October 26, 2018

BOMBER UPDATE:  Wow, that didn't take long --- they got him! 

A word to any crackpot out there who thinks it’s possible to send bombs or other threats through the mail:  YOU WILL BE FOUND, and it probably won’t take long.  We received word Friday morning that someone has already been located near Miami and arrested for mailing crude bombs (none of which detonated) to prominent Democrats.  Wow, that happened fast!  According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, he was identified at the FBI Crime Lab through DNA, along with a latent fingerprint on an envelope sent to California Rep. Maxine Waters.

Now THIS is the kind of thing we love the FBI for, and we join President Trump in condemning the violence and thanking law enforcement at all levels for their dedicated effort and expertise.  Of course, we don’t yet know whether or not this man was working alone or if there are other packages still in transit.


The man has been identified as 56-year-old Cesar Altier Sayoc, a character who was already well known by law enforcement officials in the area of Florida in which he lives.  They’ve had repeated run-ins with him through the years for mostly petty crimes, and he reportedly made bomb threats as far back as 2002.  Unlike most of the “journalists” in the “news” media –- who are already calling this guy “the MAGA Bomber” (sigh) –- we’re not going to jump to any conclusions about his motive.



He's a bodybuilder and has reportedly worked as a club dancer.  According to social media posts, he is Native American and claims to be a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.  But according to his LinkedIn profile, he is Filipino.  Curiously, one of the lawyers who’ve represented him in the past has said that Sayoc was just the nicest person, someone who treated his attorneys with respect and courtesy, was a total gentleman, and (especially surprising) never talked politics at all.


Yet a shiny white van that was parked at his home (actually, it may be his mother's home) and has been taken into custody is covered with a dense, artfully-arranged mosaic of propagandistic signs and stickers and is being treated like crime scene evidence.  It has been dubbed (sigh) “the Trumpmobile.”  The driver certainly wasn’t trying to remain inconspicuous, so the question has to be asked:  Was this man trying to get caught?  Or was he just obsessive?  We don’t know --- he may simply be one of those eccentric hyper-political nuts who feel compelled to turn their cars into rolling billboards.  We’ve all seen rusty old cars still covered with assorted wheezy messages from faded bumper stickers:  “Save The Whales,” “CHOICE,” “Carter/Mondale” –- and never assumed the drivers of those cars were dangerous (except in the voting booth, of course).


But if this man was trying to get caught, and if his actions were a “false flag” that was really intended to help Democrats (one popular theory, but WE DON’T KNOW), so far he’s done everything incredibly right.  What a gift to Democrats, intended or not.  Without this story, disturbing visuals of thousands of people from Central America trudging in a seemingly unending “caravan” to our border would be center stage, right up to election day.  With this story, we instead get mug shots of a violent “Trump supporter” and non-stop Trump-blaming, right up to election day.  Also, there have been reports –- still unconfirmed, I believe –- that Sayoc is or was a member of the Green Party, which would certainly seem incongruous with being a Trump supporter.


On the other hand, he posted to Facebook some pictures and videos of his smiling self at a Trump rally in 2016.  Realistically, though, would anyone but a total nutcase think that doing something like this was going to help President Trump and those Republican candidates facing election in just over a week?

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Incidentally, CNN has reported that because the first of the packages (which now total 14) arrived in New York City, Sayoc will face prosecution in the U.S. Southern District of New York.  The prosecutors there are no doubt chomping at the bit.  (That’s the district court that was handed cases “spun off” from Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump.)  According to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he is being charged with five federal crimes:  interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former Presidents and certain other persons, threatening interstate communications, and assaulting current and former federal officers and could face up to 48 years in prison.  These charges may “change and expand” as the investigation proceeds.


So, again, the message to anyone similarly inclined to commit violent political acts, whatever your motivation and intent:  This will not be tolerated by the Trump administration.  You will be found, and quickly.


About the Avenetti referral

There’s even more reason than we knew why Sen. Charles Grassley referred sleazy lawyer Michael Avenetti and his client Julie Swetnick to the DOJ for “potential conspiracy to provide materially false statements to Congress” in the accusations against then-SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 


NBC revealed that Avenetti provided a sworn statement to the Judiciary Committee from a second woman to bolster her claims.  This woman allegedly said she attended high school parties with Swetnick and personally witnessed Kavanaugh spiking punch and acting sexually aggressive toward girls. 


