August 9, 2019

Democrats concerned about Joe Biden’s age should know that he’s operating like a well-oiled machine.  Unfortunately, it’s a gaffe machine, which was his nickname, and now that he’s back in the public eye, he’s reminding us why.

To be fair, unlike partisan media, I don’t read a lot of meaning into simple slips of the tongue.  As someone who has to speak in front of crowds and cameras a lot, I know that when you’re tired or distracted, sometimes the wrong word slips out.  It’s just a simple human failing, so I’ve never clobbered Democrats over it.  But when Trump was speaking of Dayton and accidentally said, “Toledo,” Holy Toledo! The media went ballistic over it!  They gave it so much attention, you might not even have heard that Biden made reference to “the tragic events in Houston today, and also in Michigan the day before.”  It was El Paso, not Houston; Dayton, Ohio, not Michigan; and the Texas shooting happened first.

Next, Biden visited the Iowa State Fair (in Iowa, not Michigan), where he declared that Democrats “choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.”  Considering it’s a true scientific fact that life begins at conception, he was wrong on both counts.

But it’s his latest gaffe (that’s right: three in less than a week, which might be a record even for Joe) that could cause real damage to his campaign.  The others might be excused as simple slips of the tongue or brain glitches, but this one, well… (And in reading it, remember, this is the same guy who just branded Trump as a white supremacist by misquoting what he said about people who want to preserve Confederate monuments, then doubled down when a reporter in Iowa confronted him with the accurate quote.)   

Speaking at an Asian and Latino Coalition townhall on education in Des Moines (Iowa), Biden said this:  “We should challenge students in these schools and have advanced placement programs in these schools. We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it.  Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Recognizing that he'd landed in rhetorical quicksand, Biden tried to backtrack but only dug himself in deeper:  “Wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids. No, I really mean it.”

I’d like you to stop for just a moment and imagine the media reaction if Trump had said that.  Are you picturing an atomic bomb blast?  Me, too. 


Most “2019” Headline Ever:

“Facebook Denies Shadow Banning; Receives Patent for Shadow Banning”



Wednesday night brought to TV one of the oddest couples since the days when Tony Randall and Jack Klugman were actually playing “The Odd Couple.”  New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio came into the Fox News studios to be interviewed by Sean Hannity. 

It was a testament to how Fox lives up to its “fair and balanced” name by inviting people from the left on and giving them a forum, if they’re willing to face tough but fair questions about their policies.  They won’t get the kind of tongue baths and powder puffs they get on other news networks, but they’ll get treated with respect.

As to why he did this, maybe it’s because people actually watch Fox News, and judging from the latest Siena College poll, being on CNN or MSNBC is definitely not cutting it. In that poll, DeBlasio is pulling zero percent support.  It’s the same in the Quinnipiac poll, but to put a positive spin on it, he’s now neck-and-neck with Kirsten Gillibrand and only two points behind Cory Booker!



For those who might actually care about facts in dealing with the problem of mass shooters, here’s an interesting and very thorough study of the demographics that shows there is no “typical” mass shooter.

Well, a lot of them do have one thing in common: a study of 56 school shooters found that only 10 grew up in a stable home with both biological parents. It’s not surprising in light of another study that found that boys who grow up without fathers fare worse in more than 70 different metrics, including suicide, depression, drinking, drug use, violence, prison time, and yes, mass shootings.



Finally, an excellent piece by David Goldman (“Spengler”) at on how the left has spent decades tearing down all the traditional anchors of society – family, sexuality, respect for life, spirituality, pride in our history – and replaced them with disconnection, alienation, confusion, a rejection of the sanctity of human life, hatred of our ancestors and culture, a belief that life is an arbitrary series of unjust oppressions and a collective in which individuals are meaningless and we’re all just a cross section of our racial and sexual identity group traits.  And then, when people brought up in that atmosphere decide that life has no meaning or purpose, and nobody's life matters, and they start killing, we blame the gun.  Or Trump, of course.





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  • Ester Meyers

    08/10/2019 05:32 PM

    i received this from a friend and enjoyed it very much. I would really like to receive it. I agree with
    Mr. Huckabee's logic.
    Thank you very much.

  • william fuhrer

    08/10/2019 03:45 PM

    Donna Brazille agree that the rats in Los Angeles MUST GO

  • William Greenwell

    08/10/2019 11:58 AM

    Actually watched Hannity's interview with De Blasio. The words "yes" and "no" are obviously not in his vocabulary. He can't answer a simple question with yes or no. What an idiot.

