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April 18, 2021

President Biden claimed that polls show Americans approve of his policies. A couple of new polls contradict that claim.

A new Pew Research Center survey found that an equal number of Americans (47%) now think that illegal immigration and the coronavirus are major issues. That’s a drop since last year of 11 points in concern about the coronavirus and a jump of 20 points in concern about illegal immigration.

Even the left-leaning Quinnipiac Poll found that on Biden’s handling of the border, only 29% approve and 55% disapprove. Even more stunning, among Hispanics, whom he apparently thinks he’s pandering to with these policies, 27% approve and 55% disapprove.

I’ve never understood why Democrats assume that people who followed the rules to become US citizens are automatically supportive of people who break the rules.

Then again, I don’t understand why Biden’s disapproval rating on this particular issue isn’t 100%. Maybe some people just aren’t paying attention. This is like approving of the job the Three Stooges did on your plumbing.

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