September 4, 2018

One obstacle frequently cited by those who don’t see the urgency of replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions is that it would take a long time to get a successor confirmed by the Senate.  No doubt the Democrats would make it as difficult and drawn-out a process as possible, but is that reason enough not to fire Sessions? 


Judge Jeanine Pirro, in her “opening statement” Saturday night on FOX News, talked about this, noting that Sen. Chuck Grassley has said he could schedule Senate hearings to confirm a new attorney general and also that Sen. Lindsay Graham has predicted Sessions will very likely be replaced.  The President has said he wouldn’t fire Sessions before the midterm elections but was noncommittal about afterwards.

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But Judge Jeanine went on to talk briefly about something more:  the Vacancies Reform Act.  This legislation, she said, allows for the appointment of a new attorney general on a temporary basis without Senate confirmation.  What she did not say is that the law is extremely complicated, and it hasn’t really been resolved how it would work in a case in which the attorney general has been fired.  I’ll have more details about this at the end.

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Of course, even without a new attorney general, it doesn’t seem that firing Sessions would make much difference.  He’s like the “empty chair” that Clint Eastwood shared the stage with at the Republican National Convention to symbolize the presidency of Barack Obama.  Sessions has recused himself from practically everything the Justice Department desperately needs to concern itself with right now.  But with this law, or with a fast Senate approval, we might actually get someone in the job who can and will do something.

A statement from Sessions reads, “While I am attorney general, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.”  I would think that after saying something like that, Sessions might want to be looking at a very different career:  standup comedy.

I was on with Judge Jeanine that night and had to say it breaks my heart to agree that Sessions should go.   As I told her, he’s a longtime friend of mine and I really like him.  But this whole situation is out of control, and we’ve got to get to the bottom of the corruption, conspiracy, collusion and cover-up that’s been going on in the Justice Department.  I don’t know why, but Sessions just doesn’t appear to have the “stomach” to appoint people from the field offices, away from Washington, or perhaps a special counsel, who can do what it takes to get accountability for those who have made a mockery of justice in this country.

As I told Judge Jeanine, Sessions should have been storming up and down the halls of the DOJ and FBI, kicking in doors and turning over desks.  (I can’t help it; Jesus with the money-changers comes to mind.)  The people who ostensibly worked under him have apparently been involved in a coup against a duly elected President, and it doesn’t get more serious than that.  But at this point, Sessions really should just lay in a supply of cardboard boxes to pack up the stuff in his office.  It would be best for the country if he turned in his resignation, admitting he can’t be effective in the job.  If he needs help with moving, I know a guy.

As promised, here is more than you ever wanted to know about the Vacancies Reform Act.  It might be helpful to scroll down to the subhead, “Can the President Designate an Acting Attorney General Under the Vacancies Reform Act?”  Answer:  it looks that way, but he’d better be prepared for the unending legal challenge and general grief that accompanies everything he tries to do.




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  • jimmy sloan

    09/19/2018 12:55 PM

    I like Jeff Sessions and the integrity he brings to the Federal Government. He is doing a lot of things as the Attorney General that will make this Nation great again. He is a smart and honest man whose conduct and character is something we should be proud of. Ultimately he will make the democrats look corrupt and foolish as we know them to be. Jeff Sessions needs to continue to take the high road and it will gain more public support for President Trump. We don't need to be as corrupt as the democrats; we need to continue to be smarter. He and President Trump are both smart and honorable leaders who are dedicated to making this Country great again as One Nation Under God.

  • Robert Johnson

    09/18/2018 10:44 AM

    Judge Jeanine Pirro, should be the next Attorney General, she would be terrific.

