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June 2, 2022

The House Judiciary Committee will hold an emergency meeting today to put together a bill that will reportedly include eight new gun control measures. It includes “proposals to raise the minimum age for purchasing a semi-automatic weapon from 18 to 21, ban ‘high capacity magazines,’ establish a registry for bump stocks and more.” True to form, it’s not called the “Gun Control Omnibus Act” but the “Protect Our Kids Act.” So when you hear that term, you’ll know what it actually is.

Never let it be said that we don’t listen to all sides of an issue. Here’s an op-ed by Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, detailing what he says are some small changes that could be made to gun laws and increasing support for mental health that could help reduce gun violence and prevent school shootings and that members of both parties could agree on.

I invite you to read what he has to say and tell us in the comments whether you would be willing to compromise on such measures, whether you think they would help, and why or why not.

For more, here’s Derek Hunter of analyzing a New York Times editorial demanding more gun control and explaining the holes in their thinking.

In his inimitable way, Kurt Schlichter explains that the problem isn’t a lack of gun laws, it’s a shortage of duty and accountability.

Finally, the uncle of one of the young victims of the Uvalde school shooting spoke out against people using their family’s name to promote more anti-gun laws. He said their own family are responsible gun owners, and they believe enhanced security at schools is a far better solution.

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Comments 1-10 of 64

  • Steve Rhinehardt

    06/09/2022 09:24 AM

    I am a firm believer that we have more than enough gun laws. What we are short on is DAs and courts that will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Back when the death sentence was prevalent, there was far less murder and rape. The left would meet no resistance when it comes to gun control bills if they were to first ask themselves,”Does this bill affect law abiding gun owners?” If the answer is yes, go back to the drawing board! I think Thomas Jefferson said it best with,”There is no justification for taking away individuals freedom in the guise of public safety!”

  • Laura Buntin

    06/06/2022 11:21 AM

    It greatly concerns me that the government wants to inhibit the ownership/ purchase of guns to the general public because if the government has access to any and all guns how will we protect ourselves from them? I believe that is their end game, to disable us by taking our guns so they can overpower us one day. Prayerfully by The time this happens,we will be in heaven after the Lord ruptures us.

  • Yvonne Wolfe

    06/06/2022 10:25 AM

    I would be interested in hearing the facts by D Send Chris Murphy on solving some of the gun shootings problems. It is a matter of home life, 2 parent homes, respect for life. I also agree with Derek Hunter's analogy of NY statements on gun control. I would be amiss if all our coffee mugs, peanuts, kitchen knives, razor blades and shop tools were removed from our homes.

  • Janet Fales

    06/06/2022 09:50 AM

    As sad as it is, schools now days do need security guards. This may seem off the wall, but should one want to take the time, one might find that mass shooting seem to go hand in hand with elections. It seem that a certain political party that doesn't have a plat form to run on, mass shooting turn up. Just start with the first one, Colorado, read about the shooters, then go through all mass shooting. Criminals don't care what the law is nor those who have mental problems. Just where did the Texas shooter, get the money to buy high dollar weapons? When a country takes God out of everything, this is just part of what will happen.

  • Lorraine Miller

    06/06/2022 07:41 AM

    I do it think any laws will stop a bad person from doing what they want to do. There has been a war on drugs since I was in high school, in the 1960’s. As you know, we still have not won that war.
    Good people will never kill anyone with a gun, on purpose. Good people will obey the laws. They will give up their guns, if required. That will leave them helpless, to protect themselves.
    Mental health, illegal drugs, breakdown of the family and religion and our poor education system all play a role in the degradation of our society. These need to be fixed. We do not need more gun laws.

  • Julia Castillo

    06/06/2022 06:49 AM

    Let’s start with criminals should not be able to buy guns. Today, in the U.S.A., a person with a felony conviction cannot possess or purchase a firearm so please define the broad term ‘criminal’. Misdemeanors? Note: This is somewhat laughable coming from the libs, given they have spent several years dummying down our courts because we weren’t helping people by putting them in prison. Another thought on the criteria of criminal, we are allowing thousands of criminals to pour across our borders unchecked so does this law only apply to U.S.A. citizens? And why would you think a person knowing they cannot pass a background check would seek to purchase a gun through legal means.

