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December 14, 2021

Yet another bad omen for the Democrats for 2022 (and a good omen for America): over the weekend, some school board elections were held in deep blue Houston, Texas. Result: Republicans flipped the two seats, one by a narrow margin, the other by nearly 54-46%.

They both ran on a platform of getting rid of liberal policies such as mask mandates and Critical Race Theory. Since it’s doubtful that that location has enough Republicans to carry an election, it suggests that even some Democrat voters think the Democrats have pushed their leftist garbage too far.

And that brings us to today’s Must-Read article, from While all the attention has been on the Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on abortion restrictions, another very important case has gone unnoticed. But now, like the abortion case, it’s making some liberals flip out.

In Carson v. Makin, the SCOTUS will rule on whether Maine’s ban on letting religious schools participate in a state program that subsidizes private school tuition is unconstitutional religious discrimination. Sensing that the SCOTUS will rule that it obviously is, some liberal writers are beside themselves, spewing ridiculous hyperbole that gives away their intolerance for Christians.

This is a must-read for several reasons. First, it explains this important case. Second, it quotes some jaw-dropping articles from the liberal press, revealing that they either believe their own sick, twisted misrepresentation of Christians as purveyors of hate and bigotry, or that they want us to believe they actually believe their own propaganda. And third, it methodically knocks down their points and shows how the outrageous things they’re accusing Christians and Christian schools of doing are not only not true, but they are exactly what liberals are using the public school system to do: promoting racism and racial division and attempting to indoctrinate children into their own warped value system instead of educating them.

If they were honest, or were capable of seeing beyond their own warped values, they would see that, as the article states, it would be impossible for a real Christian school to teach hatred because Christianity is based on love: loving thy neighbor, and hating the sin but loving the sinner. They’ve falsely redefined holding to Biblical values as hating people who don’t. In short, they’ve created a straw man version of Christians as drooling monsters and made it so scary that now they’re afraid of it themselves. But as a growing number of school board elections shows, even Democrat parents have started to see what toxic leftist indoctrination camps too many public schools have become.

Read it all, especially if you’re a parent, so you know what you’re dealing with. I don't know who makes a better case for sending your kid to a Christian school: the author defending Christian schools or the liberals attacking them.

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  • Shirley Stokes

    12/18/2021 08:33 AM


  • Billy W Gortney

    12/14/2021 04:27 PM

    I do not usually comment publicly on something like State (or Federal) funding of Private Christian schools. However, seeing the way the government is feeling free to exercise their "power" at whim, I would have to say it would be a catastrophe. Personal opinion, the government, state or federal, would use it as a "reason" to place their own restrictions on what was taught and how. Even with strong verbage to inhibit input from government to curtail interference with what is taught, and how, I am concerned there would still be a takeover of the schools. I've said enough.

  • Aileen VanHouten

    12/14/2021 04:00 PM

    4 of our 7 grandchildren attend Christian schools-Thank the Lord!!!!! We need liberals out of our federally funded public schools. Trusting in the Lord that this will happen.