  • Jeanne Dukes

    09/13/2018 12:52 PM

    You say you have known Sessions for a long time. My impression of him is that he is an astute lover of the law to the point of being OCD about it. I think he also might have some OCD going on. He seems meticulous to a point. From everything I've ever heard him say or read about him, his integrity is intact and the one reason Trump picked him was because he was described as an Eagle Scout and that is what Trump was looking for. Mr. Sessions did not make the decision to recuse lightly but he did follow the law which seems to be the problem everyone is having. He is a southern gentleman and propriety is an important part of integrity. It would be unseemly to be caught in a compromising position that might hurt the President. He is a huge believer and fan of Trump and would NEVER intentionally hurt him. After much counsel he recused. He felt it was the right thing to do at the time to protect the President. I have read that Trump was also made aware of his decision before he announced it. Sessions doesn't do anything "off the cuff" and has too much respect for Trump to not inform him first of his intentions and the reasoning behind it. I understand Sessions is also a Christian, which would indicate, to me at least, that he would not intentionally sabotage Trump or his administration. He just isn't built that way. He comes off as a milquetoast to most but that works to his advantage. He didn't get to where he is by being stupid and making uninformed decisions. Clearly, he doesn't relish public speaking. He is not easily bullied either. I have also read that Sessions gave a letter of resignation to Trump some time ago and Trump refused it. I don't know if that is true or not but, to me, it sounds like something Sessions would do because, again, I don't believe he would intentionally harm Trump in any way. I see Sessions as worker bee who puts his head down and gets busy winning. He is more comfortable and more effective working in the background, unlike most loud mouthed, limelight seeking lawyers out to make a name for themselves. Jeanine has a different perspective because she has an agenda. She thrives on an audience and they egg her on. I'm not a devoted follower but do agree she has some good points, not necessarily about Sessions, but other matters. I could be way out in left field here Mike, about Sessions. Call it a gut feeling, whatever, but I think if Trump wanted him gone, he'd be gone. Trump is famous for not keeping people who can't get the job done. He is good at weeding out the chaff from the wheat, as it were. Most people have no clue as to what it takes to run any kind of an investigation. The amount of man hours required to do so as well as the enormity of paperwork, checking and rechecking three times to make sure you get it right, interviewing numerous people two and three times. The corruption being fought has been going on for longer than I have been alive. To think that any investigation of this magnitude can be completed in a year and a half is unreasonable. Not to mention, there are several investigations going on at the same time. Some are completely different and some will collide. But getting there takes time. People, by nature, want retribution when they feel they have been wronged. We live in an instant gratification society. Too many, who consider themselves Christians, are right there saying it. I pray for Sessions and Trump every day and ask that they be given the tools they need to carry out His will. God sees the evil too. We need to remember everything is to HIS purpose, not ours. A lot of believers seem to forget that. Just my opinion Mike and again, I could be completely wrong about Sessions. If I am I will admit so. For now, this is how I see it. On a side note, Bless you for raising someone as awesome as Sarah! I, and many more, admire her so much. She is truly the daughter of a King and it shows! Thank you for listening.

  • Mary

    09/11/2018 12:01 AM

    Perhaps sessions was part of the never trumpers, if from a peripheral position. Was he there to support Trump or watch what he was doing? I wonder because sessions seems not to have the stomach for his job and I wonder why. Anyone else would have been, as you say, ripping over desks, rooting out the obvious corruption. Did someone have something on sessions? Sure seems that way to me.

  • Lowell Fry

    09/10/2018 06:21 PM

    Sad situation but it looks like Sessions is either part of the swamp or is grossly incompetent. Either way he must go. There is no legitimate excuse for Sessions to not have taken control of the Justice Department and initiated action against the criminals in DC.

  • Reedie Vanlandingham

    09/07/2018 03:47 PM

    Regarding Jeff Sessions.
    I am a Christian also. I too have thought about Jesus when he stood up to the money changers and compared that to Sessions. It has angered me that he doesn't have the backbone to support Trump. It's time to quit standing behind the truth and represent what IS THE TRUTH! One starts to wonder whose side Sessions is on. Certainly President Trump isn't afraid of the confrontations he would face if he fired him. He's been dealing with blows every since he took office; so what's one more. It's time that the President takes action on this issue. It isn't going to get any better and we American's are fed up. It's simple. Use a little common sense and let's get on with what needs to be done and put it on the back burner. Just Fix It!!

