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February 5, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Harris Breaks The Tie
  • Much-Needed Message
  • New Developments In Fight Over School Lockdowns
  • AOC Update: Yes, She Was In Washington, DC The Day Of The Riot
  • Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Dreams Up Orwellian Nightmare For Gun-Owners
  • Very Revealing


Mike Huckabee



Harris Breaks The Tie

By Mike Huckabee

Late Thursday night, after more than 15 hours of rancorous debates and votes on amendments, the Senate passed a budget resolution for a massive COVID-19 relief bill that (editorial comment coming) should not be done by budget resolution. It passed on a party line vote, 51-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie (thanks, Georgia!)

To be clear: I’m not against helping Americans who are genuinely hurting, but before we heap trillions more in debt onto future generations, we should ensure that any aid is carefully targeted and not just an excuse to shower money on Democrat constituencies.

Republicans did keep their word to force vote after vote, to make Democrats go on record as supporting or opposing various controversial issues. Those commenters here who claim there’s no difference between the parties and who are threatening to vote for Democrats “just to show” the Republicans should note that the votes were evenly split 50-50 along party lines on…

Whether to support a border security wall, opposing a federal carbon tax, banning oil and gas leasing on federal land, giving stimulus checks to prison inmates, and even supporting religious freedom (yes, all the Democrats voted for checks for criminals and against supporting religious freedom.) So now you know what you’ll be voting for. They did vote 100-0 against defunding police, but someone needs to pass that word along to Democrats on the local government level.

This is too long and complicated to recap here, so check out the Fox News account.

And those flirting with voting Democrat, please note this paragraph, too:

“A final Democratic amendment proposed by Schumer undid three GOP-proposed amendments that passed with bipartisan majorities on fracking, the Keystone XL Pipeline and opposing stimulus checks for illegal immigrants. Harris cast the tie-breaking vote on that too.”

Much-Needed Message

By Mike Huckabee

A much-needed message from Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media for all the “I’m gonna take my ball and go home” Republicans.

New Developments In School Lockdown Fight

By Mike Huckabee

I haven’t been talking regularly about the endless COVID-19 school lockdowns because it’s just the same bad situation dragging on for month after month. But in the past week, some developments have started to appear that suggest parents and at least some officials are out of patience with keeping kids out of school indefinitely no matter how much harm it’s causing, while teachers’ unions continue to fight going back to work. The disease seems to pose very little risk to young people, but keeping them out of school is harming their academic and athletic abilities, their social skills, and causing depression and even suicide. Here’s a round-up of some of the latest news:

First, it’s obvious that the Biden Administration is willing to shower more money on teachers’ unions while demanding nothing in return. Biden’s plan is to reopen most schools after another 100 days, and here’s his Chief of Staff defending that, despite medical studies showing that among schools that have reopened with masks and social distancing, there has been very little transmission of the disease.

That article also notes that three doctors associated with the Centers for Disease Control wrote an article in the AMA Journal encouraging schools to reopen nationwide. They wrote, “There has been little evidence that schools have contributed meaningfully to increased community transmission.”

The director of the CDC agrees that schools can reopen safely, and teachers don’t even need vaccinations.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is also calling for schools to reopen immediately, saying that the shutdowns are causing bigger risks to students than the coronavirus.

Fed-up parents around the nation are now holding their own protest rallies to demand that schools reopen.

Finally, even Biden’s former presidential rival, Mike Bloomberg, is urging Biden to stand up to the teachers’ unions. He said, "It's time for Joe Biden to stand up and say ‘kids are the most important things.’ Teachers are going to have to suck it up, stand up and provide an education. The President has to stand up to the unions.”

Strong words, but I have a feeling that the greatest wish for a long life that I could offer anyone in the era of COVID is, “May you live long enough to see a Democrat President stand up to the teachers’ unions.”

AOC Update: Yes, She Was In Washington, DC The Day Of The Riot

By Mike Huckabee

I’m not going to wade into who is telling the truth in the “he said/she said” drama that began with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez accusing Sen. Ted Cruz of trying to get her murdered because he questioned the integrity of the 2020 vote, which allegedly sparked the Capitol riot (it didn’t.) But since it’s making news, here’s where we are so far.

