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January 7, 2022

Scott Adams, best known as the creator of the DILBERT cartoon strip but also a bestselling author, trained hypnotist and professional prognosticator who predicted (like us!) Trump would win in 2016, made some interesting points about January 6 in his Thursday podcast (Episode 1615) of “Coffee With Scott Adams.” Worth quoting at length, so we will:

“...There were a ton of people there who didn’t even know they were breaking the law because the fences were down before they got there. They were just...protesting. So if you’ve got a President who is presuming without the benefit of a trial that these people were there for insurrection, you have put the assumption of guilt on citizens from the highest office in the land. The highest office in the land, the President, just put the assumption of guilt on a bunch of people --- some of ‘em were guilty, some, some. But most of them, not so much. Most of them were trying to do what they thought was preserving democracy, by postponing the certification until some audits could get done.

“Now, of course, when the fake news reports about it, they act like the idea was that they’d just take over and change the government. No demand like that ever happened. The only demand was, ‘Can you give us a few days to audit some suspicious stuff. That is PROTECTING the republic, at least in the minds of the people there.”

Also this: “We’re giving the states the presumption of innocence when they’re not giving us an auditable election. That’s backwards. The presumption has to be that the election is corrupt if you can’t audit it. That doesn’t mean it is...[but] the government has to prove they’re not guilty. They’ve gotta open the books.”

Darn right.


Last but certainly not least, this: “...You are in the middle of a massive brainwashing operation. I don’t know the degree to which it is organized, but it looks organized. It looks as if the whole January 6 thing is to keep Trump out of office and to keep Trump supporters and Republicans in general demonized by keeping that story in your head. Because it creates the situation where Democrats can do anything to Republicans, ‘cause dammit, those Republicans deserve it --- look at them and their insurrections!”

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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • jim bertilino

    01/10/2022 08:10 PM

    Such delusion. Hope you don't believe your own bullshit. Clickbait is fun, but Jan 6 saw Pence in jeopardy, people trashing the capital, and a president bent on tyranny trying to stay in office.

  • Robert Ashford

    01/10/2022 05:00 PM

    Let's hope the dems quit blocking the facts and access to facts, so we can get to the bottom of this. I think ole Nasty Nancy will have some "Splainin to do"

  • Bob J

    01/08/2022 05:12 PM

    Mike We all know what really happened on Jan 6th was allowed to happen by the establishment. When Strok and Page said they had an insurance policy we know what they really mean.
    The fact is Biden knows he is illegitimate. No one wants to call out the mainstream media in masses. How many of the people who witnessed the election fraud were charged with lying ? I believe that answer is a big fat Zero. Until people start calling out these frauds in masses we are doomed as conservatives. They are using the virus to take full control unless we gain a majority in the house and the Senate and a veto proof one we are not coming back anytime soon.

  • J. Work

    01/08/2022 03:18 PM

    Such a fake set up by the dems & particularly Nancy who ‘was the one’ that turned down calling in the Nat’l. Guard 2 days ahead of time, offered by oh my, guess who… Donald J Trump! This was their plot & to even ‘plant a few guys to shot out: “Let’s storm the Capital!” Geez, he didn’t have to be hauled away to jail for a yr like so many others that are truly innocent meaning that they never even entered the Capitol! Well that particular man ‘was sought out & questioned by the FBI’, but alas let go because ‘he was one of theirs!’
    Such hypocrisy! How can they look in the mirror & deny all of their plots!

  • Roland McAllister

    01/08/2022 03:08 PM

    Nov 7th 1983 the bombing in the Senate to try and kill republicans.
    Jan 2017 riots in DC burning & looting.
    2018 Take over of the Senate during Kavanaugh confirmations.

    All worse than the 6 Jan 2020 un official tours.

  • John M Spicer

    01/07/2022 03:05 PM

    You don't have to be a Christian to see this. Just read the Bible. It's all there. For once I am grateful to be 82 and have seen, served the military, and lived in a beautiful country. It is a God given America and so sad to see her die like this. God surely blessed America and now we are killing her. God please help America.