  • sue palik

    08/10/2019 11:25 AM

    Re: Andrew Yang for President - re Universal Income Interview with Chris Wallace on Sunday June 28th. I’m a little late in writing this, but it keeps sticking in my head every time I hear Andrew Yang or any of the democratic candidates spewing “racist” accusations towards our President. I am amazed that Chris Wallace never called Yang out for what, in my opinion, was a racist remark on Wallace’s Sunday Show, July 28. You can see it on You Tube and at about 9:20 on the progression bar of the interview, candidate Yang said: “WELL, I’M ASIAN, SO YOU KNOW I LIKED TO WORK” I just cringed when I heard him say that. If Trump had said, I’m Irish, so you know I like to work”... or ANYONE of a particular ethnic background, feel it would have been touted as a racist remark. Wallace NEVER called Yang out on that. I’ll leave you to figuring out why not…How come NO ONE has bothered to point this out? Is it because it was on Wallace’s Sunday Show and no one wants to “criticize King Wallace?” So obvious to me the hypocrisy!

  • Stephen Russell

    08/10/2019 10:30 AM

    Background check ideas:
    Make Uniform.
    Use of psych RX
    Home life,m school, work.
    Input from kin, friends.
    Social media blogs.
    Prior firearms use>?
    Then make Uniform Yea or Ney to OK Lisc, etc.
    Done online

  • Elaine Knudsen

    08/10/2019 09:37 AM

    So Facebook gets a Patent for "Shadow Banning", approved by our own government Patent Office, (while lying to congress that they don't do that), and while this is going on, both the House & the Senate, both Republicans & Democrats, (actually in what looks like they are working together), want to make law, under HR 838 & SB 265, the "TAPS Act", under the guise of "preventing violence & protecting society", which really is an attack on our civil liberties, that allows both entities (FB/Gov) more power over our lives?! It's a crazy world we live in & crazy times. May God help us all!

  • K S DADY

    08/10/2019 08:43 AM

    Goldman article - Spot ON

  • JC Holland

    08/10/2019 07:48 AM

    Why isn't the Mayor publishing advice on how to avoid ICE being arrested for violating Federal Laws.

  • JC Holland

    08/10/2019 07:43 AM

    Ok we have the 302s, now where are the arrests and charges against Obama, Hillary and their gang???

  • Gail Benensohn

    08/09/2019 10:50 PM

    God Bless Governor Huckabee!

  • Anne Amato

    08/09/2019 09:42 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Watched the Hannity show where he kept asking questions of D'Blasio (sp?) and never got any freaking straight answers...not ONE!!!!! How are people supposed to know a politician's actual position on anything if they just keep spouting "talking points", generalities, and regurgitating the same old rhetoric?
    I am surprised Hannity didn't "lose it" in frustration and throw something at him! I know I would have....but...I am old....and my patience is a negative level.....

    Speaking of age...your column this morning about Woodstock....brought back some memories,..,yeah...I am a "baby boomer". And...nope....the memory it actually brought back was when my son was about 14 he asked me..."Mom, why did you not go to Woodstock?" I just looked at him (wondering...where is your mind?) then replied:
    "In the first place, I was too busy raising children during that time, remember how I got when camping? You know....actually RAKING the campsite before setting up any tents or anything? Making sure we have bug spray? All that?" He nodded...said..."Oh....yeah....". To which I replied...."Then WHY would you even think I would go anywhere NEAR anything like the crap-hole of Woodstock?" Just because I happen to like a few of the songs....does not mean I liked the "hippie" beliefs or lifestyle.

    Well...did something right anyway.....both he and my daughter served very honorably and successfully as military officers.... ( : And...thankfully...both are conservative.

  • Jan St Anne

    08/09/2019 09:07 PM

    We all have times when our emotions are less than best. It can be blamed on thousands of things. My concern is the legal drugs that MDs pass out, in mass. They all are synthetic and have side effects. Children are put on drugs and adults are so afraid of not feeling good that they will take anything. We have become a synthetic society. Our brains and emotions are out of control.
    I know that President Trump thinks he is helping when he makes drugs more affordable, but it feeds into the addictions of those who think they need RXs for every tiny itch.

  • Martha J Orlando

    08/09/2019 08:57 PM

    Hi, Governor Mike!
    I was especially interested in the statistics about boys growing up without fathers. My dad, a member of "The Greatest Generation," lost his father when he was only seven-years-old. The difference between today's society and his is that religion and faith played a crucial part in my father being able to cope and overcome the absence. He also had extended family, with many uncles playing vital roles, as he matured. Yes, my dad acted out as a youth to a degree, and the family sent him to an agricultural "high school." After serving our country, my father took advantage of the GI bill, went on to get a Ph.D in botany, taught at Emory University for 30+ years, and served the Oxford College as dean for the last 12 years of his working life. I believe to this day that the lessons learned through Christian teachings and ethos made him into the amazing leader that he was, in spite of not having a dad present and available.
    Our problems in this country are founded in refusing God's presence in society. He is there to help on every level. Let us pray for the salvation of those whose only aim seems to destroy the freedoms which God has bestowed upon us.