AOC next said a Capitol cop burst into her office to evacuate her, banged on the door and shouted, “Where is she?” and looked at her “in all of this anger and hostility,” triggering her trauma from a previous undetailed assault. Then a Twitter hashtag comparing her to actor Jussie Smollett trended after a colleague whose office is next to hers pointed out that they aren’t even in the Capitol building, they are in the Cannon House Office Building, and “insurrectionists” never stormed their hallway. AOC called that “manipulation” by the right, claiming that the attack wasn’t just on the Capitol dome but the entire Capitol complex.

Okay, before this gets any more confusing, here’s a detailed, illustrated timeline of exactly what happened that day. The only mention of the Cannon building is that it was evacuated.

And she’s now being accused of trying to rally her own followers to bully the media into silence.

That’s where we are as of this writing. All I’ll add is that since AOC has made an accusation that a Capitol cop triggered her victim’s trauma with his allegedly hateful gaze, I’d like to hear his side of the story. Especially since, if what she claims about her life being in danger is true, he was actually there to save her.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Dreams Up Orwellian Nightmare For Gun-Owners

By Mike Huckabee

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee recently introduced the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act, the Democrats’ most radical assault yet on the Second Amendment, and that’s really saying something considering what they've proposed in the past.

The bill would not only create extremely burdensome licensing and other restrictions on all buyers or sellers of guns or ammunition, it would also create a nationwide gun registry that would gather tons of personal information on every gun owner that would be ripe for hacking and abuse. Most outrageous of all, it would mandate that gun buyers or sellers undergo a psychiatric exam and that a licensed psychologist interview the person’s spouse, ex-spouse, family members and associates to determine the “mental, emotional, and relational stability of the individual in relation to firearms.”

Let’s hope that there are enough reasonable Democrats – or that the Senate filibuster remains safe – or that the Supreme Court doesn’t get stacked with leftists – to insure this Orwellian nightmare never sees the light of day.

But if we’re going to start demanding psychiatric exams before people exercise their Constitutional rights, then how about one for anybody who’d vote to reelect Sheila Jackson Lee? Or one to determine the mental and emotional stability of leftist politicians before they’re allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights and talk in public?

Very Revealing

By Mike Huckabee

This is very revealing: Sen. Rand Paul drilled down on Secretary of Education nominee Miguel Cardona about President Biden’s order to let males who “identify” as females compete in girls’ sports. Watch Cardona squirm, evade and change the subject as he tries to defend this policy without admitting the obvious: he knows it’s a ridiculous attempt to deny biological reality that will destroy girls’ sports. He can’t say so publicly for political reasons, but he knows it, and he’s going to enforce it anyway.


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Comments 1-25 of 39

  • David Snodderly

    02/08/2021 02:33 PM

    The idea that our government is qualified to decide who is or is not mentally fit to receive protections and rights granted by our constitution is absolutely terrifying and unthinkable. I would hope this meets vigorous opposition.

  • John Nagelkirk

    02/08/2021 10:15 AM

    So Conservatives are ignoring science when it comes to climate control (like we can actually control the climate); but science is thrown out the window when discussing transgenders. Right.

  • William Fuhrer

    02/07/2021 03:02 PM


  • Rebecca Edlin

    02/07/2021 11:44 AM

    One thing, among many things I found to be manipulative, of AOC's recount of events on January 6th was her "fear" of the Capitol Policeman. Prior to January 6th I do not recall reading anything about suspected dissent, fear of extremism, within the Capitol police force, that all came about after, with discussion of complicity by some on duty during the riot. After realizing the person pounding on her door was a policeman, why would she continue to be in fear of that person? It certainly fits the narrative AFTER doubts were expressed about complicity, but not in the moment, which is what she purports to be relaying. If she truly had substantiated reasons to fear Capitol police prior to January 6th, why were those fears or suspicions not addressed prior to the riot?

  • William Fuhrer

    02/07/2021 09:06 AM


  • Joyce F Birch

    02/06/2021 08:01 PM

    Governor, I can't thank you & your staff for your opinions on the daily issues we are facing in today's environment. I think the democrats have gone off the deep end. We the people will suffer, but God is our savor. The prayer chain has to & must continue. I can't believe what a dark place the Biden administration has put us in: obortion, immigration, jobs, taxes, to say a few, & oh, let's not forget climate change, cancel culture, in fighting in Congress,
    China as we sink deeper into Socialism/Communizm. I hope the Republicans will grow a spine & I also believe there are Rinos who really are democrats in wolves clothing. We have at least 2 years to gain back the Senate, after that, if we don't get some control, we won't see another Republican in the White House. Then there are the racial issues & the prison releases & so on. God Help Us!!

