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February 1, 2022

I wrote yesterday about a new poll that showed President Biden’s disapproval on some major issues was as high as 69%. I wondered where it could possibly go from there. Well, the latest Rasmussen survey may give us a clue.

The survey found that 50% of likely voters now back impeaching Biden for his handling of the border and Afghanistan, with only 45% opposed. Even more shocking, 50% of blacks and even 34% of Democrats want Biden impeached.

I’m sure the media, if they mention this poll at all, will try to spin it as biased and inaccurate. But I think it can more likely be explained by listening to this Biden voter, a longtime Democrat who campaigned hard for Biden and even appeared in a Biden victory video. He’s so furious about how Biden’s governing that he went on Fox News to complain about it. That can’t be good news for the Democrats.

And with the recent revelations about the secret air flights of illegal immigrants and that the DOJ has been investigating Hunter Biden’s business ties with China, an incoming GOP Congress could have some actual grounds for impeachment, which would be novel these days.

FYI: Even the New York Times (not the Post, the Times!) is finally looking into Hunter’s deals.

One thing I expect this will do, however, is put the kibosh on those rumors of Biden getting Kamala Harris out of his Administration by nominating her to the Supreme Court. If there’s a growing chance of his impeachment, and a majority of Americans demanding it, the thought of her being next in line is probably his best job security.

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  • Michael Moody

    02/08/2022 12:32 PM

    Dear Mike: I wanted to share background on self promoter Stacy Abrams. She has been a state legislator in the House no more than twice. Her sister is a state judge all in Fulton County, which is the inner core of Atlanta. There are literally tons of articulate African American leaders who are articulate people wit credentials that could run for Governor. a
    Abrams has represented Hollywood in Atlanta and this is well known. She is the representative of Hollywood in Georgia and this is also well know. She opposed Georgia’s abortion law for, frankly, Hollywood support and money. There are a lot of the African American neighbors and communities that do not support abortion and I think this is also well known. So she does not have a lot of support, She just has Hollywood money. I will be astonished if she is the only Democrat that runs for governor. Not many people are willing to give Hollywood the Governor’s office. who knows, maybe the leadership of the Democratic will sell out to someone who can call on movie stars but it will surprise me. But the fact is that Abrams has no credentials for the job. I have a low opinion of Harris but she was attorney general of California. Abrams did not even write a single bill. Anyone who wants to can take her in the Democratic primary if they have an ounce of ability. I disagree with them politically but there are a lot of capable people in Atlanta. I can’t see how they can sell this state out to media hype and billionaire money. People in Atlanta aren’t stupid.

  • Angelique Nathan

    02/07/2022 03:01 PM

    I am not a Joe Biden fan; never have been. But I do not want him impeached or any ill will action. The reason - I DO NOT WANT KAMALA HARRIS.

  • Josephine M Mumford

    02/07/2022 12:07 PM

    I was under the same impression. But now I feel differently. Impeach Joe Biden. Especially in light of news that they hashed this plan at the last minute and not one Democrat spoke out to stop it. Plus there is a wealth of information that will come out of it

  • Pam

    02/07/2022 11:12 AM

    I’m thinking Kamala Harris needs to be impeached immediately (it could be a bi-partisan vote) for dereliction
    of duty! Biden can be dealt with afterward, as she would be more dangerous than letting Sleepy Joe bungle for a few more months. Perhaps Manchin could be put in as VP.

  • Ruth Egan

    02/07/2022 10:14 AM

    Mike, your opening dialogue in your Saturday 2/6 was the absolutely best discussion on "racism" I have ever seen! You make it simple, logical, and friendly. Thank you "opening the word of God" in the city plaza.

  • Stephen F Sladaritz

    02/07/2022 08:02 AM

    Mike, if impeached, I'm afraid of WHO would be taking Hidin' Biden's place! Harris? What a mistake! Pelosi? Bigger mistake! I do believe that this is why Sleepy Joe's handlers (Obama and Soros) decided to have Harris run with MSNBC Joe - WHO in their right mind would want her for POTUS!? Certainly not me and the wife........

  • Elizabeth M Wetzig

    02/06/2022 05:16 PM

    No one is looking at what the Biden Administration has done in Yemen. Nor really talking about the lifting of sanctions of IRAN. These actions are emboldiing Yemen to attack the UAE. With this agravation the area is being destabilized, and Iran is gaining power. Please bring a light to the situation.

  • Ron Brewton

    02/06/2022 05:15 PM

    Americans are fed up with lying politicians. ALL of them are lying money hungry ilk of the human race. I can’t open my email program without getting many emails asking for money. All they ever do is ask for money. They go NOT do anything to go after the dirt bags in the political realm. They say they will but it NEVER happens. Now for the last 18 months they have been promising that things will change in 2022. Sure they will. We American Patriots are watching. And we are fed up

  • Diana Sneddon

    02/06/2022 04:57 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Let's go for the whole enchilada if we take back the House and keep the Senate and impeach BOTH Harris and Biden! Wait a minute...if that were to put Nancy Pelosi anywhere near the office of President then impeaching the two Marxists would not make it a good idea! We just might be better off to sit tightly, do what we can to obstruct their Marxist agenda by going through the courts and put our energy into electing Pres Trump should he decide to run in the 2024 campaign.

  • Ed Thompson

    02/06/2022 04:11 PM

    Impeach Joe??? Hummmm—-I would be very very careful about getting what you wish for in this one!! Look what ya end up with! How far down the ladder can one impeachment go? If it would take several others with Joe, ok, but, it doesn’t work that way. Does he deserve it?? Hell yes!! Do WE deserve it— end up with another dummy? Could we survive with Miss Giggles/Bobble Head/Crybaby? Looks so bad when you look at everything!