March 22, 2020

For those who are panicking about the disease without knowing its real effects, this is a good article to check out.

It notes that the risk of death is considerably lower than with SARS or MERS. The greatest danger is to the elderly and those with preexisting conditions that weaken their immune systems, and for most people who get it, it’s like a heavy cold. Also, while you’ve heard about the terrible death toll in Italy, less reported is the fact that Italy has one of the oldest populations in Europe, and the majority of fatalities have been among people in their 80s and 90s. Also, their socialized medical system doesn’t have the equipment to handle it, and other European nations have refused to help, keeping it for themselves. Thanks, EU!

In a related story: it’s said that everyone is conservative about the things he knows best. So it’s been very instructive to see all the other nations closing their borders. When President Trump shut down travel from China in January, he was denounced as a racist, a xenophobe and a liar. Chuck Schumer accused him of a “war on immigrants.” We now know that that move slowed the spread of the virus, bought us time and likely saved many lives. Of course, Trump is still being called a racist, a xenophobe and a liar, just as he was when he tried to stop migrants with Central American diseases from flooding across the border.

But now that reality can no longer be denied, look at all the liberal leaders, from Germany to Canada’s virtual-signaling Prime Minister, Justin “Canada is open to everyone” Trudeau, closing their borders. Even Mexico is considering shutting its US border to Americans to keep the coronavirus out.

Have they all suddenly become xenophones? Or is it just that once talk stopped being cheap, they had to clam up about fake “xenophobia” because they now have a real disease to deal with.

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  • Malcom fields

    03/23/2020 12:26 AM

    Until you make these countries pay for the bills from this
    America has always helped them but here it is touch and go.i have only read about WW2 but we are winners!

  • Allen Mork

    03/22/2020 05:24 PM

    Governor - I am a lifelong Republican and a physician in Minnesota and I would disagree strongly with your portrayal of President Trump as being proactive in helping our country prepare and deal with the coronavirus (this is not the Chinese virus) pandemic. He said weeks ago that this was a hoax, then later reassured us that he and his administration "had this under control". Now he is falsely telling our country that we have dramatically increased our testing capacity and are effectively dealing with the supplies of protective equipment for our health care providers. This is simply a lie! I have been waiting now for 6 days on the results of a test we did this past week for one of my patients because our health department lab is unable to obtain the needed supplies to complete the test. We are also now not allowed to test anyone in the outpatient setting as the testing simply cannot be done due to the shortages. A partner of mine who practices in our hospital told me yesterday he has an N95 mask - but it has an expiration date on the mask of 2002! I'm dismayed at your ongoing defense of a president who lies, does not listen to the health experts around him and often contradicts what they are saying and takes no responsibility at all for the problems his administration has had the mistakes they have made. Is this really what leadership is about? I would argue that being a leader is someone who listens to the experts he has available to him, acts appropriately and aggressively on their recommendations, is honest about what is going on and that no matter if the outcome is good or bad, then accepts full responsibility for his actions (or lack thereof) and those of his administration. This is an incredibly difficult and complex situation but our lack of preparedness is due to a lack of this type of leadership and it starts at the top.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Allen Mork, MD