March 22, 2020

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I am very sad to report that county music superstar Kenny Rogers died Friday night of natural causes at 81. Our prayers and condolences to his wife Wanda and his children and family members. Out of concern over the pandemic, they're planning a private funeral, with a public memorial service to come at a later date.

As I told Kenny once during an interview, it would be easier to list the honors he hadn’t received than all the ones he had. Kenny Rogers sold over 165 million records worldwide and was a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame; winner of three Grammys, six CMA Awards and the CMA’s Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award; and creator of 65 albums and over 120 hit singles in various genres, including 24 #1 hits. I’d list a few, but I’m sure you already know all of them. Two of his albums, “Kenny” and “The Gambler,” made’s list of the 200 most influential country albums of all time, and “The Gambler” spawned a series of popular TV movies that led him into a sideline acting career.

Back in 2017, Kenny announced his retirement and was honored with an all-star farewell concert in Nashville, featuring his final live duet performance with his longtime friend and musical partner, Dolly Parton. He was then kind enough to sit down and give me an interview about his amazing life and career for “Huckabee” on TBN. Here is that video, as a reminder of how much wonderful music he gave to the world, and why he was one of the most loved – and most liked – people in all of show business.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Necessary response to reader comment

By Mike Huckabee

The Gov. felt compelled to answer this letter from Tavane:

Governor, I was with you right up until you said "Goodness knows, that’s a more productive use of funds than just passing out money to everyone." Though it may not make a difference to you, I know many, many families who are in dire straights right now because, like many Americans, they live from paycheck to paycheck and have no reserve funds set aside to buy extras to get them through the shutdown of this country. If they do have a 401k or other savings/retirement accounts you can't just get money out of them when you want to as they have special governing rules to them highly inaccessible and also bear steep penalties if withdrawals are made. These citizens also have children who are not going to school now and they also have jobs that need them there so now have to pay for daycare of some sort so they can keep their jobs. I usually find your comments uplifting but to negate the fact that American's need financial help right now to make it through is very negative and unworthy of a man of your stature.

From the Gov:

Good heavens, Tavane, I never said or even meant to imply that the government shouldn’t offer financial assistance to people who are hurting. I said “JUST passing out money to everyone.” People in many industries are devastated right now and need help. To cite just one example, my staff and I know many in the music business (most of whom struggle to stay afloat during normal conditions) who have lost ALL their work for the foreseeable future and are at a complete loss as to what to do and how to survive. I share all of your concerns. You are right about all of this --- except the part where you say I “negate” the fact that people need help.

What I was saying is that we have to find a medical solution to this because we can’t JUST pass out money forever. That alone is a terrible long-term plan, because if we just print billions and even trillions of dollars while everyone stays home indefinitely, we surely will end up like Venezuela. But, yes, of course, we must help Americans who are hurting right now.

Still, we have to find a cure and/or a vaccine that will allow us to get back to work --- and to stay at work with no threat of a "second wave." The longer that takes, the bigger the pit we'll have to dig out of. In the meantime, though, we certainly have to help each other get through this and come out the other side.


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

I’m not going to report every claim or study related to the COVID-19 coronavirus, since you can find that everywhere and anywhere, 24/7. But this one may be important enough to mention. It’s possible that even though the worst symptoms are respiratory, the very first may be digestive issues such as diarrhea. That’s good to know for catching it early, but it’s also worth a reminder that just because you have digestive issues, that doesn’t mean you have the virus. But if you do suddenly feel as if you might actually need that garage full of toilet paper you bought, then definitely check with a doctor for testing, to be on the safe side.


I suppose it shouldn’t even be considered news that someone who works at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic has no respect for other people’s lives, but this is at least a new way of showing it.


It’s said that it’s an ill wind that blows no good, meaning that in every terrible turn of events, someone benefits. In the case of the coronavirus scare, many people may be out of work or stuck working at home, but retailers who have to deal with panic shopping, stockpiling and massive increases in delivery calls are hiring. Just three of them -- Walmart, Dollar Tree and 7-11 -- are looking to hire a total of 200,000 temporary workers, which should help some of the people put out of business in the restaurant, bar and service industry. Walmart is also giving bonuses to its current workers who are dealing with the crisis, and they say many of the new temp workers may become permanent employees. Meanwhile, Domino’s Pizza is looking to hire 10,000 workers, and Amazon is hiring 100,000.

