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November 25, 2019 |

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Question: How many Clinton cronies does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

Answer: None --- we have to do it because they prefer the cover of darkness.

There may be no fingerprints from Clinton and her cronies on that lightbulb, but their grubby prints are all over the Steele “dossier” and election interference that came from (yes) Ukraine. As mentioned in Friday's newsletter, “inquiry” witness and passionate George Soros defender Dr. Fiona Hill is well acquainted with some of them.

But were you aware she even got an “advance” copy of the dossier, the day before it was published by BUZZFEED? She got to see it courtesy of Strobe Talbott, who ran the Brookings Institution at the time she was there. And how did HE get it? Chuck Ross at the DAILY CALLER reported on this back in late December 2018...


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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The IG Report

By Mike Huckabee

I don’t want to delve too deeply into the story of the FBI employee who reportedly altered a document as part of getting a FISA warrant to spy on a Trump campaign worker because so far, this is all news of the “advance leak” variety from Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, and I’d like to wait and see what that actually says for myself.  Too many people have deep vested interests in spinning it before we actually get to see it. 

But just so you know what all the chatter is about, here’s the current story…

And this is allegedly the identity of the FBI employee who altered the document…

This story notes that while the media “are describing Kevin Clinesmith as a low-level lawyer, the inspector general has described Clinesmith as the primary lawyer in Bob Mueller's Russia investigation in 2017.” 

This is why I want to reserve judgement until I actually see the IG’s report.  Right now, there’s too much spin, including a report that the IG will pull a typically unbelievable DC whitewash and claim that while a few low-level staffers made some mistakes, the investigation of Trump’s campaign was launched properly, that innocent people were “appropriately” targeted, and there’s no evidence of deliberate wrongdoing or partisanship by FBI leaders.

That’s from a CNN report, and it’s definitely what CNN wants us to think (note that it’s filled with their favorite buzzwords like “no evidence” and “discredited conspiracy theory”), so I’ll take it with a grain of salt for now.  But if those are kind of reeking mule muffins this report contains, then it will just be another infuriating, dishonest insult to our intelligence.  Most Americans will rightly see it as nothing but further confirmation of Washington’s double standard that’s been staring us in the face since 2016, when Hillary Clinton was allowed to skate for things that would’ve sent anyone else to prison for decades, while Trump and all his staffers have been put through a relentless investigative ordeal for three straight years, some facing bankruptcy and prison time over minor “process crimes.”   

For now, I’m willing to wait-and-see.  But if the IG report does turn out to be yet another one of those CYA documents in which “mistakes were made” (but by nobody specifically), and nobody had any ulterior motives (despite mountains of evidence to the contrary), then they might as well just toss it in the shredder. If that's the case, then I’ll wait for the Durham investigation, which I hope will lead to some serious and well-deserved indictments. 



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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Rep. Maxine Waters declared that Ben Carson “lacks the intelligence” to be HUD Secretary.

Hey, Maxine: it ain’t brain surgery! Which is what Ben Carson did, on a world class level, before he was HUD Secretary.  I shudder to think what someone would be like if Maxine Waters performed brain surgery on them.  Come to think of it, they’d probably be a lot like Maxine Waters. Has she performed brain surgery on herself?



Rudy Giuliani was much in the news over the weekend, but there’s really no point in trying to untangle all the conflicting stories, since they’re all based on leaks, assumptions and innuendo. If you listen to the leftist sites, you’d think that the House Democrats have obtained damning new evidence tying Trump and Giuliani to an attempt to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens…

But if you look at news sites on the right, you will be more convinced than ever that Hunter Biden and a number of other business associates (and prominent Democrats) richly deserved to be investigated, and more damning evidence of that is appearing all the time…

After you do all that background reading, here’s an interview Giuliani gave to Fox News, so you can hear him in his own words.  See if you can figure out what’s really going on.  Personally, I’d prefer to wait until I know before I comment on it, but that marks me as a really antiquated type in today’s media environment.



Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving."

- Colossians 4:2

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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • Gregory Weinman

    11/25/2019 08:22 PM

    The previous Inspector General report made only general comments that mistakes were made without identifying who made those mistakes. I like you believe this latest report will contain little specific.
    K T McFarland reappeared on TV after having been ground to near pulp by the Mueller/Weissmann machine. She opened up about how terrifying the government can be. Now Mr Giuliani is feeling the heat as NY Federal Prosecutors cast a wide net hoping to find something, anything suspicious. It appears Democrats in government are willing to run down any avenue with a hope of arriving at the dirt they want. We all know they have much better things to do and more that needs attention. However, all is ignored because a big fish is waiting for the hook.

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    11/25/2019 05:33 PM

    Honestly, I can only watch about 10 seconds of Maxine Watters before I'm reminded of the Bible verse in Romans 1:22, "Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools." Her ever flowing wisdom is like the dummy looking at the ventriloquist and telling him how stupid he is!

  • Carolyn Mae Wood

    11/25/2019 05:29 PM

    Mike, I like your comments because I am really old and can understand what is going on better. :))) I pray for President Trump often and his family. They need it really bad because of the Democrats. From a deplorable who loves America. God Bless you and yours.

  • Amelia Little

    11/25/2019 04:50 PM

    I had to laugh at an article that says a former FOX host--Juliet Bubbly or something like that---claims FOX is filling its audience with false information. Including Hannity, Tucker, all the other shows. I think she might not realize that millions of us listen to/read FOX news shows, but also get information from any number of other sources. Just not cnn, msnbc, etc. I think she now works for cnn--or maybe the interview was with someone on cnn. I don't watch all the FOX shows, but certainly Dan Borgino, Sara Carter, John Solomon and others show they actually INVESTIGATE information before passing it on. The same cannot be said, as far as I can tell, about the people on the left/socialist shows. Just go with some partial video sent in, or read from the script given by those running the left show.