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May 11, 2023

You might recall that during Trump’s term, John Kerry allegedly acted as a shadow representative of the US to undermine official White House policies with foreign governments. That’s the kind of behavior that the Logan Act was created to criminalize. Well, now that the Dems are back in power and Kerry is actually dealing with China with some legitimacy as Biden’s “climate czar,” he’s still finding ways to seem illegitimate about it.

The Boston Herald reports that as Kerry is negotiating on “climate change” policies with China, he has a “proposed staff” in the State Department of 45 (the same number assigned to combat ISIS.) They operate in secrecy, with all of them reporting directly to Kerry, who reports directly to Biden, with no oversight by the Secretary of State.

The watchdog group Protect the People’s Trust is suing Kerry’s office to open up its super-secret workings. Their director Michael Chamberlain said, “For an individual with the level of authority that John Kerry possesses to operate not only outside the Senate confirmation process but also not report to the head of the agency he ostensibly works for seems, at the very least, tremendously unusual, at worst, in violation of the Senate’s advice and consent authority…It’s little wonder that staff in the office are so secretive and even their responses to Congressional oversight are cryptic and dismissive. The more that Protect the Public’s Trust, Congressional representatives, and media discover about this secretive office, the more questions and concerns become apparent.”

In other words, the title “czar” isn’t meant to be taken literally. We don’t need an unelected, unvetted, unsupervised environmental radical with an unearned sense of his own self-importance secretly making binding policies with the Chinese Communist Party that adversely affect America’s economy. Personally, I have a lot of questions for John Kerry, and they only start with “If CO2 is destroying the climate, why can’t you hold all these climate conferences via Zoom instead of taking private jets to Switzerland?”


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