  • Reedie Vanlandingham

    09/07/2018 03:29 PM

    Regarding Jeff Sessions.
    I am a Christian also. I too have thought about Jesus when he stood up to the money changers and compared that to Sessions. It has angered me that he doesn't have the backbone to support Trump. It's time to quit standing behind the truth and represent what IS THE TRUTH! One starts to wonder whose side Sessions is on. Certainly President Trump isn't afraid of the confrontations he would face if he fired him. He's been dealing with blows every since he took office; so what's one more. It's time that the President takes action on this issue. It isn't going to get any better and we American's are fed up. It's simple. Use a little common sense and let's get on with what needs to be done and put it on the back burner. Just Fix It!!

  • Rachel Hayes

    09/07/2018 11:36 AM

    I disagree. Sessions is doing what he was brought on to do as the AG by enforcing immigration law, securing our borders, zero tolerance, addressing welfare exceptions, going after sanctuary cities and much more. I don't think he had a choice but to recuse himself to be above reproach, and would have had no idea that the situation would unfold as it has. I want the dirty dealings of the Obama administration and the various departments to be exposed and dealt with, but not at the expense of Jeff Sessions. I love what the President and his administration are accomplishing in spite of all this leftist lunacy, but I think the President should not demoralize an appointee publicly. Have a private conversation and work things out like adults. Sessions is a key ally, not an enemy, and he should be treated with respect.

  • Lois Reiswig

    09/07/2018 02:18 AM

    PLEASE let your daughter know that I think she is the most AMAZING WOMEN of 2018. She has more intellect, possess the ability to NOT put her foot in her mouth, and I want her to actually hold much more significant position in our government - if only she can hang in there. She could be President herself, if given the right grooming and exposure. I'm amazed at her composure, dedication to her country and the President, and the behavorial model she sets forth for other females. I have tears in my eyes often, watching her deal with the fake news correspondents (yes, I can't help but say this especially after today's - NY TImes anonymous opt-editorial.) It is a sad time for our country. We have no decorum any more, no respect for others, and the family unit is going to hell. I'm not sure, even God, can save us.

  • Vicki Smith

    09/07/2018 12:31 AM

    I agree wholeheartedly if it will bring all the darkness to light so we can move on. I'm so tired of the corruption and while in this life, it will not ever be permanently removed; this coup involving the Justice Dept and FBI that prompted the Mueller investigation needs to be blown wide open for everyone in America to see. It would be nice if it occurred before the mid-terms, but look how long this has gone on. It seems as hopeless as Hillary Clinton being indicted for her crimes.

  • Pam Acres

    09/06/2018 11:53 PM

    It is time for sessions to go...he has abandoned our president when he needs to reel in this rogue Democrats! What we are seeing in our country is movie material stuff you in the movies ...not in real life.Its sad and a disgrace to our countries history! Time to get someone in there that will stand up to Mueller and his thugs and put an end to this circus!

  • Susette Monk

    09/06/2018 11:24 PM

    I really had hoped he was keeping his investigation into the departments corruption between him and others that wanted to seek out the truth. Sadly it has become obvious that was wishful thinking. Let’s give Trey Gowdy a try at it!
    Appreciate all you do and Sara is fantastic!

  • Cheryl crum

    09/06/2018 12:39 PM

    He is a wonderful man but just in over his head. Nice people just don't know how to deal with the lying abusive left. We just shake our head in wonder.

  • alicia cervera

    09/06/2018 12:08 AM

    Yes, Sessions is too nice of a guy to fight the fights. He's just not confrontational and as Ag He NEEDS to fight for us! Foor POTUS agenda, for our country. He hasn't done a significant things in two years and I dont really understand why our President has put in a BOLD and SPARKY AG. Talking about low enegy... But that said, I wonder if he is part of the Swamp creatures.

  • Rich Overton

    09/06/2018 12:02 AM

    I feel the same way as you about Sessions.
    Thank you for watching our president's back.
    Great to have friends with so many wolves surrounding our camp.
    God bless.

  • Mona Jehle

    09/05/2018 09:40 PM

    I have always believed Jeff Sessions is an honorable & a smart man but is not a good 'fighter.' I like your statement that Jeff Sessions doesn't have the "stomach to appoint people from field offices" much better. It is kinder but a more precise description.

