August 17, 2021

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  • Bible Verse of the Day -Matthew 19:19
  • Biden's Speech
  • Another Stunning Lie
  • America The Beautiful
  • UN Scrutiny
  • Missed It


Mike Huckabee


Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Matthew 19:19

Biden's Speech

By Mike Huckabee

Monday, President Biden gave an address on the rapidly unfolding disaster in Afghanistan, and it was deservedly condemned by media outlets across the political spectrum as one of the most embarrassing, dishonest, self-serving Presidential speeches in US history. The Wall Street Journal was especially scathing, saying Biden made it clear that he is “the main architect of this needless American surrender,” and “The world has seen a President portraying surrender as an act of political courage, and retreat as strategic wisdom. As we write this, the world’s rogues are looking for ways to give him a chance to deliver a similar speech about other parts of the world.”

Biden defiantly claimed he stands behind his decision to pull out US troops (although he’s now sending 6,000 back in, which is a new definition of “stands behind”) that has resulted in a humiliating takeover of the nation by the Taliban, endangering the lives of countless Afghan citizens. He declared that “the buck stops here,” then tried to blame the catastrophe on his predecessor, the Afghan president, the Afghan military, and just about anyone else. He even boasted that Osama bin Laden was dead as justification for leaving Afghanistan without mentioning that he’d advised Obama against ordering the mission to kill bin Laden.

Among Biden’s more blatant lies were that his hands were tied because Trump made the pullout deal and he didn’t want to delay it and hand off Afghanistan to the next President. But he's made it abundantly clear that he relishes breaking commitments made by Trump, and he’s been in office less than a year. If it would’ve taken a little longer to draw down the troops safely, he had plenty of time before the next election. As Trump tweeted, it wasn’t the withdrawal that caused the disaster, it was the way Biden did it. Here’s an explanation of what that means:

Former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster agrees:

Former Reagan assistant Defense Secretary Bing West agreed that Biden was disingenuous and no matter how he tried to present it, “we’re the losers coming out looking like losers.” West said, "I was struck with how defensive [Biden] was, almost angry that this could be happening because he’s so much in the right. He’s not in the right, and he didn’t tell the truth."

For instance, Biden claimed that if he hadn’t pulled all the troops out now, there would be “endless rows of headstones at Arlington National Cemetery.” West said, "That’s simply not true. We haven’t been in combat on the ground for a few years now," adding that annual US casualties hadn’t surpassed 100 since 2013 (while any fatalities are too many, the last one was six months ago.) He added that no matter what Biden says, "Al-Qaeda will again show its viper head, and I have no doubt that within six months, we will be striking targets inside Afghanistan.” Anyone else getting a feeling of deja vu involving Obama's politically-motivated pullout from Iraq that led to the rise of ISIS and the return of US troops to stem the carnage?

Put it this way: Biden’s speech was so bad, even CNN couldn’t bring themselves to spin it positively. Jake Tapper called it “full of finger-pointing and blame,” except for himself.

Well, MSNBC tried to cover for Biden, but one guest was Army vet Matt Zeller, and he wasn’t having it.

And Speaker Nancy Pelosi used some carefully-parsed words to try to “commend” Biden on his handling of Afghanistan and put the Taliban on notice that “the world is watching.” That got the reaction on Twitter that it deserved.

Another Stunning Lie

By Mike Huckabee

Another stunning lie was when Biden brushed off the terrified Afghan citizens desperately trying to flee for their lives by claiming that they could have left sooner but just didn’t want to. Three months ago, on May 19th, I commented on this story from Politico:

It was about House lawmakers of both parties being frustrated with Biden’s White House for its “total lack of a sense of urgency, or a plan” for getting our translators and other Afghan citizens who had helped the US out of the country safely. Rep. Michael Waltz, a former Green Beret, prophetically said back then, “The day the last U.S. soldier goes wheels up out of Bagram air base, we’ve handed these people a death sentence.”

With precious time slipping away, the White House was bogged down in visa paperwork and claimed to be looking into “process improvements.” Due to “massive bureaucratic delays,” the State Department said it would take “upwards of two years” to finish processing all the applicants, when the literal deadline imposed by Biden was just a few months away. What I wrote back then was, “Does anyone else get the feeling that if we still had Trump in the White House, those bureaucratic delays would be cleared out of the way if it meant saving thousands of lives?”

We’re now hearing that Biden has okayed up to 30,000 Afghan refugees coming to America, but how are they supposed to get out of Afghanistan alive? The Taliban have reportedly set up a ring around Kabul Airport to ensure that nobody can get there and escape.

The Biden Administration’s deadly incompetence threw those people to the wolves, and now he dares to blame them for not WANTING to leave. That’s not merely a lie, it’s a slanderous lie. His Administration failed them. Ironically, if Afghanistan were in Central America, they could have just walked across the border with no paperwork at all.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Rocky Mountain National Park, visit its website here.

UN Scrutiny

By Mike Huckabee

A spokesperson for the U.N.'s High Commissioner for Human Rights released this statement:

"Taliban spokespeople have issued a number of statements in recent days, including pledging an amnesty for those who worked for the previous Government. They have also pledged to be inclusive. They have said women can work and girls can go to school. Such promises will need to be honored, and for the time being -- again understandably, given past history -- these declarations have been greeted with some skepticism. Nevertheless, the promises have been made, and whether or not they are honored or broken, will be closely scrutinized."

