February 2, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Northam's 1984  -- "Huckabee" preview -- More news the MSM won't share -- One year later --- As predicted -- Aborting babies -- A stunning lack of concern -- Ashton Kutcher's brave stand  -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


I’m writing this on Friday night, as Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is vowing that he will not resign.  But were I a betting man, my money would be on him being gone by the time you read this.

Americans haven’t seen anyone pull such a spectacular crash-and-burn in public since the days when Evel Knievel was jumping motorcycles over large objects.   

ortham first came to national attention last week when he attempted to defend a proposed pro-abortion law so extreme that even its own backers are now fleeing from it like cats that touched a hot stove.  His appalling description of the act of letting a baby born during an abortion just lie there and struggle for its life without offering medical aid sparked outrage even among some liberals (the infant would be kept comfortable while the parents and doctors have a discussion about what to do – if there even are any doctors: some of these new pro-abortion bills don’t even require that there be a real doctor present.) Let me settle that discussion: when a baby is struggling for its life, you CALL A DOCTOR or get it to a hospital!!!  That doesn’t require a debate.

Mike Huckabee

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"Huckabee" preview

By Mike Huckabee

Celebrate the “polar vortex” finally starting to thaw with a warm-hearted new episode of “Huckabee” tonight on TBN!  Rep. Doug Collins of the House Judiciary Committee will talk about how to reign in an out-of-control FBI leadership.  Best-selling author and minister Lysa TerKeurst will tell us how to stay strong and keep our faith when life leaves us feeling shattered.  Actor Stephen Baldwin will give us a sneak preview of his gripping new film based on the true story of a Christian missionary who was murdered in India.  I’ll have commentaries on news both serious and ridiculous (“In Case You Missed It”).  And get ready for some downhome nostalgia when some of your favorite stars of the classic country music and comedy series “Hee-Haw” drop by our cornfield to share some pickin’ and grinnin’ and memories. 

All that and more is coming your way tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, repeated at the same times on Sunday, only on TBN. To find your local TBN channel and stream previous episodes online, visit


More news the MSM won't share

By Mike Huckabee 

I already told you that the Bureau of Labor Statistics said the economy added 304,000 jobs in January, far more than predicted, and that wages rose again.  But the labor force participation rate also rose by a tenth of a point to 63.2% -- the highest it's been since President Trump took office (at that time, it was 62.9%.)  It would be even higher if so many baby boomers weren’t retiring.  Despite doomsayers worrying that the government shutdown would derail the booming economy, it seems that life actually went on just fine without all those non-essential government workers.  Who’d a thunk it?

And now, we pause for this comment on the economy from the outer frontiers of Bizarro World…



One year later

By Mike Huckabee

Valentine’s Day is normally a happy occasion, but it also will mark the one-year anniversary of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.  Since that terrible day, we have learned a lot.  We have seen how many levels of government failed in their responsibilities to protect those children; we’ve seen people try to exploit the tragedy to promote a political agenda that would not have prevented it; and we’ve seen an expert investigation result in recommendations that could make a difference, such as arming teachers, but some people refuse to accept them.   

At the link, a woman who lives in Broward County, was personally affected by the shooting and has been active in trying to hold officials accountable shares some conclusions she’s reached that a lot of people on the left also won’t like hearing.  She offers an overwhelming litany of ways in which liberals, whose justification for all their policies is “Think of the children!,” have repeatedly failed children, harmed children, killed children, and placed the real needs of children behind the importance of advancing leftist social and political ideas. 

This is a must-read, although I warn you: there are several disturbing images.  But that’s the whole point.  There are a lot of disturbing facts, too.


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As predicted

By Mike Huckabee

Just as I predicted, Republicans are going to make sure that when President Trump gives his State of the Union Address in the House, in the face of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats who back her willful refusal to acknowledge the serious negative consequences of lax border and immigration control, the guest gallery will be filled with living examples of the pain caused by those policies.  Anyone who can look into the face of these grieving families and still tell us that the problem is “manufactured” either has no heart or thinks we have no brains.


Aborting babies

By Mike Huckabee

It’s absolutely astounding to me to see the people who are voting for the current rash of “aborting babies up to the moment of birth” laws cheering, celebrating and congratulating themselves on their great “progressive” victory.  I don’t want to believe that these people, who seem to think they’re doing a compassionate service for women, are just cold-blooded, stone-hearted monsters. Why are they unable to grasp the repulsiveness of what they’re doing? 

