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May 2, 2024

A new Harvard-Harris poll shows that a solid majority of Americans believe that the prosecutions of Trump are just Democrat election interference. But how can anyone believe any longer that we have a blind justice system when it’s been utterly and transparently corrupted, politicized and weaponized?

Here’s an infuriating case in point. While violent, pro-terrorist leftist college students follow in the footsteps of violent Antifa rioters in being released scot-free (as the Squad Dems claim, they have a right to “peaceful protest”), look at the draconian sentences handed out to Trump supporters who merely stepped inside the Capitol for one minute on January 6th…Or to pro-life protesters railroaded into prison for praying outside abortion clinics.

And once they’re in prison, the harassment continues. LifeSiteNews reports that Heather Idoni, who was sentenced to prison under the FACE Act for protesting at the only sacred space the Biden White House recognizes (an abortion clinic), was put in solitary confinement for 22 days with the lights on 24/7 (aka, “tortured”) for the crime of sharing her food with another inmate. She was allowed out to walk around for only two hours in the middle of the night.

The American Center for Law and Justice is arguing before the Supreme Court to overturn the FACE Act, which unconstitutionally suspends First Amendment rights of pro-life Americans near abortion clinics. You can learn more here, and I hope you will support them.

I also hope that all Americans, pro-life or not, will be shocked and appalled at what these people have done to our “justice” system and what they are doing to fellow Americans like Mrs. Idoni for exercising their right to peaceful protest. Please support the ACLJ and vote to throw these people out of office and out of power. Although that’s not really enough: they not only should be removed from power, they should be investigated and where appropriate, prosecuted and jailed for their abuses of power. Maybe then, they would actually do some praying that they be treated with more justice and human decency than they have shown to others.

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