  • Patricia Eide

    09/05/2018 08:29 PM

    Did you ever just want to stop the world and get off ?? I do ! Every five minutes it is negative ads, campaigns, news, and of course our President who can't do anything to please the ones who run the media, colleges, and apparently most big businesses. This "new book" about to come out........ Diary of Mad People would be a better title for that consists of peoples perceptions of what was said to changing words to fit their agenda, and the cover alone sickens me. They make Shameless look better to watch !! ( Legalized porn in the form of a tv show ). I don't know how you keep so calm, and your daughter gained that gift from you, but I have to say every single day is a struggle to turn on the TV. I go to Andy Griffith, The Waltons, Little House and end with Last Man Standing....... my safe place. Thank you for your insight and most of all, your calm responses !!

  • Virginia Sherk

    09/05/2018 11:03 AM

    If God was not in control, I would surely lose my mind. The world and our country is such a mess,
    but I know God has the power to withstand evil and many times uses it for good. Just am
    failing to see a lot of good. Still, God is in control. God help America.

  • Enrique

    09/05/2018 10:13 AM

    I said it before , why did he name a attorney general ,that had t practiced law in years , he Sessions just wanted to be a figure head , and rely on his subordinates, who in this case slapped his head and continue to do so , because he doesnt know or remebere enough of the laws and will be out maneuvered , and is EMBARRASSED, bad thinking on Trumps part too.....

  • bob doucette

    09/05/2018 09:50 AM

    It is simply too late for Sessions to have any kind of career in the Trump administration. Whatever it was that compromised him into inaction is open to far too much speculation for him to be effective in any capacity. Trump can openly admit the appointment was a mistake and regional political dominos fell to his adversaries. Trump would benefit from a public mea culpa. Too bad nobody paid attention when Sessions said he would not prosecute the previous administration(s) during his confirmation hearings. When he said that I knew he was a swamp creature. As far as I'm concerned he played the country for fools and in the end Sessions will go down in history as a nobody. His record is proof of that.

  • Sandy eno

    09/05/2018 09:34 AM

    Dear sir, I am beyond angry that Mr. Sessions will not do anything to help my president. Do you think he was the insurance policy that Mr. Struck and Lisa page were talking about? I do. On another note, I am so embarrassed by the democrats at the kavanaugh hearings, so much so that I will never vote for a dem again as long as I live. Thank you for all that you do, and your daughter is a class act!

  • Rev . Sam Martin

    09/05/2018 09:28 AM

    Sessions is protecting the swamp

  • Linda Orf

    09/05/2018 09:26 AM

    Perhaps I have a soft heart for the attorney general, but I have always seen him as a man of great integrity. It would not surprise me if he has investigations going on under the radar because ongoing investigations are not supposed to be known to the public until after the investigations are completed. He may also be awaiting the investigation being done by Horiwitz before he acts so as not to be accused of being political in his actions. I suppose only time will tell.... The only thing that makes me doubt is the fact that so much time has passed. I mean, how long should it take to set up a grand jury and indict the Clintons, Struck, Page, Ohr, McCabe and the rest of the swamp?? I keep praying our God will continue to shine His light over all the corruption because darkness can not stand in His light. God bless you Govenor, see you in February!

  • Wayne C. Ortner

    09/05/2018 07:45 AM

    Sir I fully agree, there are to many pieces of false mail floating around, to many failures not only by the DOJ but other agencies as well!
    Must say you, your views and your show are some thing that I totally enjoy. God Bless you, God Bless America

  • Vickie Lynn Fisher

    09/05/2018 07:00 AM

    Could it be there’s something great he’s doing along the way? Maybe advising Prez on the ropes & how to get his policy integrated? At the Borders or in the War Against Drugs? Or just knowing the ropes best in the land? There’s something. Because if there wasn’t SOMETHING President Trump liked & needed him or he’d be LONG GONE. Trump isn’t shy when it comes to FIRING people who aren’t delivering to promote HIS Agenda.