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May 29, 2021

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who has been under fire for spending millions of dollars on houses in upscale, mostly white neighborhoods, is stepping down as BLM’s executive director. The self-proclaimed "trained Marxist" blamed “right-wing attacks” for trying to “discredit my character,” and said the time is right to leave to focus on other projects, including the release of her second book and a television deal with Warner Brothers.

Funny, I would’ve guessed she’d go into real estate.

In a related story, the National Pulse unearthed a 2015 clip of Cullors lamenting the demise of the US Communist Party. On the contrary, I’d say that some communists are doing incredibly well these days.

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  • Sonny Chance

    05/30/2021 09:49 AM

    Lie, cheat,and steal. Blame the consequences on someone else and "resign" rich. She would make a great politician and or lobbyist. "Marxist" obviously use the same playbook. Marxism is like a pyramid scheme. As long as you are on top, life is great!

  • Georgia Savage

    05/29/2021 06:28 PM

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

  • Shirley Eckhardt

    05/29/2021 05:38 PM

    It would seem what she is saying is that she has decided to focus on making even more money exploiting black people than she could make with BLM! She’s like so many…Al Dullton and others…who have been exploiting their people for years to enrich their own bank accounts! As soon as they can con someone out of two pennies to rub together, they move out of their neighborhoods into an affluent, usually white, one and continue to exploit. They disgust me.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/29/2021 11:10 AM

    TV and Book deals with this fascist moron? And Slinkertown and Publishers Row wonder why they are on the skids? OoooKaaay...