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February 26, 2021

"Anti-racism” IS racism. That is the truth, no matter how much grief I or anyone else gets for saying it.

Tucker Carlson had a story last night about a young black woman at Smith College who, during an exchange with a campus security officer, felt victimized because of her race. See the details about this woman, and what happened in reaction to her complaint, in the video segment and Tucker's opinion piece, here.

Look at what a huge overreaction this was, and how it affected people’s lives. An investigation found no evidence that this young woman had been treated wrongly because of the color of her skin, but the president of Smith College said it was still “impossible to rule out the potential role of implicit racial bias.” Well, I guess not!

But it’s one of the interviews Tucker featured after his report that is the real must-see. Jason D. Hill, a black (Jamaican-American) philosophy professor at DePaul University who describes himself in print as very much a liberal –- in the classical sense, as opposed to a modern-day multicultural leftist –- made some observations about the psychology of “anti-racist” theory that are so spot-on brilliant, we’ve not only linked to the interview but have transcribed certain parts of what he had to say, with some of his words highlighted by me.

"...I think that what we’re seeing is A NEW FORM OF LIBERAL WHITE SUPREMACY,” he said, “that is being promulgated by national security threats, in the person of people like Ibram Kendi [“How to be an Antiracist”] and Robin DiAngelo [“White Fragility”], who are what I call the new liberal white supremacists, who are conducting these ‘sensitivity’ racial workshops, ‘anti-racist’ workshops, which are nothing more than workshops that prepare young people TO SEE GRIEVANCES AND RACISM WHERE THEY DO NOT EXIST. And I think they are spreading a kind of DIVISIVENESS in our nation and equipping blacks and other minorities to act with full forethought of MALICE to issue NEFARIOUS CLAIMS AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. And what they’re doing is they’re saying, ‘So long as you have white skin --- DiAngelo does this; Ibram Kendi does this --- you are a walking practitioner of racism.”

But here is where it got brilliant: “And…I think that what has happened since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, is that...a lot of blacks...are going through what I call [an] ‘EXISTENTIAL IDENTITY CRISIS.’ That is, their identities were forged in the crucibles of real oppression. Now that they’re free, and HAVE LOST THE KIND OF ‘COSMIC SPECIALNESS,’ they don’t know what to do with their lives. AND THESE NEW LIBERAL WHITE SUPREMACISTS HAVE HONED IN LIKE VULTURES, and have told them that you need to continue the drama. You need to continue your careers of [being] victims. And there are two ways that you can do this: one is you can CONTINUE THE DRAMA OF VICTIMOLOGY, and one way to do this is by understanding that black skin grants you the imprimatur of you are automatically stamped with the insignia of sainthood, which puts you outside of being questioned, and b) ALL WHITE PEOPLE, by virtue of having white skin, ARE AUTOMATIC RACISTS, which condemns them indefinitely as your oppressors.

He continued: “And I think this is what we are seeing happening. Black people are being weaponized to be PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION...and it’s terribly divisive.”

“It’s also not surprising," he said, "that AS AMERICA GROWS LESS RACIST, we are seeing on college campuses a march for RE-SEGREGATION, right? Where blacks are calling for separate dorms, separate graduation ceremonies. Since 2017, on 170 college campuses, now we have separate graduation ceremonies for blacks.”

Prof. Hill is not surprised at all by what happened at Smith College, he said, because “we’re living in a different kind of era.”

It would be one thing for me, as a white man, to play armchair psychologist and try to explain what's going on in so many communities and on so many campuses at a time when we’ve made so much progress and should all seemingly be able to enjoy being part of “the human race.” Why can’t we do that? Who doesn’t want to move forward in that world? By far, most white Americans in the 21st Century do. Racially mixed marriages are common. We’ve elected a black President, for heaven’s sake. Why would this be happening now? This professor has given us some clues.

So I join him in pointing straight at white leftists who want to tear America apart and build it back according to their own Marxist preferences.

In my Thursday evening edition, I included the story about a survey done on what people thought were the most important issues facing America. As it turned out, when broken down by political affiliation, Republicans cited illegal immigration as #1, followed by lack of support for police, high taxes, liberal media bias, moral decline of society, socialism, Antifa violence, and China.

But Democrats cited the spread of covid as their #1 concern. Okay, but their #2 was TRUMP SUPPORTERS (!), and their #3 was WHITE NATIONALISM, which I’m sure in their minds is the same as #2. Tied for fourth place were economic damage from COVID and...(drum roll, please)...SYSTEMIC RACISM. Do I see a theme emerging?

Trump supporters...white nationalism...systemic racism: other than covid, these are the things that keep leftists up at night. And in their minds, these are very real, widespread dangers. Another poll showed that the greatest number of people on the left believed police had shot and killed a shocking 1,000+ unarmed black people in a year; the real number for last year was 27. That’s 27 more than we want to see, but it’s a far cry from what people have assumed. And cops kill unarmed white people, too, though it gets far less news coverage.

The point is, these people have been brainwashed. Yes, it absolutely can happen that millions of people are brainwashed at one time; it’s what the CCP does in China. Look at what has happened here, to the media, to schools, to corporate life, to popular culture, and it’s easy to see how this can happen, even in America. But when leftists see that I have said this, they’ll tell me I’m the deluded one. Also, a racist.

Once again, I’ll quote H. L. Mencken, who said, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” Mencken could have just as easily said this in 2021.

As a postscript, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming (to the dismay of many who live in Wyoming) is playing right into the hands of the leftists Prof. Hill was talking about. She said she wants us to make it clear, as Republicans, that “we’re not the party of white supremacy.” What? Just to make sure, Is SHE clear on that, because her defensiveness is an embarrassment.

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  • John Mertes

    02/27/2021 12:12 PM

    It is and has been my long standing understanding too that "Anti-racism” IS racism!
    We have a Black History Month and a TV channel called Black entertainment television aka BET.
    Would we as a sane society have a White entertainment television channel or White history month? Or any other group? How about how poorly Native Americans were treated? Shall we have these practices for those people too? So yes, we are a Racist country but not for how Black Americans are wrongly treated but by how we provide this minority group special considerations while ignoring / excluding others.