And here’s something I’ll bet you never thought you’d hear, and it would be great news under happier circumstances: Drive-in movies are suddenly the hottest entertainment venue in America. The icons of the 1950s have nearly been driven to extinction by suburban sprawl, but the ones that remain are suddenly the only place in the nation where families can get out of the house and see a movie on a big screen. Some report that attendance has leaped by 40%. To help combat the coronavirus, they’re instituting new safety measures, such as limiting lines at the concession stands.

Let’s hope that once the current pandemic passes, people will have rediscovered the fun of a Friday or Saturday night at the drive-in and keep coming back. In the meantime, if you’re going to be spending that much time in your car, here are some tips on how to disinfect its interior to make sure there are no viruses lurking on your steering wheel, dashboard or door handles. Sorry, if you’ve been to the drive-in, tips on getting mustard and nacho cheese out of the seats are not included.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Let not mercy and truth forsake thee:
bind them about thy neck;
write them upon the table of thine heart:
So shalt thou find favour and good understanding
in the sight of God and man."

- Proverbs 3:3-4

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Comments 1-14 of 14

  • Amelia Little

    03/22/2020 06:33 PM

    Thank you for the interview with Kenny Rogers! I'm of the generation who has been around to enjoy his music starting with the New Christie Minstrel Singers. He has never disappointed through all the years. I quit reading tabloids many years ago, and don't pay attention to the current (OMG!!!!) co-stars, people around this, that or the other celebrity tell what REALLY goes on. Nah, I'll just enjoy the music. But, it's great to know he was a really good guy, and he will be missed.

    It's actually little wonder that a pp worker, or even regular left-leaning folks an the antifa see nothing wrong with depositing bodily fluids of some type on anyone that isn't goosestepping along with them. After all--look at POLITICIANS--you know those people elected to Congress to work FOR We The People-and the hoolywood "elite" who say in public they want the President, the coronavirus task force members, and anyone who might attend a Trump rally and vote for President Trump to all contract the virus. Lovely people, they are. (NOT!!!!)

    I limit my virus updates to those provided by the CDC and my state Department of Health. Otherwise, every 10 minutes, someone posts the "newest and latest" information (and I use that term loosely) which contradicts what was posted 10 minutes ago, and itself will be contradicted in 10 minutes. Then, of course, there is fake news which is probably where most of the posts come from. I just keep on keeping on, washing my hands, wiping the grocery cart, staying home 99.9% of the time, and praying.

  • Katherine Garner

    03/22/2020 05:01 PM

    No sound on YouTube for Kenny Rogers

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    03/22/2020 04:52 PM

    I agree with what you said about handouts. I am retired from OPM. I will get a check along with all government., state and county workers plus others. When I ran by commissary one day just to get fruit, I saw baskets full of meat. I am 86 and I have never seen such hoarding. Somebody has money. I keep sufficient supplies and don’t need to go to store. I was born in depression and raised during WWII and we were rationed and also did without. You should have someone on your shop talking about North Platt NE that gave their food to feed every soldier on very train. Overwhelming compared to today

  • james randolph

    03/22/2020 04:03 PM

    Tavane - do you go to church?
    One of the purposes of the church is to "care for one another".
    Daycare, food, clothing, diapers, ... the church can provide ... with accountability.
    Not just an anonymous handout - caring for one another ...
    Without or DESPITE the federal government, Christians still do it better.
    When the plague hit Rome, in the first century ...
    The rich left.
    The Christians stayed and served, became sick and also died.
    The culture changed, by the time the wealthy returned.

  • Kay DeWitt

    03/22/2020 02:51 PM

    I read the news about our loss of Kenny Rogers only minutes after I had shared with a friend how.....when my mom died a horrible death from Alzheimer' I held her... despite the fact that I was relieved her nightmare was over and that she was with the Lord..... I wept almost hysterically when I witnessed her eyes roll back...and....

    My mother died of starvation because she forgot how to swallow...Her dying was so ugly that the aides couldn't come in her room, but I wanted to be WITH her when she drew her last breath....and since my twin sister was not living WHERE my mom and I lived...I had no family member walking this agonizing journey with my mom WITH me....However, my best friend, Jesus, WAS with me and cried with me....DURING my journey with my mom, and at the END of my journey with her!

