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November 30, 2023

I wrote recently about a pile of new evidence (actually not “new,” but previously suppressed) that George Floyd was not killed by asphyxiation but by a combination of drugs, COVID and long-standing major health problems; and that the trial of the police officers was set up to prevent more rioting in Minneapolis. Now, there’s a new documentary out that makes that case. Greg Gutfeld talked about it in his monologue Monday night, and it’s a must-watch:

He takes pains to stress that documentaries have points of view, and you shouldn’t accept their conclusions just because they’re what you want to hear. But as one of his guests, who knows the filmmaker, pointed out, much of it is police bodycam footage that seems to counter the “racist police killers” narrative, and that the jurors and public weren’t allowed to see. If there’s an argument against it, then why were we never allowed to see it?

As so often is the case with the left (see the January 6th kangaroo committee), they want us to believe that they are the unquestionable source of truth while at the same time refusing to let us see the evidence or question the witnesses. If what they’re saying is true, why are they so afraid to let us see all the evidence

The Supreme Court already rejected an appeal by convicted police officer Derek Chavin, but it was on another issue. This story might not be over yet. Meanwhile, you might have heard that Chavin was stabbed in prison, that his injuries could have been life-threatening but he's expected to survive, and his family has been kept in the dark. But the prison promises to keep him safe FROM NOW ON. Glad to hear you'll finally be doing your job now, guys.

One of the most disgusting aspects of this is the way liberals celebrated Chavin's stabbing online. If you don't know that it's wrong to celebrate or mock the deaths and illnesses of people just because you don't like them for political reasons, then you are fundamentally lacking in basic human decency. Here, let me show you how this works:

Stephen Colbert's show is on hiatus because he suffered a ruptured appendix. That can be a very serious, even fatal, issue, so I'm sincerely relieved to hear he's recovering after emergency surgery. I hope you'll join me in praying for his complete recovery.

See, leftists, is that so hard?

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