July 21, 2017

The NAACP is suing the Trump Administration, claiming its commission to investigate voter fraud is meant to suppress minority voting. The group is also blasting Trump for declining an invitation to come speak at their convention this weekend in Baltimore.

I can understand why, in this atmosphere of violence and Trump Derangement, he might not want to venture before a hostile crowd in a city that’s recently been plagued with racial strife and riots, if for no other reason than public safety. And it’s never very comfortable attending a dinner given by someone who’s calling you a racist and suing you. Maybe you've been to family Thanksgiving dinners like that.

But personally, I always welcome the chance to speak to people who have a false or distorted idea of what I believe. I would prefer that Trump keep the Presidential tradition and speak there. He’s good in front of crowds, and if they’d just listen, they might be surprised to find he’s sincere about wanting to help bring better schools, safer neighborhoods and more job opportunities to the inner cities. When you don’t show up to explain yourself and engage people who oppose you, you’re letting your enemies’ definition of you stand. And frankly, I’m tired of letting the false racial stereotypes the left lodge against Republicans stand unchallenged.


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  • Jeffrey Davis

    09/20/2017 12:20 AM

    Can you tell me Mr. Huckabee, if there have been any attempts from minority groups, specifically African Americans to work with Mr.Trump, on the issues that affect them directly? And also are there any black leaders that are not associated with the church to speak of solutions, that will make a difference?

  • Daniel Kelley

    07/22/2017 08:17 PM

    Mr Huckabee, Maybe you are right. I personally would not want to speak to a group who spits in my face every damn day. But I see your point as well.

  • Adele Gauer

    07/22/2017 11:41 AM

    I am glad he is unwilling to dignify this organization who has become so rude and guilty of spreading lies and fear mongering

  • DS Vanover

    07/22/2017 11:13 AM

    You are a great guy in my book. He is being cautious about his person in hostile crowds. Is he not shielded in many ways from litigation by his office?

  • Roland Dickson

    07/22/2017 10:24 AM

    I agree with him declining to speak. If they are so ignorant to slam and sue him why would they want him to speak in their forum. So are they disappointed that they have lost credibility with DC? Well we all have to learn to live with disappointment sometimes. It builds character. Something that seems to be missing with many these days. IE: Still wish you were in the White House but I support Trump.

  • Kellie Fluegge

    07/22/2017 10:19 AM

    Mr. Huckabee - I agree with you. The time is long passed that we Conservatives should stand for our beliefs! We are close to being a nation gone under.

  • Pat Smith

    07/22/2017 09:16 AM

    Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for telling it like it is!! I agree with you wholeheartedly! May God continue to bless you abundantly!! I appreciate you!

  • Darlene C. Kesterson

    07/22/2017 08:10 AM

    President Trump has been bashed by so many ever since way before he became president. I would like to believe that it will stop ... someday. I don't really believe it will. He has done great good already and has won many over to his side. There are some, however, who will never advocate for him no matter what he does. I wish the world was a place where he, indeed we all, could walk without fear but this is world is no such a utopia. He is brilliant and I trust his judgement. I pray he makes the right choice about attending this gathering. Were I him, I would not. His life could be in danger and it wouldn't change any of these minds if he died trying to prove he is not really what they say he is. It' not worth it. If they refuse to believe his actions and his record there is no option but to leave them to their own demented views.

  • Carolyn Bruce

    07/22/2017 06:47 AM

    G'morning, Governor. I agree that the president is passing up an opportunity to break down stereotypes by speaking to the NAACP, but the anarchists on the left have done their work well. Nobody is listening. It would be safer for everyone if he could let actions speak for him... but his party in Congress isn't backing him up. Oh, for the day when statesmen take over from the politicians!!

  • Myrna Ward

    07/22/2017 02:22 AM

    Mike, your daughter is darling, and so brave to take on the Ravinous Wolves who parade around around as reporters,! God bless all who want to keep America free from Communism, I am afraid our young people have been brain washed???? Both Rush and Mark Lavin agree, we are not fighting a Republican versus Democrat war, but a war against what I shall call good and evil! God is still in control, and that is why Donald is President. Praying, and leaving the rest to God!????????

  • Bodie Frates

    07/22/2017 01:30 AM

    Ummm...... Usually President Trump is three steps ahead of everyone.
    I can really understand not wanting to go to an event and speak for a group suing you. They would still put a negative spin on it and politicize it against the President.

  • Dustin Paddack

    07/22/2017 12:53 AM

    I too would like the President to engage them, however I do not think that any amount of explanation will change their minds. Democrats have, are, and will continue to use the NAACP and people of color to keep them down and dependant on the government dole so they will continue to vote for them. This also affects the family units of people of color, as in the African American men will continue to sell drugs, steal, fence, and murder each other instead of stepping up, getting a job earning an honest living and taking care of their family. It is the above and the 18 million illegal votes (2 million of which were dead) that affected the last election. Of course all votes were for HiLIARy. It is past time for voter identification! I mean we have to have the REAL ID in place and possess it in order to fly domestically next year. My state is giving them away for free, even before your license is expired. There is no reason for people to not have them. They just don't want voter fraud to be stopped so the democrats can continue to try to steal elections.

  • David Williams

    07/21/2017 11:11 PM

    I agree he should speak if only to show he is sincer in helping minority's. On an other note congratulations on Sara's promotion! But seriously get her some professional help with her eye makeup ?? please it will help her on camera career.

  • Elaine Orr

    07/21/2017 11:05 PM

    Hey Mike, you are the one I turn to for common sense. I am scared like I was when they said Hill would win with all the special investigations and dirty lying folks. Pat Buchanan was just on Hannity and he is all gloom and dumn
    and he makes it scary. What say you Congrats to your sweet and powerful dtr. Come Lord Jesus Come!

  • Joyce Borg

    07/21/2017 10:35 PM

    It isn't hard to understand why he didn't accept; he is sick of bashing his head against the sonte wall. These people; believe what they want to believe! People do not want to hear the TRUTH!

  • Paul Burner

    07/21/2017 10:23 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I agree with you 100%, and I am grateful to God that our country and President Trump has you on our side. THANK YOU!

  • Mary Marshall

    07/21/2017 10:23 PM

    AMEN AND AMEN!!!! I agree with everything you said!!