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November 2, 2022

Remember how business was booming under Trump, with unemployment down and real wages finally rising for all demographics, up until the COVID lockdowns cratered the economy? A large part of that was due to Trump’’s philosophy of getting the government out of the private sector’s way. For every new rule or regulation the government issued, more than two were done away with, freeing up industry and innovation from the burdens of pointless federal red tape.

When Biden came in, he had the TDS-inspired delusion that everything Trump did was evil, so he had to do the opposite. Thus did we get open borders, the repeal of energy independence, and no surprise, a return of federal red tape.

According to a new study by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Biden’s Administration has added 4,429 new rules and regulations in less than two years. That’s a whopping 45.8% jump in paperwork over Trump’s final year.

It’s no surprise, but the really amazing part is how many people in this Administration think they know how to run America’s businesses better than the people who founded them. Honestly, can you think of anyone in Biden’s Cabinet who is even qualified for his or her own job, much less a supervisory job in the private sector that actually requires knowledge, experience and accountability?

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