    And let’s look at the next broad term ‘serious mental illness.’ I believe it is a slippery slope to even separate mental illness from mental disability or temporary conditions resulting from tragic events from more permanent conditions. Example, a woman (please don’t make me define the term ‘woman’) is brutally raped, hospitalized for severe depression and anxiety and then released with medications to help her cope. Can she buy a gun for her own safety and comfort? The words ‘serious’ mental illness’ are far too subjective. Don’t let the good Senator sneak this one by under the guise of saving our kids.

  • Charlotte Miller

    06/06/2022 04:54 AM

    More Gun Control laws are not the answer! More secure schools is the answer!

    Thank you so much for standing up for us!

    Thank you,

    Charlotte Miller

  • Edwin A Raby

    06/06/2022 01:34 AM

    Have been involved with and owned guns since an early age. On High School rifle team four years, pistol and large bore rifle completion in the AF. Have followed proposed gun laws and the only thing that targets the bad guy gun carriers is “Stop And Frisk” all the rest of this crap puts a burden on the law abiding gun owners. Stop and Frisk was very successful in NYC until was termed racial because of the large number of gun toting persons of color ! Make “Stop And Frisk” legal ans when set up, stop and frisk everyone, not just persons of color ! I carry every time I leave my home and have never been asked, frisked or inspected ! Simple answer to complex problem ??

  • RG Wormdahl

    06/05/2022 11:38 PM

    There already 1,100 (and counting) gun laws in the US. No laws will prevent the evil, the mentally deranged, or the violent felon from acquiring and using a weapon - in this case, guns - for nefarious purposes.
    Yes, ALL schools should be hardened, willing teachers and administrators should be armed and, failing that, we should post three or four fully- armed National Guard troops at each troops at each school.
    Our biggest failing is the way we deal with the mentally ill: during the Reagan administration, the Democrats demanded an end to forced institutionalization. In return, they PROMISED to provide the necessary funding to deal with them humanely.

  • Cary Watson

    06/05/2022 10:12 PM

    I just purchased another firearm and as required, I filled out an ATF Form 4473. I gave my name, my address, my race, country, state, and county I was born in. Additionally I had to answer questions about my behavior. I also provided my CC license as a show of good faith. From this point I would suppose that the ATF is going to inquire about the truthfulness of this signed form. So I’m a little unsure and overly cautious when another politician wants to require “background checks on all gun sales.” Isn’t form 4473 a background check? What other background checks will be burdened upon the millions of firearms owners who did not kill 100 people today?

    Senator Chris Murphy is a Democrat waking up daily in the bed with a political party whose policies have ravaged cities across Our Land; Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Detroit, New York, D.C., The Border with Mexico, and the list goes on.

    Clean up your own backyard before you mess with “Shall Not Be Infringed.” The DNC has infringed, broken, these cities, and are presently destroying Our Country’s economy as a whole.

    The Democratic Party has created a Petri dish for all the putrefications of man’s lusts, greed, and arrogance. They applaud these behaviors and give them awards for these ever increasing lows. Their idols are wrecking the home, wrecking marriage, and wrecking men and women. Drugs, gangs, and felons are their constant cohorts. Christianity has been denigrated back to the arenas for blood sport, ridicule, and degradation.

    The 2nd Amendment was never designed to function in the cesspool the Democrats spawned and nourish. Personal Responsibility, Accountability, Self Control, Graciousness, and the like are what makes this Country accredited with the good sense to have a 2nd Amendment.

    So, no, Senator Chris Murphy. Your party’s resume as a peace maker is woefully lacking. There is too much your party has done and supports to obliterate our Constitution and Sovereignty. Clean up the messes you have made. Don’t make another mess of the 2nd Amendment.