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April 18, 2021

Despite all the attempts to silence, shame and censor anyone who questions the results of the 2020 election, a new Rasmussen survey finds that a majority of voters – 51% - believe it’s likely that the election was affected by cheating, with 35% believing it’s “very likely.”

That number includes 74% of Republicans, 51% of unaffiliated voters, and even 30% of Democrats! So apparently, telling people, “Shut up! There’s nothing to see!” while fighting all efforts to audit the ballots or secure future votes is not filling Americans with confidence in the integrity of our elections. If only someone had called on Biden, right after the election, to demand an open and bipartisan investigation to assure Americans that the election was legitimate, as he and the media insist, so these suspicions wouldn’t be hanging over him!

Oh, that’s right: I did that, and got attacked for it. I still can’t figure out why. If you have nothing to hide, why act like you do and keep the suspicions alive?

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  • Bob Roberts

    06/20/2021 09:05 PM

    It’s been eight months since the election. When will you present the evidence to prove such cheating took place?!

  • Martha Seado

    06/13/2021 01:16 AM

    I cannot prove it, but something still does not ring true with the numbers.

  • David L Montgomery

    06/12/2021 05:28 PM


  • Virginia Allen

    06/12/2021 05:03 PM

    I've lost faith in our election system....really hard to get excited about voting if Dominion decides

  • Jim Spaulding

    06/12/2021 08:36 AM

    Anyone who doesn't believe / know that the section wasn't hijacked is either stupid, or a liberal criminal, or both.

  • Jane Giertz

    05/16/2021 07:58 AM

    I believe there was a lot of cheating done by the democrats to get Biden in the white house and look what has happened to this country. I believe Pelosi wants to be vice president and Harris the president and that would be the complete ruin of this country. The election should be investigated and if there is nothing to hide, the the democrats should be ok with it.

  • Gregory P Kirwan

    05/15/2021 06:26 AM

    This cheating scam, like all others, should eventually unfold. What they need to do is arrest some of the pollsters, and they will start singing like birds. Then the whole thing will unravel. Although I doubt Joe Biden has the basic intelligence to orchestrate such a fraud, those that pull his strings should be considered domestic enemies and charged w/ treason for overthrowing the US government.

  • Joe Thompson

    05/14/2021 09:17 PM

    Just look at Biden and Harris. This is the best they could come up with? They couldn't be legally elected if they were the only two running! That's how bad and inept they are!

  • Anthony DeLong

    05/14/2021 08:54 PM

    my wife and I believe there was cheating Trump rallies had hundreds of people biden was lucky if he had 50 at his rallies how did he win election ido not know anyone in my cirle who voted for that dumb old man!!!!

  • Ada L Barth

    05/14/2021 08:06 PM

    I will always believe our 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen with Fraudulent. Even now proof that this is so very true is coming to light.
    Please Impeach Biden-Harris and Handler's and Remove them from our White House and Capitol.
    In just over 100 days they have literally been Destroying our Country. Now Israel is being attacked. This shouldn't be happening. And it wouldn't be if the True President was in Office. The White House is where our Beloved President Trump should be right now.
    The Deranged Administration needs to go to their friends in China, or Iran.

  • Rosalyn Covert

    05/14/2021 07:36 PM

    There was fraud in the election and even what I would call conservative networks are not letting people talk about it. They just want to move on and forget what took place in our 2020 election. We cannot forget about it and move on. What happened in the 2020 election was just a trial. It will be worse next time when they figure out we didn't do anything about it....we didn't care. Watch the documentary "Absolute Interference". It shows the steal in real time. It happened!!

  • Ron McGrew

    05/14/2021 07:36 PM

    People guestion the vote because people believe what often is continually said whether they have been presented with enough evidence to over turn the election. Which has not been brought forth. People with integrity communicate that . Sad to say Christians it seem are losing their integrity because the person they supported and voted lost and they vehemently disagree with a lot of the lefts agenda as I do , I voted for Trump but he lost and he has lied about it like he did when he said, We have turned the corner on covid when Covid cases were going up and deaths up . We are not stupid. As Christian I don’t like his name calling and bullying and many Christians are hurting the witness for Jesus not speaking out on those unGodly things. I know he is pro life and has done a lot of good things but Christians need to be people of integrity.

  • Raymond Marsh

    05/14/2021 07:07 PM

    I am sure there was cheating in the 2020 election!!!!!

  • Karen Murray

    05/14/2021 02:52 PM

    Tell that to Liz Cheney. She’s clearly out of touch with, not only what the majority of what people think, but that there are ongoing litigations and ballot auditing related to potential fraud. It’s ok to not like Pres. Trump, but to not appreciate his policies, as a supposed conservative, makes it clear it’s all about hate as opposed to supporting his great policy success. Do I wish he would be a little more appropriate in his comments? Yes! But to not see his ability to cut through the crap with common sense is simply ignorant.....or selfish....or both.

  • Barbara Moreland

    05/14/2021 12:51 PM

    I have asked that question and the only answer I have come up with is FRAUD. They were hiding something. Even kerry was telling Iran to wait for the new administration

  • Jean Branscome

    05/14/2021 12:10 PM

    I believe that there were significant discrepancies that were never investigated. This belief has lead to an estrangement with a family member. It is unfortunate that some cannot see what is before them. I am more than concerned about our country.


    05/14/2021 11:18 AM


  • James J Barker

    05/14/2021 11:17 AM

    The election was obviously rigged but the media continues brainwashing and "gaslighting" the American people. Even many "conservatives" will not speak up. The other night I saw Mollie Hemingway (The Federalist) on Tucker Carlson promoting her new book, "Rigged." Tucker Carlson asked her, "Do you think there was widespread fraud in the last election?" and she refused to answer the question! She gave a rambling meaningless response instead of a simple "yes."

  • Marianne Austin

    05/14/2021 11:12 AM

    President Trump had crowds at his ralleys. He should these career politicians how to get things done. Biden had not even a room full of supporters. The Democrats are destroying this country.

  • Sandy Hoa

    04/22/2021 11:45 PM

    The only way they won was by cheating.

  • Roxanne Tejada

    04/21/2021 10:50 AM

    He's a Bill Gates, Soros, China Puppet! Working to bankrupt this Nation to sell us out to the Highest Communistic bidder!! I've heard they Already have us carved out as to who gets what!! Speak Up United States or lose IT ALL! After your families have fought, bled & Died for Our Precious Freedom!!

  • Gerald Dwight Son

    04/21/2021 09:31 AM

    I truly believe there was cheating, where I voted the machine would not take the ballet, the person taking care of it wanted the voters to just put them in a box and they would look at them later. Several people said no and they wanted to put them through the machine and after we put them in about 15 to 20 times it would finally take them. It was funny that some went in in just a few try's and other took a lot more.

  • Janet M Lowy

    04/21/2021 04:32 AM

    The democrats have a game plan for complete power and being honest and aboveboard is not part of the plan. All the division along racial and identity lines is part of the plan. President Trump was in the way of their plans and they did everything they could, including voter fraud, to get him out of office.

  • Nancy Threlfall

    04/21/2021 12:07 AM

    We know the election was unconstitutional, because they changed the rule with out going through the legislators. So it was an illigenment election.

  • lila vaughn

    04/20/2021 11:58 PM

    it was apparent there was cheating. Trump was the one most people voted for.