    And, BECAUSE I WAS weeping so "hysterically", the aides called my pastor.....
    assuming that he could comfort me....And, when he walked in the room, he said to me, " Come on, Kay, pull yourself together! You're being a POOR WITNESS! "

    I couldn't believe my ears! I looked at him and said, "you have to be kidding! Do you think for one minute that these aides who WITNESSED my love for my mom...
    whereby I visited her three times a day so that I could take the time THEY couldn't take to feed her...think that my weeping over MY LOSS negates my joy over HER GAIN....of being with the Lord in heaven and now freed from her pain! Dear God, Jesus wept when Lazarus died despite the fact that He knew He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead!"

    No, upon hearing of our loss of Kenny Rogers, I did not weep I did when my mom died....but I felt a profound feeling of grief John

  • Ann Gilio

    03/22/2020 01:54 PM

    Diarrhea is also the sign of seasonal flu which KILLS on average 50,000 people in the USA every season! What must now be done is to PRACTICE SOCIALIST DISTANCING from ALL DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS who are a much more deadly virus plaguing the USA!

  • Robert Koster

    03/22/2020 01:04 PM

    Thank you for your commentary, yours is the only one I now read. I love your humor and Christian view point. I pray for you as I do for President Trump and this nation.
    Please keep up the great work and God bless you and this nation

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/22/2020 12:13 PM

    The action of the “Planned Parenthood” speaks volumes about that “Organization's view of humanity.

  • Mike Ryan

    03/22/2020 12:08 PM

    Hey Governor,
    Could you write a column about the idiocy of the mayor of NY?
    He’s complaining about not getting help from President Trump. I believe the process is that the mayor asks the governor and the governor asks the president. Otherwise there would be total chaos.

  • Terry Nixon

    03/22/2020 11:54 AM

    As always, your words of wisdom are much appreciated. In the 30 years, I spent in law enforcement and the 13 years since that working in local government, I have never experienced anything like what is happening right now. This current "disaster" has affected the lives of every person in the country.
    But what I keep coming back to is the fact that we have always had outbreaks of disease, virus, etc throughout time. By the admission of many top physicians and researchers, this one is not unlike those of the past. We have always had people die from the flu over the generations.
    What I keep questioning is why this one is this being relegated like an outbreak of Bubonic Plague.
    I am not a conspiracy monger. One question I keep pondering is since the Democrats failed so miserably with their Impeachment attempt of the President, would they stoop so low as to attempt to shut-down the U.S. economy to prevent him from getting a second term? Aided by the mainstream media of the country who lately have become little more than the propaganda arm of the Democrats, I wonder if this is possible. We as citizens have been barraged and bombarded 24x7 with little except this virus thing, rumors, conflicting information and rhetoric it is really no wonder that people are scared out of their wits. Obviously that anxiety is what has led to all the binge-buying and shortages of some products. One other piece of information I feel important is that of the states who have enacted the strongest controls over their residents, Maryland, California, New York, and Illinois, all are strond Democratic strongholds. Is this the precursor to our country if either of the current Democratic presidential candidates were to win?
    I am highly suspicious of the lack of any news except "Virus News." What else is our government doing that is being hidden behind these headlines?
    Or is there some information that is being witheld from the public about this virus, something they are not telling us? We all know the Chinese government lies to the U.S. whenever they can. What if this was a biological warfare product that is now killing people, including many of thier own? Suddenly doctors who professed this suddenly disappeared. Sort of sounds like the same treatment many government witnesses against a former first lady received with 2 shot suicides to the back of the head.

  • Robert Johnson

    03/22/2020 11:49 AM

    Mike: I was just thinking that wouldn't it be nice for people under 591\2 to be able to tap into their I.R.A. or 401-K without a penalty to help them get by during this Corona crisis.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/22/2020 11:45 AM

    I Liked Kenny"s music for a long time from the First Edition to thru the years of his country music. It took time for me to embrace country and i am a now a huge fan of the music. The self containment here led me to a few hours of music when I stumbled on The Last of the Breed with Ray Price Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson I bring this up listening to the guitars playing I thought of you they called the concert Asleep at the Wheel the entire band was fantastic I can only imagine what is was like to be there live it was really good listening on U tube. My point; Music relived the boredom and it got me thru the day with pleasure.

  • Connie Hamrah

    03/22/2020 11:31 AM

    This a wonderful way to receive your thoughts about world and local events . Keep your comments coming Gov.
    Thank you

  • Stephen Russell

    03/22/2020 11:09 AM

    Honoring Kenny Rodgers:
    C&W Music Center
    Music school
    Performing Arts Center
    Hwy, Blvd, St, Ave, Rd, Dr, Ct,
    for home state & for fans worldwide