  • Martha Bird

    02/06/2021 02:04 PM

    School Lockdown fight:
    Since the union teachers are refusing to return to the classrooms, can't they bring in some non-union substitutes? I applaud the parents that are standing up to the Democrats, especially President Biden, who are supporting the unions to keep the schools closed.

  • Renee Kendrick

    02/06/2021 11:18 AM

    AOC - God knows her heart and motive. I pray that HE will put a compassionate person in her path that will be very discerning of her feelings and emotions. If she has had a traumatic experience in her life, I pray God will bring healing and salvation to her life. If her words are a dramatic tirade to bring attention to herself (crying "wolf" once again), I pray God will uncover her plot quickly. HIS will be done in her life.

  • DOJ

    02/06/2021 10:10 AM

    The thought of a Donald Trump return has left the Left in fearful state of mind and it has been since his election. The thought of the club (Congress) made it uneasy for it to conduct its self serving agenda. The lack of an American Value agenda made it difficult to conduct Anti American processes like Iran China Syria and all countries that hate or dislike America. Trump came in and done the right thing to correct misdeeds that led to misuse of American funds just like the military takeover of White House and Capital grounds almost a half a billion dollars wasted in a attempt to bankrupt the country. While homeless people cause discord on city streets bring on drug abuse and cause illness without healthy hygiene the lists goes on. Trump worked to contain border security energy indepeancepeace in the middle East Obama and Biden hated all of this and are bring America back to destroy America again agenda. Thanks to all the biden voters China Iran are very proud of you.

  • William Fuhrer

    02/06/2021 09:51 AM


  • JJ

    02/06/2021 08:51 AM

    Has Biden violated the oath of office to protect the country from illegal entry? The country is in lockdown schools are shutdown because of the China Virus and biden is allowing more virus into the country by allowing and not testing illegal entry. Is stopping the Wall building, a defense to stop illegal entry a failure of the country's defense to protect America. Does anyone need a passport to enter without health records or criminal records available not vetting people before allowing entry has worked so well why change the Obama and Biden way. Its good for any country to allow unrestrictive entry history on that has been canceled.

  • Judi Hall

    02/06/2021 08:39 AM

    The party that claims to care for the poor is making sure the rich get richer and better educated and have guns. The poor kids are falling further behind every day and the parents who can afford it are sending their kids to private schools. Oh and they will have more athletic opportunities too! Teachers unions are a disaster. Teachers need a pay cut if they only work part time.

  • Mae

    02/06/2021 07:29 AM

    Want to be informed

  • William Fuhrer

    02/06/2021 06:58 AM

    Laura Ingraham last night had a mother whose second grade student in Ames Iowa was given Marxist booklet to study

  • Gregory George Keller

    02/06/2021 02:03 AM

    Our only hope in these days of evil is faith in Jesus Christ period . It says in the last days they will call EVIL good and GOOD evil.

  • Linda Wolfe

    02/06/2021 01:02 AM

    Everybody needs to watch Mike Lindell's ABSOLUTE PROOF video. Loco joe DID NOT WIN the election. Joe sold his soul to china long ago and they were involved in stealing the election.
    There must be a lot of crooked judges , even some in the Supreme court. None of them were even willing to look at the evidence. This ain't over folks. GOD raises up kings & GOD takes down kings. The Best is yet to come !!

  • Linda Olds

    02/06/2021 12:44 AM

    Of course I'm going to keep voting, and I've sworn, after what the Dems have been doing, that I'll never vote for a Dem again.
    But Republicans who refused to support Trump should be 'primaried'. He did nothing wrong by pointing out the widespread election fraud. If Republicans had done what the Dems did, there would have been a huge outcry by the Dems and all of the media.
    The fraud is not something just in the minds of Trump, Giuliani, etc. I saw the hearings (on OAN Network) in the contested states, in front of state legislature committees. Hundreds of people testified, from all walks of life, and all races, including immigrants who were shocked and in tears at what had happened. There were election workers and observers, some with years of experience, experts in fraud and statistics, at least one employee of Dominion, and postal employees. It was definitely more than enough to warrant an investigation, but nobody would take it on.
    Now, instead of Trump's tweets, we have an illegitimate administration doing huuuge damage to our country.