But when NBC contacted the woman before their interview with Swetnick, she reportedly said she made it clear to Avenetti that she never saw anyone spike any punch or she would have said so then.  She also never saw Kavanaugh act inappropriately toward women and didn't believe he ever had.  And she didn’t become friends with Swetnick until they were in their 30s.  She also said she no longer spoke with Avenetti because he twisted her words.  Avenetti responded that the statement he provided was “true and correct,” and that “she must have been confused” by NBC’s question when she flatly denied everything he claimed she'd said.  Wow, that must have been a really confusing question! 


Now, a lot of people are asking a question that they’re confused by: if NBC had that woman’s bombshell statement that blew away Swetnick’s charge and exonerated Kavanaugh, why did they not report it before the confirmation vote or mention it during their televised interview with Swetnick?  Sounds as if Avenetti and Swetnick weren’t the only ones allegedly engaging in a conspiracy to mislead Congress.



From the “You Heard It Here First” Desk:

NBC’s axing of Megyn Kelly allegedly for her comments about blackface makeup were of the “Casablanca”/“I’m shocked to discover gambling at Rick’s” variety…


Reminder for our readers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area:

Saturday night, you can meet Huck’s Hero Betty Bengo and “Huckabee” writer (and terrific singer) Laura Ainsworth, all while helping a great cause.  It’s at the 6th annual fundraising dinner (a huge international buffet), auction and show, benefiting the Malaika Orphanage in Uganda for some of the world’s most impoverished children.  It’s only $25 a ticket at the UTA campus in Arlington.  Info and tickets are at



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  • Scott Riggi

    10/27/2018 08:59 PM

    Governor, You are a blessing and I know you read this. Please take this into consideration your health as We need you around for a long time. I am very concerned for your health in your weight. Please do everything possible to be healthy and live a long life. We Need You! A pastor of Truth and the Word. God bless you my Brother and Friend in Truth. Please Governor pray and ask God for strength in your health and a long life for your family and all your supporters. Thank you Lord for all You are doing in our brother's life to succeed and being a Trumpet of Truth for all desiring Truth in Your Word. Thank you Governor in all You are doing in our lives for Truth and the Word in God. Bless You my Friend. And Thank You Father.
    Scott Riggi

  • Shauna dickerson

    10/27/2018 01:00 PM

    Yes, the very First Post I read on FB was from someone who reported that the van owned by this bomber had Trump Stickers all over it. There you are, the first rumor, "Trump Supporter" did this. And it will be believed, truth to the contrary.

  • Stephen Mitchell

    10/27/2018 12:52 PM

    The bomber from Miami is definitely a nut case . But as my mother used to say , " something smells in Denmark " . To many mistakes , to cut and dry , and yes , he wanted to be caught . As I commented on this article earlier , it " smells of CIA involvement " .


    10/27/2018 10:20 AM

    We have Navy Seals and Afghan warriors accused of crimes and imprisoned. Most of America would be thrilled if President Trump pardoned them. Who can get the word to him? He must know about these cases??? They were totally innocent until the Left wing ran newspaper articles against them, so then the Navy arrested them YUCK!!!

  • Mrs. Claudine Hale

    10/27/2018 08:27 AM

    Good morning from Georgia! Thank you for sharing truth...not facts spun for a political advantage! Please let President Trump know that I approve his decision to send in military personnel to guard our southern border....we need more troops down there! America is a land of laws, some have trampled on these laws for their benefit. We must stand for our laws, change the truly bad ones, and give real Americans the standard again to have faith in their leaders/nation! I want President Trump to remember we need our northern border also protected. We have lots of "leaks" in our massive nation's borders...evil never sleeps, those that wish to hurt our people/nation will find a "soft' entry to our country. We need all our borders safe! I am watching, calling my Congressmen, and praying for our nation---we need all Americans to stand for our America, not for political factions that pull apart the fabric of our land. I support our president, will be watching and voting out the rinos/anti-American politicians that are only out for their own agenda! Thank you, Mrs. C. Hale, Thomasville, Ga!

  • Millie Kirschner

    10/27/2018 05:56 AM

    Dear Mike,
    I love your commentaries! And your daughter Sarah too. You did a good job.
    Just FYI. In the middle of the first one there was an ad for how to get involved with impeaching Trump.
    I believe that is an overlay add. My neighbor works at the FBI in Philly and she says that they can overlay an add over one you may have by hacking in somehow. She said there are so many strange things happening now.
    Keep up the good work. Enjoy seeing you on Fox too.

  • Amelia Little

    10/27/2018 03:44 AM

    The comments I read that Megyn Kelly said certainly don't appear racist to me. Heck, a Halloween costume is just that--wearing something that portrays you as some character or person. Like the masks of Presidents at least as far back as Reagan--until, of course, there was a mask of obama and the world stopped--the horrors!!! Or, when there were complaints about little girls dressing up as Disney Princess Mulan. One article about her probably being canned was that she was "too bluntly conservative" on her show. They didn't know she is a conservative when they hired her? Bet she wishes she had remained at the "Fair and Balanced" network, cuz it doesn't seem NBC can claim that!!!

