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April 18, 2021

President Biden claimed that polls show Americans approve of his policies. A couple of new polls contradict that claim.

A new Pew Research Center survey found that an equal number of Americans (47%) now think that illegal immigration and the coronavirus are major issues. That’s a drop since last year of 11 points in concern about the coronavirus and a jump of 20 points in concern about illegal immigration.

Even the left-leaning Quinnipiac Poll found that on Biden’s handling of the border, only 29% approve and 55% disapprove. Even more stunning, among Hispanics, whom he apparently thinks he’s pandering to with these policies, 27% approve and 55% disapprove.

I’ve never understood why Democrats assume that people who followed the rules to become US citizens are automatically supportive of people who break the rules.

Then again, I don’t understand why Biden’s disapproval rating on this particular issue isn’t 100%. Maybe some people just aren’t paying attention. This is like approving of the job the Three Stooges did on your plumbing.

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  • Betty Mcnall

    04/23/2021 01:14 AM

    Biden and all his Democratic misfits are liers. Have been since before the election. He will never be a president nor will his female side kick Harris. Neather one knows what real life is all about. Think twice as Jesus has the last word. You all have gone against everything God stands for and man are you two the most evil people there ever was. I stand for our God and so does 99.9% of the people. Don't think you can destroy us because it won't happen. Its time all Republicans started fighting back. This is your chance to get it right one nation under God.Stand and be proud of being in a country where living is free with out all the turmoil that other country's have. Since Biden has been in office this is a country that accepts violence and its not what we stand for so Republicans clean it up. I don't think you would want your family and friends to end up like alot of other country's with no food and no healthy conditions. Its not America and you all know it. Get those Democrats out of office. They obviously dont appreciate anything they have. Greed has arrived.

  • Diane Hollister

    04/21/2021 02:40 PM

    I never see any of these so called Polls. I believe They make Up the Numbers. No way People are happy with the mess Biden has made in just a month. Look at all the money he's printed. how do You think That will affect our Economy? Not good. We can never pay all this back. Quit giving the extra for Unemployment so People will get back to work. You are just making hem more dependent on Our Government. There are Business hiring all over and begging for Employees but no one wants to work with all this extra $$. They get more now then what They were making and They can sit home. Anyway, Biden You are doing a worse job than Obama and I thought He was the worst.

  • Shelia Shadburn

    04/20/2021 07:37 AM

    Biden doing a shitty job!!!!!

  • George Murrey

    04/19/2021 08:36 AM

    The only people that disprove the poll are the deniers, aka fare left leaning dems. They say we don't have any problems for policing to the border wall. Any bets they are the same ones that live in their own bubble?

  • Donald Stoebner

    04/18/2021 11:26 PM

    The three stooges I am sure did a better job on plumbing than "hiden Biden" is doing as POYUS!

  • Richard B.E. Beyer

    04/18/2021 10:06 PM

    Biden caused this border crisis. I thoroughly disapprove of ALL his policies... Senile asshole!

  • James Morris

    04/18/2021 03:48 PM

    Where did they take this poll, at the border when he welcomed illegals or at a DNC convention? I sure as hell know nobody asked me about his approval rating.

  • James Morris

    04/18/2021 03:47 PM

    Where did they take this poll, at the border when he welcomed illegals or at a DNC convention? I sure as hell nobody asked me about his approval rating.

  • Margo A Kobs

    04/18/2021 03:41 PM

    He is the worst President ever. But he is not running the show at all. It was a coo.

  • John Canterbury

    04/18/2021 12:37 PM

    The Democratic socialist party will destroy America before there’s ever a midterm election at the rate their going they will ensure theirs not a chance for a Republican Party and that’s their goal a one party system they will use these illegals to turn more states blue BIden made the comment they may never be another Republican Party so that should tell the American people their plans we must pray for our nation and hope god intervenes and stops this madness god bless America