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November 11, 2022



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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Proverbs 3:5

A tragic loss

It was heartbreaking to see how many voters have fallen for the fuzzy euphemisms Democrats use to hide the reality of what abortion really is. In Tuesday’s elections, the sanctity of life took a tragic loss in several states.

Democrats no longer even pretend to want abortion kept “safe, legal and rare.” They’ve now pushed their willingness to slaughter babies in the womb to a level that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Imagine the Governor of a once-great state like California actually being proud that he’s now helped make it legal to murder a child in the womb right up through what would have been the day of its birth.

The next frontier is to kill babies even after they’ve been born. And Montana voters shockingly advanced that idea by voting 52.4% to 47.6% against a bill that would have required doctors to provide medical care for babies born alive at any point in a pregnancy, including during a “botched” abortion (an abortion is considered “botched” if the patient survives.)

Pro-life activists called it “unimaginable” and a “dark, horrific day.” Defense attorney and conservative commentator Marina Medvin pointed out that the law requires police to give medical care to criminals who shoot at them, and society to give medical care to serial killers in prison, but a majority of Montana voters just okayed denying medical care to innocent babies and letting them die on an operating table.  

Some tried to excuse Montana voters, claiming they were misled and didn’t understand the bill. I don’t know how much clearer it could have been, or how hard it is to figure out. 

I warned for years that if Roe v. Wade was ever overturned, it would not be the end of the fight for life, but only a new beginning. The pro-abortion movement has made it clear that they will use lies and even violence to push their anti-life obsession that has gone beyond a political or spiritual disagreement into the realm of promoting sheer evil. We have to do a better job of winning hearts and minds, and luckily, we also have science on our side.

In an age in which contraceptives are cheap or free and readily available, there isn’t even a pretext of a justification for late term abortion. And letting babies that have already been born die is not “choice” or “reproduction health care,” it’s straight-up murder. Polls show that most Americans, even those who oppose abortion bans, still want restrictions on abortion, and I would hope they also want restrictions on outright murder. We have to do a better job of letting them know that the Democrats are using lies, fear and hysteria to convince them to vote for things that they would be horrified to know they were allowing if the left wasn’t doing such a good job of hiding the truth.

For an example of how it’s done, God bless the voters who just approved making these nine cities sanctuary cities for the unborn.

Here’s more evidence that Gov. Ron DeSantis is now a top contender for the GOP Presidential nomination

A CBS drama show already slimed him with false accusations. Welcome to Trump World, Ron!

Scratch that

Kudos to Independent Senate candidate Evan McMullin, who in conceding to Sen. Mike Lee showed the world how to lose with grace, dignity and honor. Oh, wait a minute! Scratch that…

Must-See Video

Last night, Tucker Carlson of Fox News interviewed Chloe Cole, who as a young teen thought she was “trans.”

Her parents took her to doctors whom they trusted to help her. They misled and pressured her to take puberty blocking hormones at 13 and undergo a double mastectomy billed as “gender-affirming surgery” at 15. At 16, she’s now “detransitioning,” but has been left traumatized, “devastated” and physically mutilated. She doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to have children now.

Chloe says that what happened to her was horrible, but what’s worse is that it’s spreading and happening to children all over the world. Fortunately, some nations in Europe, such as the UK, are finally waking up to this twisted quackery and retreating from it. Bless her for speaking out, and I hope you’ll join me in praying for her to recover from the physical, psychological and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of these conscienceless quacks.

It’s the responsibility of adults to protect children from having to make decisions that have repercussions they don’t understand because they’re children. They’re not guinea pigs for a political agenda. Chloe summed up this issue in one sentence better than any “trans” activist I’ve ever heard:

"I made an adult decision as a child."


The IRS had a good year

Hey, all you people who turned out to vote for Democrats on Tuesday because they told you it was a vote for “choice” and “democracy”: here’s what they didn’t tell you you were voting for.

The Government Accountability Office reports that under the Democrat-controlled Congress, the enforcement budget for the IRS skyrocketed by 919%, from $5 billion to $51 billion. That helped the tax agency “boost government revenues” by a trillion dollars in the last fiscal year. Good, they made those greedy corporations pay their “fair share,” right? Uh, no: 88% of that extra trillion bucks was extracted from individual taxpayers…like you.

If the IRS did that well last year, imagine how much blood they’ll be able to squeeze from your stones once they have 87,000 new tax agents and auditors! I’ll bet some of you are quietly praying for the Republicans to win back Congress now, aren’t you?


Twitter user growth is exploding

Leftist celebrities might be abandoning Twitter -- and I’m curious to see how long they can go without that regular bong hit of praise and attention -- but user growth is exploding without them (you mean people DON’T come to Twitter because they love unhinged leftist rants from Deborah Messing?) Those who have remained or come back say the platform is already much more enjoyable since Elon Musk fired half the staff and is cracking the whip on the rest of them.

Far from becoming a fount of “hatred and racism,” with all those woke-scold censors gone or ordered to do actual work, Twitter is starting to be fun again. Users have even noticed that the “trending topics” are no longer just leftwing news and comments but things that regular people actually find to be fun and interesting.

It’s also refreshing that Musk invites users to tell him their complaints and ideas for making Twitter better, and personally responds and does something about them, as opposed to censoring them. For instance, they seem to have opened his eyes to the fact that his head of “Trust and Safety” was actually a screaming leftist who colluded with the government to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story, and he’s now out the door!

I hate to quote myself, at least so soon, but as I said just yesterday in praising Gov. DeSantis for firing the people who were mucking up Florida’s election process, “That’s a good lesson in what can be accomplished if you fire the right people.”


Biden: Arrogant and Clueless

As is his wont, President Biden stunned a lot of people with his clueless arrogance Wednesday when he brushed off any looming investigations of his son Hunter, scoffing, “Good luck with that,” and branding it “almost comedy.”

Well, law professor Jonathan Turley doesn’t find it so amusing. He describes Hunter’s laptop as “Washington’s Pandora’s Box,” and predicts that if the GOP House opens it up to investigate, what will come pouring out for exposure is Washington’s “cottage industry of influence peddling.” 

Personally, I can’t wait. That racket has needed to be exposed and shut down for a long time. Office holders should be serving the people, not deep-pocket lobbyists. Speaking as a former office holder who had to go to work to earn money after leaving politics, I have always been incredibly curious about how all these dedicated public servants who spend decades in jobs that pay in the low six figures somehow manage to retire as multi-millionaires.

When they’re done with Hunter’s laptop, how about looking into the Clinton Foundation, and all those massive foreign contributions that mysteriously dried up once it was certain Hillary wasn’t going to be President? I still recall during the 2016 election, when Hillary blasted Trump for making his dirty fortune in the private sector, building things that people needed, like hotels and apartments, and creating thousands of jobs, while her family proudly devoted their lives to “public service.” If I recall correctly, I believe the combined fortunes of Hillary and Bill at that time were estimated at around $120 million, aside from their Foundation’s bulging coffers. I can assure you, being Governor of Arkansas didn’t pay nearly that much.



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