  • Joyce Whittier

    08/09/2019 08:26 PM

    I tried three times to bring up the article on Facebook and shadow banning, and each time, I got a notice that the site couldn't be reached.

  • Gary Stilwell

    08/09/2019 08:24 PM

    A small comment on the so-called "gun" violence we have witnessed lately--we see the dems-or whoever, advocating all this gun legislation and condemning the NRA for their stand.
    I would like to remind all about the attack our Country suffered at the hands of terrorists(and it wasn't "someone, who did something"
    Read/listen to the cell calls from the guy on flight 93---you will note there were no "guns" involved here--it was knives. The most horrific attack on our country was executed using knives!!!
    Logic dictates the folks who would try to quell the violence in our country would be talking about these weapons that were instrumental in the largest loss of life we have seen outside of military action.--3000 souls--and a couple of folks get shot with a gun by deranged individuals???--until the justice system is fixed this will continue.
    Guns, knives, bic pens do not kill people-----People kill people

  • gary Stilwell

    08/09/2019 07:54 PM

    The Quote from biden was this----We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”----
    So this man equates "poor" kids as being non-white????????

  • Toni DeFronzo

    08/09/2019 07:37 PM

    Re abortions: Why aren’t we putting measures in place to prevent unwanted pregnancies and future welfare recipients? I have sent this suggestion to different offices, but have never heard anyone float it as a viable alternative to abortions and/or burgeoning welfare rolls.

    Offer a free vasectomy and a paid recuperation time for any man, who does not want to have children.

    Offer a free tubal ligation and paid recuperation time, for any woman, who does not want to have more children.

    One would think that net net, our government would save money and help people, who need those services.

  • Kenneth Nicholson

    08/09/2019 07:28 PM

    Aiding and abetting a known felon is a crime. Entry illegally into the U S is a felony is it not? So why not prosecute sanctuary cities and states in those grounds?

  • KATIE Cole

    08/09/2019 07:20 PM

    Hi Gov - Looks like this url on the de blasio interview with sean H has already been taken down.

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    08/09/2019 07:18 PM

    Well said. The more I think about the left and their beliefs and policies the more I believe that satan is indeed alive and well. The hatred that comes out of their mouths proves it hands down.
    We as followers of Christ need to stand against this kind of behavior and get down on our knees to pray for our president, our leadership, and our Christian nation. God is in control and He will direct our path.

  • Freddy Holcomb

    08/09/2019 07:02 PM

    1. Surely there is a list that shows how many of the mass murder shooters were members of the NRA & the party they were registered to vote ? Now is the time to print it.
    2.The liberal rage seems to be focusing on all of the Trump income records---& will focus on something else when that is obtained --if ever. So , why can't we get more info on Obama that remains secret ?
    3. The Democrats give the same speeches & have the same talking points. Who is the one shepherd the gives direction to the flock ?

  • mark poyhonen

    08/09/2019 06:37 PM

    Are We Being Programmed?

    The premise sounds a bit nutty, something one would expect to come from a conspiracy advocate. Calling the process, ‘training’ might be more acceptable to most ears, but this observation is beyond training and involves a more permanent state of control.
    Repetition is key to training pets. One cannot expect them to perform as desired by only ‘telling’ them once. After all, they have to learn your language. Pets are willing to acquiesce to demands, but they often do not know or understand what you desire. The recipient must learn the words used to communicate. “No!” cannot be interchanged with “Good” as a command seeking the same result. Before addressing multiple users of a ‘pet,’ they must agree to use the same training language.
    If all that seems obvious, then consider how our news media employs the same words across the multiple spectrums of radio, television, social media, and Academia. The same words and accusations are repeated over and over.
    Descriptive personal adjectives like misogynist, traitor, liar, racist, and Nazi, are used across the spectrum. Our media combines this language with events described as collusion, treasonous, manufactured, hateful, evil, and racist (again). The same word selections are repeatedly broadcast at the same time across multiple spectrums of information.
    The reports, using identical language and broadcast simultaneously might be an indication of a combined effort to program the desired response. The adjectives inspire hate, and the biased methodology of reporting events, (including activities that never occurred), exemplify this hate.
    Unsuspecting people are pounded with these descriptors and agenda-driven constructs every day. Political correctness controls the use of language meant to program individuals to pay attention to specific keywords. Newscasters made accusations of “Collusion” for years, all the while knowing the actions never happened. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the hateful concepts being taught and enforced in schools. Debating subjective descriptions of history and current events is discouraged. Views outside the training principles of approved language and perception are often denied. The indoctrination requires everyone to repeat the same vocabulary to achieve the desired result of control. Students are denied divergent views, actual proofs, and the application of logic because it would impede the programming desired by many ‘educators.’