    First, I think it was horrible that someone would send pipe bombs (even if they didn't detonate) or even powder that one would think could be Anthrax and should be prosecuted to the full extent. I think that those who have threatened the President and others in the government should also be prosecuted. Even if they are CEO's of some company or hoolywood elite or politician. And, saying, gee, sorry, I was drunk when I tweeted that the President should be assasinated--Rosanne lost her job when she was under the influence of Ambien, and her tweet didn't threaten anyone. Or, the guy who said, sorry, he was just mad when he tweeted about someone taking our the President. I just smh at other (not the bomb thing) confrontations against democrat politicians--they are appalled that someone would treat them so poorly--but encourage the same and even more against Republicans.

    I wonder if the report early on about the invasion caravan that the President of Mexico said they would stop non-citizens at their border. If it was true that he said that, his government and Army haven't been too effective. Or, maybe someone paid them off to stand down. The person(s) and organizations that are funding this invasion should be in prison and their gazillion dollars taken away--maybe give it all to the people to go back home to their own countries and work to change the governments there.

  • Kathy Wingate

    10/27/2018 12:49 AM

    I apologise for taking up so much room with last night's comments repeated ? 5 times! The Captcha thought I was a robot, and it appeared my note didn't enter. Also didn't mean to address you as "Muke" .It was a rough night and I shouldn't do this on my phone after midnight.
    Thank God the bomb mailer got caught so quickly, and no one has been hurt. I hope both sides will stop blaming each other, the man is as much of a nut case as the guy who shot Scalise. There are more nuts out there, and all public figures need to ALWAYS remember that. Tone down the rhetoric, for Pete's sake!!

  • Larry Lile

    10/27/2018 12:19 AM

    I am not saying he did not do it,

    but is this a feasible option, some other person built the non exploding bombs, and looked for a pasty. Who was dumb enough to reach out when the culprit said here hold this for me a second.

    Why would not even a rookie mail clerk not react two a mailing of multiple yellow envelopes, with odd round objects, when a simple if it fits it ships box, would have been a more feasible option , and how did the CNN package, get delivered by a courier, without the postage stamps being cancelled, I do not know how the post office works in N.Y.C.
    I am not usually a conspiracy nut, but something here don't smell right.

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    10/26/2018 11:43 PM

    Governor Huckabee, Thanks for the article about NBC possibly withholding information on the second person in the Swetnick accusation case. Seems that both Avenetti and NBC have a difference about telling truth from fiction. But then again with the track record of the DOJ I imagine that both will walk away without even a smack on the hand.

    Keep giving us the truth the main stream "Media" seems to overlook. God bless you sir.

  • Nancy Hladek

    10/26/2018 10:33 PM

    I heard that some of the " news stations" were reporting that this guy, the bomber, is a registered smear the party of course! Mark Levin quickly brought up the point that the bomber is a twice convicted felon and has no status to vote! One of his covictions, for bomb threats, was prior to the 2016 election, so again no connection to President Trump.

  • William Goodwin

    10/26/2018 10:13 PM

    Why is the anti Cindy-Hyde Smith ad being run in the middle of commentary. I hope you are not pushing McDaniel.

  • donald lee williams

    10/26/2018 09:41 PM

    lets give sayoc the same rights as Kavanaugh, prove something before passing judgement. he could have been hired too mail that fake junk and I don't think he is smart enough too build a bomb.

  • Linda Furlong

    10/26/2018 09:40 PM

    I'm glad this man was caught & no one was injured. Remembering back to when Gen Mattis, the White House, Chris Ray were sent envelopes with powder. What has come of this investigation or did I miss something?

  • Debbie Stevens

    10/26/2018 09:25 PM

    Remember when the President of the US (Obama) said “they bring a knife; we bring a gun”? That was a direct threat to half of the people in the US. It was also a call for violence. Yet, the hate-filled, lying, despicable media did not have a problem with Obama saying that. There is nothing the media can accuse President Trump of that will stop me from supporting him. The alternative is no country and no freedom.


