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September 14, 2021

In yesterday’s newsletter, we discussed the way fear has been used to make Americans do what their government wants them to do, most recently to get vaccinated (two or maybe even three times, whether they need it or not) for COVID-19. Staff writer Laura Ainsworth related how she had just witnessed firsthand the cold, irrational fear someone was experiencing just from being in the same room with an unvaccinated person. This was the case even though he knew the unvaccinated person had previously had COVID, which appears to provide far better immunity, especially against variants, than the vaccines do.

So, would it surprise you to know that according to a new Scott Rasmussen poll, a majority of Democrat voters believe that Trump supporters and unvaccinated Americans pose a bigger threat to the nation than either the Taliban or China? I am not kidding. That’s what it’s like on Planet Democrat, now that a relentless and apparently successful propaganda campaign has been waged against both of these groups. These days, who needs a terrorist attack aided and abetted by the Taliban when you can feel terror just from the presence of an unvaccinated neighbor or friend? Even when that neighbor or friend has already recovered from COVID and has virtually zero chance of giving it to anyone.

The poll is real. Breakdown at the link.

I’m reminded of that infamous video of Maxine Waters urging people to harass former Trump administration officials and “tell them they’re not welcome.” The unvaccinated, even those with natural immunity (which, for some reason, doesn’t count), are now in that category of deplorables as well. Socially aware people see the unvaccinated as ignorant, extremist, irresponsible, uncaring, and dangerous. Never mind that they might have a heart condition, clotting disorder, autoimmune disease or...pregnancy, or that about 40 percent of health care workers are vaccine-hesitant. If “those people” don’t worship at the altar of Dr. Fauci, they’re to be feared and marginalized, barred from as much of public life as possible.

Governments know: nothing motivates the populace to do what you want more than fear. And, at least among Democrats, this fear campaign is working. Ironically, that’s a little scary.

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  • Red Green

    09/15/2021 09:13 AM

    Without the ability to see and hear both sides of an issue and the willingness to use my thought process's constructively, I will be easily manipulated by fear.
    Fear is an the evil and corroding emotion. Its stops the thought process in it's tracks. It will paralyze my being, rendering me useless and helpless.
    However, it only has the power that I give it. The more I feed it, the stronger it gets.

  • John Russell Houseman

    09/14/2021 02:16 PM

    I read that @ 180 million US citizens have been fully vaccinated, and likely another @15 million have had one dose. Add to that the 40 million "confirmed" Covid-19 cases and probably 10 million that weren't confirmed and we get @ 245,000,000 million people with so-called immunity. That leaves approximately 100 million that haven't got immunity. How many of those are young, and healthy or are children too young to receive a vaccination? This group by itself has a 99.97% survival rate or better. The vaccinated and immune by infection aren't at much risk either - say 99.999% survival rate. So why any mandate at all? Is it because of immigrants bringing in more and higher concentrations of Covid-19? I'm guessing by now we have at least 25 million illegal immigrants in our Country, if not 30 million. Our laws and social norms don't apply to them; so in fact they are more Free than our own US Citizens. How can our government mandate something on its people that does not apply to them? Aren't they part of "the people"?

    Laws were designed to protect the public without infringing on the rights of the individual. The left constantly wants to ignore the rights of the conservative, but will call us racist if we disagree (let alone deny them a platform).

  • Anne Turner

    09/14/2021 11:13 AM

    Do these people really believe deep down that Trump supporters are such a huge threats? Of course these are the same people who only read, and listen to, the propaganda media. They also don’t really believe in scientific hypotheses, or evidence. The believe that Trump is the devil incarnate. These are the same people who believe that black people are too feeble minded to do normal every day things, that some sane rules impede voting. They are also hypocrite in the worst way, enjoying the creature comforts but wanting to take them from others. I sometimes wonder if they really believe these things, but feel the need to be show everyone how woke they are. They ignore or have little knowledge of economics, make icons of people like AOC snd argue that .Biden is perfectly coups mentis. They persist in believing all the false and disproven accusations against Trump. It’s okay to have girlfriends on the side, or to destroy computer files if you are a Dem. but you will get jailed for spitting on the sidewalk if you are a .Republican.