daddy used to say (I'm 82), there are more opinions on this virus than Carters Little Liver pills.

  • Brenda

    03/25/2020 02:42 PM

    Just saw (for the first time) that the coronavirus-19 is active in the air for 3 hours. The CDC has consistently said that healthy people don't need a mask. Seems to me that the virus is being spread through the air more than on surfaces especially in densely populated areas, such as New York. If that's the case, doesn't it make sense that healthy people need masks?

  • Evelyn Baisch

    03/21/2020 04:49 PM

    I so enjoy your show, your wisdom, humor and the important information and people you share with us each week! Your March 13, 2020 show sharing the female athletes’ defense by the Alliance Defending Freedom was outstanding and a subject that needs to be addressed as you did. On the subject of transgenderism, I’ve just read an amazing fact-based Christian novel for teenagers and their families addressing that issue, drugs, evolution, schools and homeschooling. The book is “Choosing” written by Ellie Klipp and available to you to get on As a faithful viewer of your show, fellow Christian and a former Arkansan; please take the time to check this out! God bless – (Mrs.) Evelyn Baisch now of Austintown, OH.

  • Martha Schafer

    03/19/2020 01:04 PM

    You are right Mike. We need to use common sense and trust in the Lord. A beautiful song that reminds us of this is "The Canticle of the Turning". You can google the lyrics and many renditions of the song. The lyrics are based on the beginning of Christianity in the words of Mary from Luke 1:46-55. My personal favorite is done by Buddy Greene. Buddy would be an excellent guest for your Huckabee Show. I believe he lives fairly close to Nashville.

  • Leonard Lugo

    03/19/2020 12:11 PM

    indeed so. I don't care to sit in front of the wicked media, as they pour out fear & hysteria, death, yet, mum on those who've recovered! Psalms. 118:8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man! 1. O give thanks unto the LORD: for He is good;,because His mercy endures for ever. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Sharon Van Dyck

    03/16/2020 11:24 PM

    I too feel that we need to do the appropriate things like good hand washing techniques and cleanliness; but I know the Lord Jesus has a hedge of protection around me because I am His child. Now He may decide it is my time to come home and let me get the virus but I am trusting in Him and not worrying. He says; "Fear not" many many times in the Bible and that worry is the opposite of faith. I remember my grandmother that raised me saying many times: "This too shall pass".

  • Tommy Kirkland

    03/16/2020 09:19 PM

    Mike, in regard to your statement that some of the medical advice has been inconsistent. I haven't looked over all your newsletters and material, so I may be preaching to the choir. Even so, for some medical officials and their scientific advice of herd immunity with Corvid 19 is simply the "survival of fittest" approach and Darwinism at work - a contradiction to Biblical commands to preserve human life. Tommy

  • Elizabeth Houghton

    03/16/2020 05:55 PM

    Indeed, now is the time for all of us to pray for protection for ourselves and help for those impacted by the pandemic.

  • Diane Johnston

    03/16/2020 04:28 PM

    Excellent read! Thank you!

  • Michael

    03/16/2020 02:45 PM

    We have had in the past the Swine flu, the Bird Flu, SARS, etc. but not until now with Coronovirus have we seen the true ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE- the mainstream media and many among the Democrats, have an obvious agenda. First take down President Trump, since all previous attempts have failed. (Russia Collusion; alleged sex scandals, Ukraine quid pro quo and attempted impeachment) Secondly if our economy suffers and it diminishes Trump not to get reelected- the lying MSM and phony Democrats (actually they are all Socialist/Communist, pretending to be Democrats who care about America when they don't!!! Thirdly, what is going on right now is the MSM and the Democrat/Socialist/Communist agenda and if using fear and destruction upon America works for them, they are fine with that. I hope a huge number of Americans have caught onto the lies and tactics of the MSM and the Socialist/Communist (the former Democratic Party) Wake up America and see all of this for what it is and this November VOTE REPUBLICAN TO KEEP AMERICA GREAT ! (No matter what MSM and the Socialist party says)

  • Melinda Long

    03/16/2020 11:05 AM

    I’m not going to stop living my life out of fear of what might happen. AMEN!!!

  • K. Allen Ballard

    03/16/2020 09:15 AM

    Impeachment failed, now this COVID-19 thing has become the Crisis-du-Jour. While it has potential to be serious, I'm from Missouri, Show-Me. The timing is just WAY to suspect. Think about it; what's the best way to shut down an entire country? A massive health scare.
    What better way to isolate us, separate us, turn us into fear mongers and hoarders. It also shuts down the churches, which is what America needs worse than anything else these days. Satan is the Father of All Lies and I can see him coming up with this whopper. After all, he has a ton of folks more than willing to help him out.
    We need to pray this one away on our knees. In the meantime, I worry about the next test run that the DEMS/MEDIA/DEEP STATE (but then I triple repeat myself) dream up. This latest crisis is working very well so far.
    DON'T BE SHEEP! God is in Control. So let's act that way.

