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May 5, 2023

I haven’t been covering all the stories about Tucker Carlson because most of them are still nothing but speculation. However, a couple recently have involved sneaky attempts to attack Carlson by leaking private communications, and they’ve backfired spectacularly, so I think they are solid enough to share.

First, the New York Times published a leaked text message from Carlson that I guess was supposed to be negative, but that actually showed he didn’t want to get swept up in partisan hatred and was trying to remember that even his worst political opponents were fellow human beings who didn’t deserve to be assaulted. I can see why the editors of the New York Times might think that message was shocking.  

Some unknown person has also been trying to undermine Carlson by releasing off-air video of him on the set of his show, making candid and sometimes profane comments about his critics and attackers. I don’t think they realized their dirty trick would backfire and would make him more popular, even turning people who never watched him before into fans.

That’s yet another downside to living in a bubble where you only talk to people who agree with you and censor all criticism. When you find out what people actually think of you, you not only believe it’s some kind of heresy that will offend everyone else as much as it does you, but you’re also shocked – shocked! – to discover just how many people agree with it.

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