    Consider this example:
    Your neighbor, who happens to have a different color of skin, (pick any color–doesn’t matter as long as it is different), is told by the local news organizations you hate him because of his skin color. Social media sources confirm the accusation. This neighbor, whose children play with yours, does not believe the news and tries to talk to you but can’t reach you personally because protesters have surrounded your home. They chant a diatribe of hate, describing you as a racist. The brick thrown through your window makes you fearful. You deny the accusations and the media describes you as a devious extremist, willing to lie about your actual feelings. Your children are accosted on the way to school. The violence makes your neighbor fear his children will associate with yours. Teachers at school tell your children you are a racist. The students fear to deny the accusations of their trainers. If they agree–they are allowed peace. They remain quiet to avoid the personal attacks and hatred of their indoctrinated peers. When you eventually talk to your neighbors, they fear to discuss anything with you. They blame you for the torments told in the news. Their children won’t speak to you. The demonstrations continue. Prosylatizers accost your family in public restaurants and workplaces. The false accusations make you angry. The same neighbor who cut your grass while you were on vacation now hates you for taking advantage of his friendliness. His children who often had dinner at your table are afraid to be seen with you. The school and social media describe you as a bigot.
    The trainers have created “racists.” Hate and anger are the fruit of their efforts. Political Correctness does not allow you to say, “All people have color.”

    This example is not as extreme as it may first appear. One would think there are millions of white extremists lurking in the bowels of America. Those same racists are raising millions of little bigots, armed with automatic assault rifles. The Southern Poverty Law Center–a proven dishonest left-wing organization of hate, reported the number of KKK members to be between 5,000 and 8,000 members or .003 percent of the population. The SPLC can be counted on to inflate the numbers of KKK extremists, and this is all they could report. Remember, this hate organization identified Ayaan Hirsi Ali as an extremist. Their 2006 KKK numbers registered around 3,000 members, perhaps an untrustworthy indication the KKK has grown in recent years. If this biased organization could prove the existence of millions of members–they would.
    Who can you trust? Local schools in my area describe pilgrims to be the first terrorists to arrive in America. Google searches are also unreliable, but the Google search engine reaches ninety percent of internet users worldwide. Biased information is available, but the answers to discrete questions often show no response, no data, no info or opinions disagreeing with the hate rhetoric broadcast by the ‘mainstream’ news organizations. You must learn to trust yourself and question the propaganda and search results.
    When hate is preached in any form, look for alternatives. Remember ‘collusion?’ Remember the accusations concerning Justice Kavanaugh? Question the sources promulgating these deceptions. Doing this will require work, analysis, and determination. There are as many false accusations as there are differing opinions, but the unbiased facts are difficult to find using our global media, Google, Facebook, and academic zealots. The lessons and language disseminated by our institutions and politicians are insidious in their demand to control your thinking. Advertising fear is a known selling success for politicians as well as corporations. Advertising fear will urge people to hate their neighbors, and divided masses can be ‘sold’ safety by giving up freedom.
    Those entities who control politicians with money and progressive propaganda are indeed brilliant. Why work the land when you can farm the farmers?

  • Joanne Schmidt

    08/09/2019 06:04 PM

    I think Fox noted this morning that 27 of 28 mass shooters grew up without a father figure. You are so right, Governor, when you point out family dysfunction as a root cause. Our Lady of Fatima prophesied that the final spiritual attack by Satan would be over marriage and the family.

  • Amelia Little

    08/09/2019 05:55 PM

    Since I don't read/listen to msm "news" outlets, I haven't heard whether or not the mass murder by the machete guy has been blamed on President Trump--by the leftist/socialists and msm. I have read, though, that law enforcement officials HAVE blamed the leftist/socialist politicians who made it possible for the murder to be on the streets to kill--again. Seems it would be rather hard to blame President Trump--seeing that this guy's record extends way back--before the President even talked about politics. And, the fact that he is an MS13 gang member--and President Trump has denounced MS13 gangs. Of course, the msm tried to lump ALL immigrants (legal and illegal) in the President's statements against criminal illegals--MS13 gangs, rapists, murderers, sex/drug traffickers, including child sex traffickers. So, I'm guessing they will try to come up with some bizarre theory that he embraces MS13 and, that the murderer was only free because of him.

  • jack macdonald

    08/09/2019 05:35 PM

    The Spengler piece is an excellent summation of our societal problems. The left has been exceedingly successful in sowing hate and discontent in this nation. They have a game plan and they have patiently and cleverly implemented it. Whether they are following Alinsky's rules for radicals or Karl Marx or Lenin's Communist roadmap, they are on the march. With the capture of the media and the education systems they seem to be making great headway.