  • Teresa Cooper

    03/16/2020 06:06 AM

    Just like you, I have had a lot of questions about corona virus. How will it affect us physically and financially? How long will it last? Will it be hard to find groceries, diapers, medicine? Thank you to my sweet cousin Debbie N Bobby Fuqua who shared this awesome video. It comes from a qualified doctor who is certified in the area of infectious diseases who wanted to help the public understand the facts. There is SO MUCH misinformation out there and we spend hours reading it, watching it on tv. There are so many questions by so many people. This video is 1.5 hours longs. However it will answer all of your questions. It gives us a direct outlook on what corona is, how it started, how it got to US, how to control it, and what we should expect in the future. It debunks all the myths and conspiracy theories and gives us scientific medical facts in language easy enough for children to understand it. So pull up a chair, spend an hour and a half, and you will be so glad you did!

  • Robin Gonsalves

    03/16/2020 03:40 AM

    Your article was very humorous Governor...
    Thanks for the chuckle.I keep telling my wife the same trust in God as I lick my fingers after touching the hospital hand rails or picking my nose after using the keypad for the ATM!

  • Linda Sekavec

    03/16/2020 02:24 AM

    Thank you for a voice of reason! The media makes so mad. They are blowing this way out of proportion.
    I appreciate your words of wisdom and know I trust in my Heavenly Father, for he is in charge.
    Yes, keep your head, do due diligence, do not fear, be proactive. Thank you Mr. Huckabee
    Linda S


    03/15/2020 09:28 PM

    How about this as our weekly shopping pledge:

    "If you don't need it...... leave it!"

  • Kevin J. Cook

    03/15/2020 09:09 PM

    This global meltdown is either a Soros manufactured crisis to sell short and make billions (which is how he got his billions) or humans are group think useful idiots.

  • Brian Bones

    03/15/2020 08:30 PM

    Mike I'm praying for onset cooties is our #22 deadliest killer today..can I help with the telethon? ??

  • gary Stilwell

    03/15/2020 08:23 PM

    This is no different than the swine flu, the bird flu, or ebola---with the exception of the media blast.
    They will milk this "news" until it dies(they will do all they can to extend the life of this "news".)

    The American people need to get a grip here. The Gummint" is NOT your protector--they are not your "mommy"---you need to stand up and be a contributing member of this society that is giving you the right to be just that--you help your neighbor, you participate in the direction of your local rural character, you help your neighbor, you monitor the local mandates to assure they are consistant with the values you have, you help your neighbor,--you will note how many times "you will help your neighbor" appears here--

  • Joan Spicer

    03/15/2020 08:06 PM

    Please make sure President Trump is aware of a dangerous situation. He was unaware of the CDC problem left by Obama. So we cannot leave this to chance. I’m wondering if President Trump is aware of the stipulation Former President Obama put into place whereby should the United States be placed under Martial Law, Obama gave the UN Peacekeeping Forces the Authority over and above our Military and over our US Police forces, to take complete control, across the nation, and confiscate our weapons. And place citizens in confinement including gulags. Etc.

  • Jeffrey Gura

    03/15/2020 07:59 PM

    Excess worry, in my opinion, is a greater illness...just sayin'

  • Stephen Rein

    03/15/2020 07:30 PM

    My wifes company posponed their trip. Even though I pray twice a day for Gods protection, for some who has an auto immune disease, I am kind of releaved to not go. Pretty sad people lost commen sense, and buy up toliet paper so others cannot get any. Flour and surgar are other items being bought out. I really wonder how many people actually know how to cook. Trudeau still has not stopped flights like Trump has. Yet you kisten to the media, Trimp cannot do enough and Trudeau is not going crazy an by keeping borders open, which could backfire on him. This is why you do not want a liberal or a democrat for a leader these days.

  • dolores varricchio

    03/15/2020 06:37 PM

    My church closed - their regular services suspended. I feel this is wrong - just when we need to pray we're told we can't go to church. Either we believe in the Lord or we don't. If your afraid of spreading the virus all right let's use common sense but, to give into fear seems to me to be irresponsible. Open the Churchs and let me decide if I want to risk it or not.

    I also, feel suspending the NBA, NHL etc. is the same - let me decide if I want to risk it. This is helping fear take over. Do you remember the "Swine Flu" it was much worse younger people were being affected - and thousands died however, no schools closed, no NBA, NHL or baseball postponed maybe because the media didn't hype it up so much? I believe in being informed not frightened!

  • Jay H Mohler

    03/15/2020 05:56 PM

    I totally agree that we need to act sensibly but not to panic. We've been through epidemics before and some such as the plague and black death and the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920, and the Ebola crisis.

  • Linda stahl

    03/15/2020 04:17 PM

    Well said Mike. Love the humor. We do need to use common sense and trust the