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April 16, 2024

Monday, the ludicrous hush money case against Donald Trump went to trial, and the Democrats are no longer even trying to pretend that this is anything other than election interference. The judge – who refused to recuse himself even though he’s a Biden donor and his daughter has made a lot of money as a Democrat consultant – not only put a gag order on Trump but threatened him with jail if he went off to campaign rather than sitting in court. He even left open the possibility of jailing Trump if he skipped the trial to attend his son Barron’s high school graduation.

The judge also denied Trump’s request for a change of venue from Manhattan, even though the first day of jury selection saw at least 50 potential jurors being dismissed, many because they admitted they couldn’t be impartial when judging “TRUUUUUUMP!!!!” I assume the prosecution is looking for jurors who aren’t honest enough to admit they can’t be impartial.

To save me having to keep up with it, here’s Fox News’ continuously updated feed on trial news. The latest: DA Alvin Bragg wants the judge to hold Trump in contempt for violating a gag order by attacking the witnesses his case is based on in social media posts. That would be Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels, aka the convicted serial perjurer and the porn star/extortionist. Sorry, Alvin, but I’m not under a gag order. Be grateful I didn't toss in what I think of you.

I’m not going to recap the ridiculousness of these Frankenstein-like charges every day. I’ll just refer you to this explanation by law professor Jonathan Turley, who calls the case “absurd.”

And this from Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who isn’t even a Trump supporter. He advised Trump’s attorneys to immediately file a motion to allow Trump to skip court occasionally to campaign. He says the right to be present in court is only a defendant’s right, and “If he makes a decision that he would like to waive the right to be there, there is nothing in the Constitution which gives the prosecution the right to keep him there.” But then, it’s a prosecution of Donald Trump, so what do Constitutional rights have to do with anything?

And while he’s not a legal expert, I might as well mention that Elon Musk called this case “lawfare” and “obviously a corruption of the law.”

If only Trump had been an illegal alien with a criminal record who attacked a police officer! Then Bragg would have reduced his felony charge to a misdemeanor and let him go.

Finally, some good background and commentary on this clown circus by Matt Vespa at Townhall and Victoria Taft at PJ Media.

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