Meanwhile, we’re already hearing reports of women being told not to go to work and girls as young as 12 being taken from homes and forced into “marriages” (i.e., sex slavery), and the Taliban going door-to-door, hunting for people who worked for the Afghan government.

But I’m sure they just want to offer them good jobs and wish them no hard feelings. After all, they wouldn’t want to be “closely scrutinized” by the UN.

Missed It

By Mike Huckabee

How did the Taliban get its hands on US military equipment? The Washington Post reports that they may have been negotiating with various Afghan forces for up to a year and a half to pay them off to surrender and hand over their weapons.

And somehow our “intelligence” agencies missed this. Maybe they were too busy monitoring Trump rallies.

For more news, visit my website here.

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Comments 1-10 of 30

  • Wendy Storm

    08/22/2021 02:54 PM

    The only comment I have for this disaster is what a blatant failure of intelligent thought, well planned strategy, care for human life & total disregard of consequences (note: I didn't say ignorance of consequences, the key word here is disregard). OMG

  • Jan Debnam

    08/18/2021 01:16 PM

    Question: Are the claims that the Taliban has captured in excess of 200 missionaries and sentenced them to death valid? I read one follow-up that said it is actually a claim from 2014 being recirculated. I will be in prayer regardless

  • Charlotte Brees

    08/18/2021 05:27 AM

    You message yesterday was the best you have ever written. Thank you. Today's is great too. Please keep it up as the voices of democracy are being rapidly canceled. I think we will have to get rid of all the D.C. swamp creatures & start with a clean Republican slate. Domestic terrorism my butt! Those lunatics in charge in D.C. haven't a clue!

  • steve

    08/18/2021 12:51 AM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I believe I have conjured up what could possibly be proof that the 2020 Presidential Election votes were re-adjusted (trying to be nice here) . I do not believe there are 80 million people in the United States who are stupid enough to vote for Biden/Harris and until some pollster proves otherwise or someone proves all the voting machines spat out ligitimate numbers, I am sticking to my guns.

  • gary sheeldon

    08/17/2021 07:46 PM

    In the month of July alone there were 180,000+/- Illegals who crossed our souther boarder... Yet this White House is worried about 40K+/- people who have risked their lives and everything they hold dear to HELP America... Go Figure.

  • Vernon Thompson

    08/17/2021 06:16 PM

    Brilliant Planning
    What a fantastic job by Dementia Joe and his Socialist Minders. They got elected or stole an election to fix all the bad things that the guy with the mean tweets who didn’t fit their mold of Presidential did!
    The mean guy made the country Energy Independent. Joe and his gang fixed that on day1. He cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, costing thousands of jobs in the US and Canada and angering the Canadians. Now Joe is begging OPEC to pump more oil! Great Job!
    The evil guy secured the Border. Joe and his gang opened it wide so that over 1 million unvetted, unvaccinated (with no medical exam) could illegally enter our country for US citizens to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and law enforcement services costing billions per year. The moron that Joe appointed as DHS Secretary tells us that the border is closed. There are a few exceptions however:
    • Future Democrat voters
    • Drug and Human Smugglers
    • Criminals scheduled for deportation that were spared by Executive Order
    • Previously deported criminals
    • Aspiring Terrorists (any ISIS, Taliban, or Al-Qaida in the bunch?)
    Joe ordered the US military out of Afghanistan with yet to be seen untold problems worldwide.
    Joe has managed to sign every Executive Order designed to unravel all the things that the evil guy did and we are paying for it.
    He signed the Bill passed in December that was supposed to be COVID Relief. In fact, it was the Porkulus Bill with a COVID afterthought.
    With a new President and Congress we got what was supposed to be the BIG COVID Relief Bill. Only 9% was COVID Relief! The other 91% contained political payoffs, Black Farmer Reparations and billions more in wasteful spending.
    In the middle of everything else, we now have runaway inflation and the prospect of crippling tax increases and out of control regulation so they can implement their Socialist agenda.
    Time For Impeachment to Save the Country!!!

    Bill Thompson

  • Robin Rebhan

    08/17/2021 05:35 PM

    RE:"UN Scrutiny". "They have said women can work and girls can go to school. Such promises will need to be honored"
    I could not let this one go! The OFFICIAL disclaimer by the Taliban added to the above is " WITHIN AND ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC LAW! ". Which in this case is the Taliban interpretation of the Koran! AND it is not a sin to lie to infidels!

  • Mike Manoogian

    08/17/2021 05:29 PM

    Like most I was completely offended by the President's speech. He has botched the exit from Afghanistan in every way possible and all he can do is deliver a scripted, heartless speech. He left 11,000 Americans behind and in harms way, not to mention our allies. He should resign from office and take his Generals, SECDEF and State with him.

  • Paul Kern

    08/17/2021 05:23 PM

    A repeat of the fall of Saigon. The Domino Effect happened as predicted. Other SE Asian nations fell as predicted. Now the Taliban will work with the Mullahs, CCP and likely Russia and other dictators to restore an expanded Caliphate.
    Thanks to your president in hiding and his soyboys and Amazons appointed by Obama we see " the Emperor has no clothes"
    No surprise to me and other vets that thousands are leaving the Republican Party.
    If not now at the Great White Throne Judgement God will reveal all. Both nations and individuals will be judged honestly. No wonder the USA us nowhere mentioned in the Bible
    As my pastor recently noticed the Church is a major contributor to America in the fire straits she is in!

  • Robert E. Carter

    08/17/2021 05:20 PM

    Isn't it ironic that members of Congress are seriously considering the application ofd the 25th Amendment to deal with Biden?