I know this is an outgrowth of a lifetime of brainwashing themselves into believing that a baby in the womb isn’t really a human being, and that a woman’s decision to abort is something that’s solely about HER body and only affects HER, when it’s really the killing of a separate and distinct human life.  But how can they continue to cling to that slender reed of rationalization even as they promote the right to withhold medical care from a baby that was already born during an abortion and is now living and breathing completely separate from its mother’s body?  How clear does murder have to be before they recognize it for what it is? 

At this link is a story about a doctor who performed 22 abortions until something happened during the 23rd that changed his mind and heart, and he just couldn’t do it anymore.  I warn you, this story is graphic and disturbing, but maybe some people have to see the ugly unvarnished truth to shock them out of their cozy cocoon of denial.

This story is also in line with something very interesting that was told to me by pro-life activist Shawn Carney during an interview for my TBN show (see it at the link.)  He said when it comes to abortion, conversion is a one-way street.  In all his years of dealing with this issue, he’s met countless people who've had abortions or worked in abortion clinics or fought for abortion rights who all became pro-life.  But he said he’s never seen a single person who was once pro-life but became convinced that view was wrong and turned pro-abortion. 

I think it's because once you see the light, it's very hard to go back to living in darkness.


More excellent timing

By Mike Huckabee

And more excellent timing: A man in Shawnee, Kansas, was arguing with his wife over his spending too much money on lottery tickets when he looked at the computer to check his numbers and saw that he’d won $22,000.  He said, “When I showed my wife how much I had won, she immediately quit bickering.” 

I hope he enjoyed that feeling because the one thing that happens even less often than winning the lottery is winning an argument with your wife.  Having both happen at once is about as rare as winning the Powerball lottery when you forgot to buy a ticket.


Ashton Kutcher's brave stand

By Mike Huckabee

Let’s also throw a big salute to actor Ashton Kutcher, for having the guts and the moral character to risk his career in Hollywood to take a stand for the sanctity of life.  In a Facebook post he titled, “Everyone’s life is valuable,” he shared a video of Special Olympian and actor Frank Stephens speaking before Congress in 2017 about the tragic trend of women being encouraged to abort babies with Down syndrome.

Stephens told Congress that “the people pushing this particular 'final solution' are saying that people like me should not exist,” but "whatever you learn today, please remember this: I am a man with Down syndrome and my life is worth living."

There’s much more at the link.  Please click to watch the full inspiring video and read the whole story.  If you’ve seen it before, then watch it again.  It’s a message that desperately needs to be stated over and over at this dark moment in history, when some people are abusing government power to devalue human life.  And thanks to Ashton Kutcher, for bravely using his popular social media platform to spread this message, which has now generated over 100,000 shares.

If you’d like to hear more from Frank Stephens, here is an interview he gave to “Fox & Friends.”


Evening Edition - February 1

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness."

– Colossians 3:14

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  • Beverly Nolan

    02/02/2019 12:16 PM

    I read the article my S.G. Cheah (Liberals not Safe for Kids) and it's timing for us is uncanny. A young man from our eldest grandsons High School class committed suicide this last week. He is the second in the last six months. These young men, 20 year olds, were among those determined to have "learning disabilities" and their High School received extra funding for their educational needs. Maybe that extra funding bought the trailer all of these kids were moved into that they parked on an athletic field totally removed from the High School population. Rather than providing a special education teacher to encourage them, they got a "babysitter" who impressed upon them that they were not College material so probably wouldn't amount to much.
    Thankfully, our grandson has parents who are very active in their Church and Community. He has a stable family life with both sets of loving Grandparents having been married 50 years and parents who are already half way there. Our Grandson is a heavy equipment operator, no College needed, and doing quite well for himself. He said his only interest in College would be to attend so he could debate Liberals! His girl friend is currently getting her Master's in Special Education. By the grace of God and Family!

  • Beverly Nolan

    02/02/2019 11:55 AM

    I bet a box of Krispy creams that this doesn't get published... IS there anyone stupid enough to believe there are "0 or 1 or 2 comments" on Mike's pages? Legal disclaimer I did NOT say who I was betting against. Hint: either way I get a box of hot creamy donuts.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/02/2019 10:53 AM

    Polar Vortex blessings?:
    No Chicago shootings??
    No Dem, Leftists protests,wild & crazy antics.

    Pure Survival mode.
    Hope Schumers home gets Hit