    10/26/2018 09:13 PM

    Mike, thank you for such a grand newsletter, I for one, do appreciate them. I have a little story to tell you. I have an 81 year old man who lives north of Gainesville, MO 65655. He makes what is known around here as POCKET CROSSES. He does all the work himself and I on occasion do fold some little papers that fit inside them He gets up in the middle of the night (about 3 a.m. lots of nights) to work on them frequently. He and I packaged up fifty (50) about six months or so ago and sent them to the White House for our POTUS and his family along with VP-Pence and his wife. We though we had enough for a lot of people. All he wanted for his efforts was a kind word of appreciation. It has never came, and I'm guessing it never will. He sat and cried one evening and asked me if he might have done something wrong in sending them. I very cautiously explained to him that "NO" he did nothing wrong but in a big place like the WHITE HOUSE things just seem to go array every now and again. So we don't know if they were ever received or not. Now here is my message to you. He, George Szabo, would like to send a few to you and your family and he is willing to include a few more for POTUS Trump again. If you will give me an address for you I'll help him send them on their way. He (George), was a Hungarian Immigrant back in 1959. He worked at various jobs until he got a job with Catapillar in Aurora, IL. where he worked 30 years, very proudly. He is also a former "World Wrestling Organization" wrestler who's name was THE HUNGARIAN KID. I believe he did that for close to twenty (20) years. I am his lady friend. My name is Willa Luthi, and no relation to "Hurricane Willa" of late. I live just north of Lake Norfork, just a few miles north of Tecumseh, MO 65760 Please help me make this older gentleman a happy man by accepting his gift he wants to send.

  • Stephen Russell

    10/26/2018 09:01 PM

    Will Dems cease the violence speech now??Ball is in thier court.
    OK Dems UP 2U

  • Catherine Jones

    10/26/2018 08:13 PM

    Thanks for your newsletter! Just a comment about when you ran for President, and that is our son in San Antonio did the “ honk for Huckabee.” I am appalled of the constant attacks on our President. It seems ok with the media for Democrats telling their followers to attack and disrupt the lives of conservatives no matter where they are, including restaurants. But when any conservative says anything negative about a Democrat it makes headlines! I really feel that it is a matter of time before Conservatives are going to stop being polite. This caravan invasion is really dangerous with so many people coming at us in the US, and not knowing if there are really dangerous people in that mass of humanity. Please encourage or have your daughter encourage our President to stop the invasion and not let one illegal cross our border. There will be thousands more coming unless this invasion is stopped. ??????

  • Gladys J Edakattil

    10/26/2018 08:00 PM


    Gen. Mattis, What’s the point of sending just 800 troops to the border? Might as well send not any!! Obama sent more than 1500 or so. But we’ve about 7000 or more coming to the border and I’m sure they’re ready to fight using women and children as human shields like the Palestinians, ISIS & other Islamist Jihadists do!! As someone commented today, it’s a good idea to spray skunk perfume and such thigs over them to drive them away. Using force won’t be a good idea will cause uproar from patriots, Democrats, Media, Christians and International community against President Trump giving an ammunition for opposition for impeachment, etc.

    God’s People – send out strong urgent prayers of supplication & intercession on behalf of our country and our President Trump!

    So, please, pray for our President, the Congress, DOJ, Supreme Court, and write to your Senators and Representatives to pass the budget to build the Border Wall, pass the strict commonsense Immigration Laws, etc. Please pray that the Lord in His Grace and power will cause with whichever means the Lord see fit for these people to change their minds and return home rather than proceed to the US border and prevent us/ President from forcing our/his hand (to be used against him by his enemies) and turn everything into our and President’s favour and put all our opponents to shame!

    Thank you, God bless you all. May He give us His wisdom, discernment, and hope.

  • Anne Nowak

    10/26/2018 07:55 PM

    Thank you for providing great, honest commentary! Something that is in short supply the last 10 years. It’s a good feeling to be able to come home after work to read your column and know I don’t have to research the validity of the information.

  • Larry Cross

    10/26/2018 07:51 PM

    Are you certain the so-called captured suspect is the real mail bomber or a setup?

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    10/26/2018 07:36 PM

    Ref the "bombs" sent to various democrats. Conspiracy theorists can certainly be forgiven for suspecting this was a democrat hoax, because it had the classic signature of a democrat program - the design was flawed, and would never have worked!

  • frederick oates

    10/26/2018 07:11 PM

    Governor,, it's not a caravan, it's an invasion!!!! I LOVE the USA!!! Keep America Great!!!

  • GuyDell Hill

    10/26/2018 07:06 PM

    Love you, Gov, your heart, wit, and love for this country!!!! RED wave!!!! I have early voted!!! RED all the way!!! Winning!! thanks again for all you do for this USA!

  • Joy Polo

    10/26/2018 06:59 PM

    $10 bucks says Sayoc gets suicided in jail.