  • larry rippere

    02/06/2021 12:41 AM

    Psychiatric exams for all family members of anybody serving in Congress or in state governments who can state publicly that the 2020 election was fair and free of fraud.

  • Paul Kern

    02/06/2021 12:36 AM

    The next few months will be interesting. Got a vaccine that usn't a vaccine. A Marxist government that acts like others. Life is cheap "accept mine" and the Great Reset summit later. If the UN has its way the Republic will be replaced and under its control. Attempting to rebuild the Tower if Babel.
    What do you suggest Mike?

  • Mike Smith

    02/06/2021 12:24 AM

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
    Just imagine - 80 million HEAVILY armed outlaws.
    If people are treated like criminals, how do they think those people will act?


    02/05/2021 10:36 PM

    Reference the passing of the stimulus relief bill in which VP Kamala Harris broke the tie, How is it they only needed a simple majority for that? Was the filibuster not in place. Thought they would have needed 60 votes.

  • Joseph Healy

    02/05/2021 10:14 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee:
    Regarding "Harris Breaks the Tie" above; not just "thanks Georgia" but thanks supposedly "moderate" Dem. senators like Joe Manchin.

  • Floyd Unger

    02/05/2021 10:03 PM

    Thank you

  • Valery Yeramianchuk

    02/05/2021 09:38 PM

    Yes, now America is run by a Chinese company and the Democrats only receive bribes from them and in vain the payment from the Americans!

  • Chelsea Martin

    02/05/2021 08:59 PM

    "Those commenters here who claim there’s no difference between the parties and who are threatening to vote for Democrats 'just to show' the Republicans should note that the votes were evenly split 50-50 along party lines on…"

    Oh, so we're supposed to laud and trust the GOP now? Because NOW, when the horse is out of the barn and nation is on the brink of the institution of state-sponsored fascism (aided and abetted by a hysterical Big Tech/MSM machine) they suddenly muster the courage to "vote" to oppose the Democrats? Where were they four years ago?

    I wonder what Lou Dobbs opinion would be on the matter of the GOP and it's real willingness to oppose The Party? I'd suggest you call Fox and ask him...but that's not possible anymore, is it? Maybe he can put up a podcast on Parler...oh, right. Expresison of dissenting opinions is now an act of terrorism. "Abrechnung mit den konservative" is the New Normal, isn't it? Where was the GOP four years ago, when the groundwork for this was being laid?

    Shall I name the ones that stood up? Gaetz. Biggs. Cotton. Hawley. Cruz. Huh...look at that. 311-odd members of the GOP, and it seems like Tulsi Gabbard was more vocal in defense of the Constitution and the rights of citizens and the threat of the radical, partisan, divisive, hateful media/Big Tech conglomerate than the overwhelming majority of the so-called "conservatives."

    Oh, I'm sure if it comes down to "Sonderbehandlung" instead of "mere cancellation" (of our rights to speak and practice our religions, our livelihoods, our ability to engage in free commerce, our rights to assemble, our dammed right to breathe the God-given free air without a cloth affixed to our faced for fifteen-days-to-institute-an-unelected-medical/fascist-dictatorship) we can rest comfortably in the knowledge that the GOP will "vote along party lines" again. I'm sure they're quite secure in the knowledge that, being in the minority, they won't actually have to "fight."

    Where were they four years ago?

    Don't give me the "lesser of two evils" argument. I want the country back! I want my God Damned, God given, supposedly inalienable, Constitutional rights back! I want to live in a nation of equal justice and the equal application of laws - a representative Republic, not a technocratic oligarchy ruled by unelected bureaucrats who lord over the nation via "executive order" and "never-ending emergency authority" unchallenged.

    The GOP has proven that it isn't going to "fight" for that, or for anything else aside from their own power and their own profit. They had four years to push back against the Marxist-Alinksy program (ala “Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election”) that was being forced down America's throat by oligarchs and activists marching hand in hand with the entrenched DC filth comprising the DNC and GOP alike.

    They had four years to stand up! Where were they?